Friday, 28 February 2014

Holiday Make-Up & Skincare Must Haves

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going on holiday on Monday. Its only a British Lake District holiday but although my love for beauty/fashion means cities are a must, I adore getting back up North and walking around the Lakes, discovering new finds and the charity shops are 10x better due to everyone that lives been there being filthy rich.

Choosing which make-up/skincare/haircare is never an easy task for me as owning alot of it, I never know what I want to use.
Annoyingly at the moment I'm in that 'running out' phase on a lot of my products so I know, my luck means I will run out half way through our holiday.

I thought I'd split these up into 3 sections and make them short and sweet!!


I was originally going to take a lot of sample/smaller products on holiday but then I realised I save my 'best' make up for special occasions and this is technically one of them so I thought I'd take good make up with me.


Mac Prep and Prime - Primer
Rimmel Take the Day Off - Foundation
Benefit Hello Flawless - Foundation (this is running low hence the other one coming along too)
Benefit Coralista - Blusher
Benefit Browzings - Eyebrows 
Benefit Hell Flawless - Powder
Mac in Cockney - Lipstick
Urban Decay Basics - Eyeshadow Palette
Chapstick Cherry - Lipbalm
Berts Bees - Lipbalm
Benefit Fake Up - Concealer
Topshop Lip Bullet - Lipstick
Collection 2000 - Eyeliner
Benefit They're Real - Mascara
Maybelline Colour Balm - Lipstick
Benefit High Beam - Highlighter
Benefit Gimme Brow - Eyebrow Gel
Mua Bronzed Perfection - Bronzer
Liquid Lock for Lipstick


Regardless of where I am, my brushes are a must and I find it hard to not use them. I'm taking 2 Real Techniques brushes, a blending brush, 2 ELF brushes, a Barry M eyeliner brush, No 7 Eyebrow brush and a Cosmopolitan Powder brush.

I'm taking them in this beautiful What Katie Made brush roll (£10) , I'm going to do a post on her products in the coming weeks as she makes the nicest things!!!


A small haircare range. I'll technically only be washing my hair twice whilst I'm there so I've not gone over board so I have my trusty Tresemme Colour protection shampoo and conditioner. These were on 3 for 2 in Boots so I picked up a heat defence spray which smells beautiful.
I've also found these Lee Stafford dry shampoos and hair spray in my room which are small enough for the week.

This was hard to choose what to take but I've narrowed it down to the following:

Jimmy Choo - Flash (I found lots of sample bottles of this in my room so I've since swapped this to the 2ml versions)
Benefit - Laugh with me Lee Lee

Lush Its Raining Men Shower Gel
Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel
Soap and Glory Body Butter

I decided to make this as simple as possible so I choose to go for the Clinque 3 step programme.
Clinque Make Up Remover - I wanted to take my Micellar water but theres no chance I'm trusting the flimsy lid.

and there you go... all packed in my Pug and Disney Villians bag.
I think I've done pretty well there!!

- also just to clarify I've not forgot cotton pads/sponge etc I just didnt want to bore anyone with those boring bits.

What do you think of my holiday supplies?? Am I forgetting anything??


Benefit B.right 6 Piece Skincare Preview

Next week I am FINALLY going on holiday. Me and the boyfriend have decided to take 5 days off life and just go and relax up in Lake Windermere with our 2 little doggies. We've not actually been on holiday together before, its only taken up 19months together to get round to it but anyway, as we'll be in a little holiday cottage/shack thing I'm guessing the internet won't be exactly accessible so each day I'm going to giving you a little review of Benefits Skincare Range.

This is just a little intro of what to expect in the set and from Mon-Sat I'll let you know my insights to each one. I know this might seem a little lazy but I wanted some content going up whilst I'm away.

Benefit B.right Skincare 6 Piece Travel Set - £12.50 - BUY

I actually bought this almost a year ago, way before I had my sights set on writing a constant blog so some of these products have been used (but surely thats a sign it must be a good product). I was swayed to buy from the lovely girl at the Benefit counter in Hanley, Stoke where I went to Uni. I loved one of the products that she used but the price of it was a little over my budget so she suggested I try out the mini's to see how I get on. For £12.50 for a good sized sample pack with 6 items is pretty good value for money, especially for a Benefit product.

