Sunday, 23 February 2014

The New Spring / Easter Collection 2014 at Lush

This week my love of Lush got even higher (who knew that was possible) when they released the HUGE collection of Spring items full of inspriation for Easter, Mothers day and the fresh Spring season which is so close to finally been here. I can't be the only one a little sick of winter weather now.

For todays post, I've decided to stick to just the Easter themed products, and I'll post the Mothers Day launch later next week!

1 - Carrot Soap - £3.95 (100g) - BUY
I always love a new Lush soap and it gets bonus points for being vegan friendly but unfortunatly my nose wasn't a fan. In honesty, its not helping that the carrot smell isnt really my favourite smell but you do get a hint of the tropical scents that claim to 'linger on your skin' after you've used it so I think for me, this would have to be a tryer before I claim weather or not I like it.

2 - Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars - £5.95 - BUY
HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE? I love the idea of swishing carrots around a bath to release their fruity smells (tropical AND blackcurrant?! I'm intrigued). That sounds weirder than its meant too, but I'm not the one inventing carrots as bath products.  Its nice that you get 3 for the price of this, I think £2-ish each makes sense especially because their reuseable Bubble Bars.

3 - Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25 - BUY
These smell beautiful and make a great added delight to any bath!!

4 - Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb - £2.95 - BUY
I couldnt not include an egg in an Easter post now could I?! Granted this is pretty much the Think Pink BathBomb but in egg form but it smells beautiful and I'm tempted to buy purely for the sweet, sugary scent.

5 - Funny Bunny Gift Set - £19.95 - BUY
Theres a few gift sets to choose from this Easter but my personal fave is this super cute bunny one! This is actually the more expensive one, but I often find they are so much more worth it as the smaller ones tend to be mostly packaging. This cute scarf shape includes a Bunch of Carrots, a Fluffy Egg and 2 Bunny Bubble Bars.
6 -  Golden Egg Bath Bomb - £3.50 - BUY
They've infused this glittery babe with the infamous scent of Honey I Washed The Kids. I think if you want a bath before a night out to give yourself a bit of sparkle then this is the one! Not so much if you're off to work the next day, I often find glitter a bit messy but I'm so so tempted to buy this!

How adorable are all of these!!!

These are just a few bits I chose from the Easter section to talk about but you can view the whole range on their website here. Make sure you check out this, The Brightside, I'll admit I forgot I wanted to include this. I shamefully actually went back round the shop to smell this, its fresh and fruity and is def on my to buy list!!

What do you guys think of the Easter selection? Which do you think you're going to be buying???

Let me know in the comments below!!

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