Saturday, 8 February 2014

Belated review of Lushs - The Snowman Bomb Ballistic

So basically this review is 2 months too late but whilst looking for a Lush product toreview, I found this in the packet that I received for Christmas off my parents.

The Snowman Bomb Ballistic is so fitting for the past seasons range, it smells musky with a hint of the classic christmas warmth that lingers in the air.

Snowman Bath Bomb - Link

From first appearance you can totally see the colour and shape they're going for, although this was a gift so I couldnt exactly be picky, I still love my bath bombs from Lush to be in good shape. I think this ones rather messy and I get they can't make them perfect but its not the cutest looking example they had on offer.

I also understand that its clear theres not much colour going on (I mean what do you expect from a snowman) but when it comes to a bathbomb, I think colour is pretty key.
The Video below (which I will do for all my bombs) shows exactly what it does.
- Sorry about the auto-focus constantly, I'm just learning how to use the boyfriends camera.

As you can see, it starts off as a vibrant christmas fire orange, but quickly fades as the red flakes (which stick to your bath) then start to dissolve.
You're actually left with this....

So really, not too impressive.
However, it does make a huge difference to the water, The Snowman is made up of the cocoa butter which is in the Butterball which I mentioned the other day here. I actually said how excited I was to try this as its meant to be super relaxing, I really didnt like the feel of The Snowman cocoa butter on me. It brought a very slipperly and oily effect to my bath which I don't particularly like the feeling on my skin.

Overall, I don't think this was the BathBomb for me even thought I'm a HUGE fan of them normally.

Have you tried any of these bathbombs??


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