In hindsight, these would be ideal to take on holiday. The clear bag they come in within the box is super handy and each bottle/pot is actually made out of glass which I think is a great added touch as a reuseable source (plus they're so so cute).

I won't go into detail about each product today purely for the fact I will be next week, but for now I'll let you know what you get into this set:

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash - 8.9g
Moisturize Moisture Prep Toning Lotion 8.9ml
It's Potent! Eye Cream 3.0g
Total Moisture Facial Cream 8.9g
Triple Performing Moisturising Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++ 8.9ml
Refined Finish Facial Polish 8.9g

Be sure to check back next week for each days review and this weekend I'll be posting my holdiay beauty/skincare/clothing hauls :)


Thursday, 27 February 2014

February Lusts

How has a month almost past us by again?!?!

Granted, we lose a few days in February but still, it seems to be completely flying by. I, of course, have had quite the spending months (Re: Every post on here). However, there was once again lots and lots of pretty things I wish I could buy but this would require a few added pennies in the pot.

Anywho, I'll get on with my Six Top Picks....

1) Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - £21 - Clinique Counters - BUY
I was already a fan of Clinique before I lusted after this one. I've heard amazing things about it and dying to give it a try. I have a feeling I actually own a sample pot of this from a Bonus Time bag which will be great as a trial run. Def think this will be a March self treat.

2) Dot by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum - Prices start from around £39 - BUY
I can already assure you, I won't go a month without adding a perfume to this list. I never seem to buy them myself, as much as I adore them it just doesn't excite me to buy it the same way in which a beauty product does. I love a good floral scent and this ticks all the boxes for me.

3) Lushs Easter Range - Prices start from £2.95 - BUY 
I won't ramble too much here purely for the fact I posted about the release of these on my blog - Post Here - full of my thoughts etc. So I just thought I'd include the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars I am most certainly wanting. 

4) Vagabond Chelsea Boots - £80 - Office - BUY
I know these have technically being a big thing for quite some time now but after owning a lot of black regular boots, I really want to just throw caution to the wind and invest in some proper boots. I am so so tempted.

5) Heart Bag - Floozie by Frost French - £29 - Debenhams - BUY
I've actually put the back of the bag on that photo up there. The front is a white/black quilted pattern which although is pretty, I prefer the back of it. I wish I could afford a Vivienne Westwood heart bag but for now, this will have to be the reserve. 

6) Sleek - Eyebrow Stylist - £5.99 - BUY
Being obsessed with trying out new ways to style my brows recently, I saw this in the shop and thought it was genius! The colour/nib is actually shaped like an eyebrow brush so you can instantly get a clean cut shape. I've obvious not tried it minus a quick tester try but as my eyebrows were already in place it didnt make too much difference.

So there we go, this months to-do / to-dream list!!  I think I've been quite sensible this month in honesty with my lusts. If I wasnt stupid I could probably buy all this but I like buying food too much!

Previous Lust Lists
January - I was gifted the heart bath bomb but that's all I've got in my life so far! sob!

Is there anything you like or already own? Let me know what you've been lusting after this short month!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb Review

If theres an extra addition I love in a pamper session its always a Bath Bomb - even better if its a Lush Bath Bomb

(eventually I will blog about something other than Lush - I promise but I seem to just be really into awesome baths at the moment)

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb - Lush - £3.25 - BUY

This is an all-round bath bomb, its perfect as a gift, as a personal treat and suits all kinds of occasions.
For me, If you've read my review on The Snowman Bath Bomb - here - You'll know as much as I love receiving these as gifts, I find every now and then you get some just don't show off their full potential. This happens to be one.
If you've clicked the link to the bomb ^^ up there ^^ the picture shows these looking so so cute and sweet but I don't feel mine does it justice in terms of appearance but we'll forgive it in this instance purely as I didn't choose it for review (I think my mum had it a while so the roses arent as pretty as they should be).

