Sunday, 30 March 2014

Coloured Heel Tips: The affordable way to transform any heels

I don't know about you but I'm a bit of a safe player when it comes to buying heels. I tend to stick to black for nights out and aren't the most daring girl in the bar - so you can imagine my utter delight when I stumbled across these.

Coloured Heel Tips are the affordable way to make any pair of heels go from boring to amazing in a matter of seconds.

 The tips are currently only available in Red (which I can't think of a pair of heels they wouldnt go with), but the company are releasing more soon in a variety of colours, so you know you'll be spolit for choice!

Transforming your heels couldnt be easier either as it literally just involves the same process as re-heeling your fave pair  of heels. You just pop to your local cobbler (or handy if you have a big strong man around) and Voila - your new expensive-looking heels for a fraction of the price!

Theres 3 sizes to choose from too - the website (at the bottom of this post) is full of all the info you'll need before purchase to make sure you get the tips perfect for your heels!

I can't wait to get some of these for myself and show you guys exactly what they look like!! I think on a pair of black peeptoe heels with some red polish on my nails these will transform my safe, boring shoes I tend to stick too. (can you tell I'm uber excited about these)

The best thing about these?? They're only £1.50, a complete bargain of a DIY project especially for a tip which lasts just as long as any other heels you'd wear.

If you want to check these out for yourself the website can found at:

The company are fairly new on the scene too so don't forget to visit them here too:

What do you make of these? What colours would you like to see to tranform your heels?


Friday, 28 March 2014

Soap and Glory - Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath Review

Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath- £6 for 500ml - BUY 

For most people bubble bath is one of those things that no matter how much you try and reduce the amount you own, there will always be at least one bottle lurking around your bathroom.

Being a complete hoarder of Soap and Glory (I have a wicket basket in our bathroom purely for my S+G stuff) I found I have around 3/4 bottles of this stuff!

 The bottle is a Soap and Glory classic with its eye catching vintage design in a HUGE bottle - honestly £6 for 500ml for a mid-range brand is pretty brilliant in my opinion.

The scent of this stuff is amazing! The brand has quite a signiture smell which I still cant work out a each product is different yet you can instantly connect it to a an s+g product.
The Calm One Calm All has Lemon, Mallow Extracts and the traditional 'pink' fragrance.
It also includes a body lotion, which explains my curiousity why the gel is pretty thick when you first put it in the bath.
Its super soothing and well and  truly succeeds in its 'stress-battling' claims.

It also creates super big bubbles - so whats not too love? ;)

Have you tried this bubble bath or any of the Soap and Glory Bath range you could make me try out next??


Thursday, 27 March 2014

March Lusts

So here we are yet again, almost at the end of another month!

Its actually felt pretty slow me, considering I went on holiday at the beginning of it and that feels like ages ago!!

I as always have fallen in love with many things and these are my 'please make me rich so I can buy these' list.

1) Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser - £23 - BUY
Everyone seems to love this product, I do think the tub is pretty small for the price tag but I'm yet to hear a bad review about it!! Plus, my skin needs so much added moisture at the moment!

2)Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Delights - £48 - BUY
As I've said before, I will always feature a perfume in my lusts, I'll probably never own them but I lust after one each month and this one is amazing!! Its the perfect summertime scent - really floraly but also really light. This has actually reduced in  House of Fraser which was a dangerous discovery

3)Electric Blue V-Neck Cami - Topshop - £18 - BUY
This is a top I eyed up in the Petite section on my recent trip to Nottingham and annoyingly didnt have my size. I adore the electric blue colour of it and for less than £20 I can't really say no!

4)La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+) anti-blemish cream - £15.50 - BUY
Possibly the most hyped over product in the blogging world at the moment! All I've heard is incredible things and its on an amazing 'money back' offer if it doesnt do what it says youll get it back, which I think is a pretty powerful decision so I'm hoping amazing things!

5)Rita Ora Colour Rush Colour Rush Balm - Rimmel - Viva Violet - £5.99 - BUY
Whilst choosing which shade I wanted Viva Violet however, no where in Nottingham had it in stock so Its not on my to-buy list as I stocked up on nail polish instead!

6) Pro Longwear Blush in Stubborn - MAC - £20 -BUY
I saw this in the MAC shop and fell in love, its a much deeper Pink to what I normally go but I'd love to try this out and actually experiment with a new shade!

What have you guys had your eyes on this month?? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your lusting pages!!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Flash By Jimmy Choo Perfume Review

Flash by Jimmy Choo EDP - Prices from £35.50 - BUY

I haven't mentioned this since I purchased this in my January Sales post all those moons ago, if you want you can check out that post here

I bought this as my old housemate had it and I adored the scent!!
Flash is bursting with an array of aromas which are meant to be add that extra 'sparkle' to any night out. In fairness, I can complete agree, I wear this when I'm going out for the evening or to meet friends as its got a really mature and evening out scent about it. It screams classiness (even for a girl like me).

