Monday, 17 February 2014

My Go-To Liquid Eyeliner

A few weeks back I posted about my go-to make-up remover as an everyday no fuss product. I thought I'd carry this on by showing you my go-to eyeliner.
I don't really use pencil eyeliner anymore but just incase these features become regular I've decided to be abit more specific ;).

For me, an eyeliner is key. If you made leave the house only wearing one make up item it will always be eyeliner.  I've been not-so blessed with quite small eyes which means unless I have something to liven them up, they get pretty lost in my face. I get this off my mother and its pains me knowing the older I get the less you're going to see them when I smile.

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner - £2.99 - Superdrug - BUY

Not having sisters or a mother who wore make-up, I often found myself seeking beauty advice from an older cousin. She drilled into me about the age of 12 that liquid eyeliners are better when they have a firmer nib rather the gliding soft tip. This is something that I've taken with me for 10 years now and to this day I struggle so much when it comes to softer eyeliner tips.

The depressing thing is is, I've also not changed my eyeliner brand in 8/9 years either! This is a solid black colour which manages to make application a breeze and I personally find the tough nib allows you to take full control of how thick you want your lines, (I'm sure we've all had those days when you keep evening up until you look like you've applied a lid of black shadow).

Collection 2000 claim it lasts all day and I can 100% confirm it does. Until I usually end up rubbing my eyes from tiredness at night, this stays put with not a single smudge. I often find the corner of my eyes tend to get rubbed away but the main focus point stays strong for at least 12 hours.

Not only this, this teeny pot of 3.8g lasts ages!!! I've been through countless pots of these but each one must last a good 5/6 months and for a daily used product, its not bad going.
Another bonus about this eyeliner is the of course, the price. I think theres nothing worse than spending £30 on something and realising you never want to live without it again. Theres nothing wrong with that, but its much better when its only £2.99 like this.

(I took this photo once I'd removed all the day make up and quickly threw it on, so its not the best photo I'm afraid)

I can't even badmouth the brand as a few years back I bought a bottle which didn't have the ball inside (you know when you shake it) and left it pretty gloopy so I thought I'd send a letter just letting them know. I wasn't complaining but it was worth it as they sent me back 3 more bottles for writing to them!!

Overall, I cannot fault this eyeliner and I think if you happen to have a budget or need a daily eyeliner that won't break the bank then Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner is for you!!!

Have you tried this eyeliner or any have a good recommedation for unexperimented me??



  1. Hey doll, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award - xx

  2. Ooh I really need to try this now! My maybelline one is a bit too thin for my liking and plus it's running out too!

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