The smell of this does not dissapoint, its, obviously, teaming with floral scents from the roses, floral orris root powder along with the fresh fragrance of Lemon. 
As this is a white bomb - I wasn't expecting a rainbow of colours in the bath, besides, that would have hugely taken away the sweetness of the rose buds as you bathe.

These are what you're left with, 7 adorable roses to relax in whilst their beautifully sweet scents surround the entire room!

- Make sure you remove them once you've bathed or else you will have your boyfriend/mum/dad/person shouting 'Bloody rose buds in the plughole' when they go to take their own shower! (not basing this on any personal experience ;) )

As with all my Bath Bomb reviews - be sure to check out the video below - I've sorted out the auto-focus HURRAH! This gives you a run down of what to expect from the bomb before you buy!

Have you given this Bomb a try? I'd love to know which ones you recommend!?


Sunday, 23 February 2014

The New Spring / Easter Collection 2014 at Lush

This week my love of Lush got even higher (who knew that was possible) when they released the HUGE collection of Spring items full of inspriation for Easter, Mothers day and the fresh Spring season which is so close to finally been here. I can't be the only one a little sick of winter weather now.

For todays post, I've decided to stick to just the Easter themed products, and I'll post the Mothers Day launch later next week!

1 - Carrot Soap - £3.95 (100g) - BUY
I always love a new Lush soap and it gets bonus points for being vegan friendly but unfortunatly my nose wasn't a fan. In honesty, its not helping that the carrot smell isnt really my favourite smell but you do get a hint of the tropical scents that claim to 'linger on your skin' after you've used it so I think for me, this would have to be a tryer before I claim weather or not I like it.

2 - Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars - £5.95 - BUY
HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE? I love the idea of swishing carrots around a bath to release their fruity smells (tropical AND blackcurrant?! I'm intrigued). That sounds weirder than its meant too, but I'm not the one inventing carrots as bath products.  Its nice that you get 3 for the price of this, I think £2-ish each makes sense especially because their reuseable Bubble Bars.

3 - Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25 - BUY
These smell beautiful and make a great added delight to any bath!!

4 - Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb - £2.95 - BUY
I couldnt not include an egg in an Easter post now could I?! Granted this is pretty much the Think Pink BathBomb but in egg form but it smells beautiful and I'm tempted to buy purely for the sweet, sugary scent.

5 - Funny Bunny Gift Set - £19.95 - BUY
Theres a few gift sets to choose from this Easter but my personal fave is this super cute bunny one! This is actually the more expensive one, but I often find they are so much more worth it as the smaller ones tend to be mostly packaging. This cute scarf shape includes a Bunch of Carrots, a Fluffy Egg and 2 Bunny Bubble Bars.
6 -  Golden Egg Bath Bomb - £3.50 - BUY
They've infused this glittery babe with the infamous scent of Honey I Washed The Kids. I think if you want a bath before a night out to give yourself a bit of sparkle then this is the one! Not so much if you're off to work the next day, I often find glitter a bit messy but I'm so so tempted to buy this!

How adorable are all of these!!!

These are just a few bits I chose from the Easter section to talk about but you can view the whole range on their website here. Make sure you check out this, The Brightside, I'll admit I forgot I wanted to include this. I shamefully actually went back round the shop to smell this, its fresh and fruity and is def on my to buy list!!

What do you guys think of the Easter selection? Which do you think you're going to be buying???

Let me know in the comments below!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

So Much Polish, Not Enough Nails

Today this post will be short but sweet I'm afraid.

I've noticed a lot of bloggers get time to put up their weekly posts on a Saturday whereas I'm opposite due to working in retail and doing the 11:30-7 shift on a Saturday, I'm often shattered by the time I get home.

After recently having the urge to venture in my big tub of nail varnish, I noticed theres ALOT in there. Over 100 I know that much, and I don't exactly want/need a lot of it and the majority has never been used or used like once or twice!

The big photo actually makes them look quite small. However my main point about this is I'm getting rid of a lot of this minus my Rimmel, Barry M, OPI, Essie and Nails INC.

I love collection posts so if you have any please link me to them in the comments and I will be sure to check them out!!


Friday, 21 February 2014

This Weeks Beauty Buys

If Yesterdays post (here) wasn't enough shopping to kill my bank account including my cheeky new Urban Decay Palette and a new YSL lipstick I decided to have a little look in my local Superdrug for the newest products.

Theres nothing worse than when you actually find things you want (and don't have that much money). However I got all this for under £20 so its not too terrible.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - £4.99 each - 
40 - Permanent Taupe - BUY
55 - Immortal Charcoal - BUY

When it comes to eye colour, I'll admit I shy away from alot of vibrant colours so this year I'm going to make an effort to starting adding colour to my eyes in the form of greys/blacks and bronze/browns/gold etc.
These were on 3for2 in the Maybelline section so technically one of these was free so its a bit more guilt-free.
I reviewed the shade On And On Bronze last month (Review Here) and havent stopped loving it. I even like the shimmery look it gives and I tend to hate added sparkle. It wasnt until I got home I noticed that Permanent Taupe looks almost matte unless you put it right up to the light so I'm intrigued as to how thats going to look.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation in Ivory - £8.99 - BUY

I'm no stranger to Maybelline foundation and I used to adore the Superstay 24hr product. As a drugstore product these are an absolute gem. I tend to be Ivory in a lot of foundations and I did test on my hand (naughty I know) but it blended in seamlessly so I knew I'd be okay. I can't wait to try this out and give it a full review. Also the SPF20 means I think this is going to be an ulimate go-to in summer!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £3.22 - Not online

I've always been quite lazy when it comes to going out of my way to purchase Bioderma so when I saw this so cheaply on the shelf (there are other branded versions available) I couldn't resist! Every blogger raves about the power of Micellar Water so I'm excited to test it for myself. It looks gentle and states you get around 200 uses of it which is pretty good going for under £4.

Have you tried any of these products? I'd love to know what you think!?


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shopping Haul (Brace Yourself)

Yesterday I mentioned that I had a rather guilty spending spree when my friend Lyndsey came down for the day (post here).

I also promised to show you guys what I bought so here you go....


Did I mention I love Lush? 

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb - £3.35 - BUY
This smells like every sweet you ever loved as a child! Its like a combination of lemon sherbert and those Love Heart sweets.

Seanik Shampoo Bar - £5.50 - BUY
I actually mentioned here about wanting to try the Shampoo bar after my boyfriend bought one and actually recommended them to me HA! Although I'll admit I havent tried it yet, but I've been reassured if I don't like it, he'll take this one off my hands!


Ark for me has always been one of those shops I didnt really venture too until I was at uni. Its affordable (although some of the brands are cheaper labels at higher prices) and always got that touch of alternative style which its more my thing. The downside is alot of their sizes are quite misleading as they stock a variety of labels so you need to try them on!
I'm a size 12/14 and I'd like to expect I fit in a size Large so when I don't, I do question the sizing slightly.

However, I did buy these babes..
Red Tarten Skater Dress - £12 - BUY
As mentioned, being a slightly bigger girl skater dresses are an absolute godsend so I couldnt resist this!

Pug Wash Bag - £14.99 - BUY
Okay, I'll admit perhaps a tad too much money but LOOK AT ITS FACE!!!  I mentioned all about our Jug Winstom the other week (here) so although he's only half pug, I can't resist anything that looks like him! I also got the mini purse version for Christmas so I've almost got the whole set now!
We're going on holiday in 2 weeks so I intend to take this with us!


Lip Bullet in There She Goes - £8 - BUY
I've tried a few bits from Topshops make up range and I've been suitably impressed with a lot of it and I've heard great things about the lip bullets. This shade is pretty nude meets a light coral. I want to try start wearing more lipsticks but I don't want to stand out at work so I'm trying I opt for more neutrals tones.

New Look

Black and White Cami - £12.99 - BUY
I've been eyeing this up for a few weeks so finally bought it as a summer addition. They also do it in a pink and a blue so theres plenty of choice.

Black Skort - £17.99 - BUY
This year I want to have key pieces in my wardrobe that are not only great as go-to items but also on trend. I wasn't going to get these originally but I know how big they're going to be huge this year! Plus I'm gonna try get them into my work uniform when I can ;)


Real Techniques - Foundation Brush - £9.99 - BUY
Real Techniques - Blush Brush - £9.99 - BUY
Boots No7 - Lash and Brow Pro - £8.00 - BUY

I  actually didn't intend to buy these. Honest. I originally only wanted a spoolie as my old horrid eyebrow brush got melted in the sun (I might post about this issue I have one day) but I saw the 3for2 offer in Boots and couldn't resist. I've finally become a Real techniques girl! 

Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette - £22 - BUY
Who hasn't got one of these in the blogger world by now?!  I've decided to just start on the basic palette rather than forking out £37 on one of the other Naked sets just yet. I'm actually more excited to teach myself the looks I can create with this!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Shade 8: Pink in Confidence-  £25 - BUY

My complete splurge of the year so far but my god I love it. The best part of working in a shopping centre means I get to use my lunch breaks as testers a lot of the time to look round products and  actually give them enough thought before buying and I've been eyeing up the YSL counter for far too long.

Have you had guilty shopping sprees lately or tried any of these products?


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OOTD: Money To Burn

This title is a little deceiving as although I may have gone a bit crazy shopping today, I'm not made of money! (Haul coming tomorrow)

Since graduating uni in July, I havent been able to see my friend, Lyndsey as much as I'd like and today she finally came down to see me!!
If there's one thing we're good at its shopping (which you'll see tomorrow) and I decided to take the chance to actually dress quite nice!

If you read my blog, you'll have recently seen my New Look Haul (here) so I took the oppotunity to get it out of my wardrobe and finally out into my social life!!

(sorry for the photo quality - my boyfriend had gone out when I remembered to take photos so I've been lazy with them today)

The Look

Leather Look Waterfall Jacket - New Look - £34.99 - BUY
Black Dress - New Look - £19.99 - BUY
Gold Tribal Style Necklace - New Look - £7.99 - BUY
Gold Spike Ring - Primark - Christmas Present
Barry M Berry Cosmic Nail Varnish - £2.99 - BUY
Cut Out Buckle Boots - £19.99 - Redbox, Derby

Whats your go-to shopping outfit??


Monday, 17 February 2014

My Go-To Liquid Eyeliner

A few weeks back I posted about my go-to make-up remover as an everyday no fuss product. I thought I'd carry this on by showing you my go-to eyeliner.
I don't really use pencil eyeliner anymore but just incase these features become regular I've decided to be abit more specific ;).

For me, an eyeliner is key. If you made leave the house only wearing one make up item it will always be eyeliner.  I've been not-so blessed with quite small eyes which means unless I have something to liven them up, they get pretty lost in my face. I get this off my mother and its pains me knowing the older I get the less you're going to see them when I smile.

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner - £2.99 - Superdrug - BUY

Not having sisters or a mother who wore make-up, I often found myself seeking beauty advice from an older cousin. She drilled into me about the age of 12 that liquid eyeliners are better when they have a firmer nib rather the gliding soft tip. This is something that I've taken with me for 10 years now and to this day I struggle so much when it comes to softer eyeliner tips.

The depressing thing is is, I've also not changed my eyeliner brand in 8/9 years either! This is a solid black colour which manages to make application a breeze and I personally find the tough nib allows you to take full control of how thick you want your lines, (I'm sure we've all had those days when you keep evening up until you look like you've applied a lid of black shadow).

Collection 2000 claim it lasts all day and I can 100% confirm it does. Until I usually end up rubbing my eyes from tiredness at night, this stays put with not a single smudge. I often find the corner of my eyes tend to get rubbed away but the main focus point stays strong for at least 12 hours.

Not only this, this teeny pot of 3.8g lasts ages!!! I've been through countless pots of these but each one must last a good 5/6 months and for a daily used product, its not bad going.
Another bonus about this eyeliner is the of course, the price. I think theres nothing worse than spending £30 on something and realising you never want to live without it again. Theres nothing wrong with that, but its much better when its only £2.99 like this.

(I took this photo once I'd removed all the day make up and quickly threw it on, so its not the best photo I'm afraid)

I can't even badmouth the brand as a few years back I bought a bottle which didn't have the ball inside (you know when you shake it) and left it pretty gloopy so I thought I'd send a letter just letting them know. I wasn't complaining but it was worth it as they sent me back 3 more bottles for writing to them!!

Overall, I cannot fault this eyeliner and I think if you happen to have a budget or need a daily eyeliner that won't break the bank then Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner is for you!!!

Have you tried this eyeliner or any have a good recommedation for unexperimented me??


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry

Today will be kept short and sweet I'm afraid. Its a known fact from anyone who has had the not-so-priviledge of knowing/living with me that I own ALOT of stuff.

This isn't a 'look at me with all my stuff' post its just i'm not only a horder but I actually enjoy owning things. I work hard for the things I have got and take pride in knowing I've got things to get by / if theres comes a time when I am skint but want to go see a friend, I don't need to buy anything.

However, onto my point. If you read my New Years Resolutions post back last month, you'll know one of these is too move out of my parents house completely. I love living in Derby but knowing I have certain things at home always annoys me so today my parents decided to take a trip down with some of my belongings!

Its not just me that wants my things, even my parents kinda want me out now so you can imagine how delighted the boyfriend was when they showed up with these!

the best part about this is that its not even all of it. Apparently they've put a lot of my belongings in the loft purely to make space in my bedroom at home for them to convert it into a games room / gym!

On that short note, I'm going to tackle this nightmare and swim in a pool of old clothing/teddy bears/bedding and cushions!!!

Until tomorrow,


Saturday, 15 February 2014

T'was A Lush Filled Valentines!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going to push Valentines related posts to today. The boyfriend did good when it came to gifts this year (saying that, he did last year, he took me to see Jersey Boys in London!). However, we both set ourselves a £30 budget this year due to us having real life things we need money for nowadays as we're saving for a house and nice things in life.

This doesn't mean he wasn't completely amazing when it came to buying for me! He already suggested Lush as I'm sure you can guess by now, I'm a fan!

 Lush Goodies!!!!

Firstly, I received the beautiful gift box (doesnt include the heart bathbomb):

Hello Gorgeous Gift Box - £21.75 - BUY 
 Safe to say, the boys done good with this one. I didn't actually ask for any of the Valentines gift sets as I didn't personally think they were too cracking this year but this one is just perfect. He actually told me he wanted to get me something different as we tend to just live off the bathbombs in our house. 
So here is what the set has to offer...

Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion (100g) - £12.50 for 250g - BUY 

They have filled this to the brim which instantly makes me love it! I'm yet to try any of their body lotions but I can't wait to give it a go. I tested a small patch on my hand and the scent is so strong that I'm hoping it'll linger on my skin all day.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - £8.25 - BUY

I've heard amazing things from this scrub and Lush even recommend using it on your hair aswell as your body! Although I'm always quite sceptical about using scrubs and oherwise what i'd use to exfoliate with on my hair, I  will give it a try even if its just an excuse to get this fresh fragrance on my hair!!

Think Pink Bath Bomb - £2.50 - BUY

This is usually my go-to bathbomb. Its fresh, fruity and turns the bath a lovely shade of pink . I've received in a few gift sets before and for a usual price of £2.50, you can see why Lush put it in as a simple filler item but it does not dissapoint. I'll probably do a review on it this time around as I'm usually too eager and use this bomb straight away.

Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser (10g) - £39.50 for 45g - BUY

Now in terms of facial mosturiser, I love a great combination of ingredients and don't mind spending a tad more if its going to work as afterall, its my skin and face at the end of the day. However, and its a big however, I can't help that a) 10g is a very small trial size pot and b) nearly £40 for the full size is ridiculous! Especially when you consider you only get 45g in the full size. This teeny tiny pot is 10g!
I'm expecting this to be out of this world in terms of impressing me to buy the full size - which as you know from my standard Sample Ramble , I use this as a big decision maker. The scent seems very fresh so far and the teeny bit i put on my hand rubbed in with no issues but I shall soon see!

The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.50 - BUY

This to me is the kinda product which sells Lush! Its fruity and oozes the 'use me now' factor! I'm guessing the name is partly based on its blackcurrant scent which who can deny, a warm ribeana cures everything! I'm excited to use this as its great to have a product which isn't money down the drain (literally) in one bath! 

The Love Locket Bath Bomb - £6.95 - BUY

If you've been one of the lovely lot that's been reading my blog, you'll know I put this in my January Lusts post and I expressed how much I wanted this! The only downside for me was the price so its always nice when you're not the one paying! I'm actually saving this for a few weeks before I go on holiday for a relaxing bath so the review will be very much belated but I think I need to make the most of a £7 bathbomb! 
Also just for the record, after going into the store to delve into the Valentines range, I actually wasnt so keen on any of it minus this bomb. I found a lot of quite sickly and boring this year so glad he knew i'd love this one!!!

Overall, I've had an amazing Valentines and been treated to Lush treats galore!! 
Did you get anything for Valentines or did you treat yourself to anything special??


Friday, 14 February 2014

New Look // Shopping Haul


I've decided to not mention Valentines related stuff today mainly because I'm not actually spending the day with him today as he's at work and its my day off. We actually 'celebrated' on Wednesday with a cheeky Nandos. I'm going to post the outfit I wore this weekend at some point but I've been quite behind so instead you're going to have a Valentines infused weekend I'm afraid from me.

I've picked up a few bits this week which mainly consist of New Look items, I've become obsessed with that shop!! Its so affordable and I find it really easy to browse without feeling like theres just too much to look at which is often how I feel in the larger Topshop stores.

I think this is a weeks worth of bits I've picked up on my lunches and on Weds when we spend a few pennies on our valentines trip.

Black Dress - £19.99 - New Look - BUY

The link isn't to the exact same dress as mine is a simple button back design but its pretty much identical in style.  The photo makes this look very frumpy but once on it looks so cute, i wore it straight down without anything pulling me in (mainly to hide my curvy bits) but it feels really lightweight so its great for a casual outing or even for a night out.

Tribal Statement Necklace - £7.99 - New Look - BUY

I mentioned this necklace in my post the other day (here) to brighten up the black dress. I adore gold on black, I usually do this in the way of studs/spikes/skulls so I love the tribal pattern in this necklace.  It's over stated but not OTT so I don't feel like I'm making too much of an effort.

Leather Look Waterfall Jacket - New Look - £34.99 - BUY

This isn't the sort of jacket I normally opt for, infact, I never opt for jackets. I've always been quite an American Apparel hoodie girl so to venture out of my comfort zone is unlike me. I spent a good few trips in New Look debating weather or not I like this and with the help from the boyfriend, he said it looked good and tah dah, I own it now!

Seude Look Coat - New Look - Was £49.99 Now £25

I know I posted about this the other day (here) but I thought it was worth another haul mention. I've still not sewn it up btw but I need to asap as I plan on taking this on holiday with me in a few weeks time. Its so cosy and warm which is a big plus point with the horrendous weather we're suffering from currently.

Loreal Ever Riche Masque Spray - Boots - £6.99 - BUY 

 I bought this from a recommendation from a fellow blogger as I'm suffering from terrible hair at the moment. This masque is designed to be used as part of a standard hair wash so I'm hoping I'll start to put it in my routine. I'm excited to give this a go and will give it a review soon!

Winnie the Pooh Cushion - The Disney Store - £16 - BUY

Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with all things Disney. As part of our valentines trip my boyfriend bought me this. Our house is full of this big face cushions we also own Nemo, Mike, Sulley, Simba and Tigger! I reallly want Marie from The Arisocats but they don't have it on sale at the moment! :(

Smooth and Shine Hairbrush - Boots - £7.99

If theres anything I hate most its buying lifes boring essentials. Spending £8 on a hairbrush to me is so painful when I could buy something pretty instead. I've shamefully spent far too long without a new brush so it was much needed

Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar - Lush - £5.50  -BUY

Okay, I won't lie, this is actually my boyfriend product as I've never tried shampoo bars before and I'm always so picky over shampoos etc due to so many haircare problems in the past. However,I'm gonna give this a cheeky try this week as I smelt one I adored in the store so I'm hoping if all goes well I have a good excuse to go buy the one I want.

Have you had any shopping splurges lately? Or if you can give me any recommendations on Lushs' shampoo bars I'd love it!!?