The variety of scents mixed in this are Pink Pepper, Strawberry and Tangerine which I where my love for fruity scents comes out to play but then its backed up as a nighttime scent with the addition of White Flowers and Tuberose.

I know it seems unimportant but for some reasons, Bottles have just always been such a vital part of the overall display of perfume and this does not disapoint! I think its aim of classy / sparkle / evening theme is completely shown in one bottle.

I was lucky to get this in a great deal however, I know it is one of those scents that certain stores do alter the price, I know my local Debenhams has it on offer in the gift set at the moment!

If you're after a night out fragrance or something to add that little bit extra to date night..then this is for you!!!

Have you got a perfect fragrance??


Monday, 24 March 2014

MCM Comic Con - Birmingham

A bit of a different post from me today guys. No fashion or beauty but an insight into my geekiness.
There was no post yesterday due to me being at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham and having the time of my life.

This was a very last minute decision from Jamie as we both happened to have Sunday off work and only planned to visit a Car Boot (which was pretty disapointing) so at half 9, we headed down to Brum for our day out.

Comic Cons are often seen as very geeky, and yes, you wouldn't be far wrong. I like to geek out over such things as Disney, old video games and anything that reminds me of my childhood etc but I've never been the RolePlay / Anime type girl which the convention had quite a few of, but I think its nice that people can finally be who they want to be at these things.

The main reason I wanted to go was the simple fact that 3 actors in the TV show, Sleepy Hollow were going to be there. Its not a massive hit over here just yet so the Q&A panel wasn't full of people which I loved as it actually allowed me to see them and appreciate it all with the people who have clearly taken the time to get into such an underrated show. I think its going to pick up but perhaps come Season 2 like most American shows over here. The panel featured Katia Winter, Nikki Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood, so pretty much the three main females from the show who all seem so lovely and its nice to see actors so grateful for their fans! Its rare a TV show has such a strong female cast so its even better to feel that sense of 'girl power' back on our screens. The inner Journalist in me was dying to ask questions as people were asking interesting but kinda cliche questions which I'm sure they hear over and over again.

All I wanted to know was which demon/monster they most feared? (granted thats cliched but least its personal and relevant)
I didnt get chance to meet the girls as we had to leave but I would have loved too purely so I could ask a million questions in the space of 5 seconds!
Sleepy Hollow has been my HUGE love this past year (along with The Following) and although history infused tv isnt normally my thing, they mix together comedy / tension and my fave, a bit of horror (if you havent seen the Sandman, then trust me, you'll freak out).

Overall I had an amazing day, for my first Comic Con and not knowing what to expect I loved it. I didn't feel uncomfortable and I'll admit, I wanted to be a Disney Princess like the other girls!

I did walk away with some bits though so all was not lost. I'll admit my purchases arent exactly 'geeky' but thats purely for the fact that we're in the process of throwing away things we won't actually use so I don't think I could justify buying a 6 foot Gonzo muppet!!

 My New Disney Plates!! :) These are the ones I finally chose as you saw up there, there was so many to choose from (and that wasnt all of them). These were a gift from Jamie, I honestly love them so much! Theyre just so pretty, I usually find plates quite tacky but the pictures are so vivid, I couldn't resist.
LoungeFly Purse - Okay so not very geeky but I couldnt have a day and not buy something that would fit well in my blog could I?? ... These purses are usually a bomb but my current Loungefly purse has lasted me so long an this was reduced to £15 so I had to get it.

 You can check out about future MCM events on their website here.
We're already wanting to plan our next one.

Have you been to one of these before or have an inner geeky pleasure??


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Todays Nottingham Haul

Today marks my first weekend off work since November and as the boyfriend is working the West Ham game I thought I'd travel the 20mins to Nottingham for a shopping trip.

Last time I went was my Birthday last November and I'd never been before so it was quite brief and mostly me wanting to find the MAC store.
Although I've had an amazing day, theres just SO much choice of stores! everything from your standard high street to the best high end brands own stores!

I wished I was richer as it was an amazing place to shop but I did buy some lovely bits!


I was actually really good in Topshop, I nearly caved twice into spending more money but luckily?? they didn't have my size in what I loved so they actually stopped me buying, although I def won't be seeing if they have it online after!

I ended up walking away with this,
 Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical - £8 - BUY 

I've never actually bought a topshop lipstick before (minus the bullet - which I've now realised is quite similar) but I was recommended this shade so for £8 I thought why not?


Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser - £4.99 - BUY
I've mentioned countless times how lazy I am with everything so I'm hoping this will kick me into moisturising more!
Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry and Blush -  was £3.99 now £1.97 - BUY
One of the most handy essentials for inbetween washes. I didnt plan on buying these but the fact they were less than £2, I couldnt resist. I only pick these up when theres an offer as I think for what they are, they are a bit pricey
L'oreal Matt and Messy Salt Spray - was £3.75 now £1.85 - BUY 
I recently read a post about salt sprays and heard this was a pretty good buy. I actually clocked it was only £1.85 a few days ago and even if I don't rave about it, I don't think I'll lose out.

 MAC Lipstick in Rebel - £15 - BUY
The fact theres an actually MAC store in Nottingham makes me just want to buy things! I was going to buy the shade Heroine which has just re-launched but when I saw it in store, I couldnt help but think it was abit too purple for me. Rebel is a a deep purple so its still a shade  I'd feel comfortable wearing. Its also a Matte finish which is one of my favourites!


 Crop Top - was £6.99 now £3
 Cut out dress - was £17.99 now £10


 Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6 - BUY
Everyone raves about this, and I wanted to try it for myself! I currently only ever wear my Collection eyeliner which I discussed HERE, so I think a change was in order!

Rita Ora for Rimmel Nail Polish: £3.69 each - BUY
Pillow Talk
Breakfast in Bed
I mentioned about the launch of these what seems like ages ago but suddenly they are here, I adore these 2 shades. Breakfast in Bed has been sold out everywhere but I finally found the last one on the shelf!
You can view my post on the full range HERE
Nail Polish in Mind the Gap, Victoria - £3.69 - BUY
They were on 3 for 2 ;)

 Black Skirt - £5
Mint Green Skirt - £10
P.S Nail Varnish - £1 each
 Black Slip On's - £4
I wouldn't normally buy these but my vans were killing my feet as they've sadly worn away so these were just to save my feet.


 Secret Garden Bath Bomb - £2.95 - BUY
I only mentioned this yesterday HERE but I love it
Brightside Comforter - £4.50 - BUY
King of Skin Body Butter - £5.50 - BUY

So thats todays haul, have you had any goo shopping trips lately? or tried any of these product to give me a heads up on them??


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mothers Day Ideas from Lush

A few weeks I posted all about how I fell in love with the latest range on offer at Lush. I focused on the Easter range - post here -  and told you guys I'd be back with the Mothers day range closer to the time.

Well its your last full weekend until the big day (you could go out next Saturday but thats pushing it) so I'm here to tell you my top picks for mums across the UK.

Annoyingly-ish for me, my mum doesnt care about these occasions and her birthday actually falls next Wednesday, 4 days before so I've already bought her a lovely gift for that instead. She actually just wants a H&M voucher so thats on my to-buy list for this weekend!

However, if she was your average mum I would treat her to these amazing gift ideas..

1) Madame Butterfly Reuseable Bubble Bar - £5.25 - BUY
This is scented with the same ingredients as Rose Jam so if you were a fan of that, then you'll this!
I always think 5.25 is pretty expensive for a bath item but as its reuseable I think they justify themselves with the pricetag.

2) Secret Garden Bath Bomb - £2.95 - BUY
This is the one I've got my eye on. The secret garden is a bomb that contains a variety of flower buds for the most floral bathtime! Its really pretty and I think as a little shopping trip add-on its ideal for less than £3

3) Mumkin Bubble Bar - £2.95 - BUY
The next step on from the Halloween range of the orange Pumpkin and the Mumkin is a lovely pink shade thats infused with the scent of raspberries! I tried the Pumpkin last year and found it crumbled into the bath quite strangely leaving some lumps behind, but if i'm honest, the raspberry scent is making me want to buy this!!

4)Inhale Exhale BathBomb - £3.25 - BUY
Probably one of the most talked about Bathbombs in the range at the moment, the InhaleExhale bomb fizzes at different speeds to give you a relaxing and prolonged bath.

5)The Mum Reuseable Bubble Bar - £3.25 - BUY
Essentially just the same as Madame Butterfly but I couldnt not include this one, Its packed with the 'Honey I Washed The Kids' sweet caramel ingredients so its bound to be great!

6)Mum Gift Tin - £28.95 - BUY
They've been very clever in producing a whole load of gift sets this year but this just happens to be the queen of them all (and of course the most expensive). In this tin your mum will receive:
A Mumkin, An InhaleExhale Bomb, A The Mum Bubble Bar, a tub of Dream Cream, a sample of Gorgeous moisturiser and a Rose bubble bar.

Those are my top picks but I was honestly spoilt for choice with this lot!
You can few the full Mothers Day range here.

What are you doing for Mothers Day this year??


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

ELF Make up Mist & Set Review

E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set - £3.95 - BUY 

Firstly, apologies for all these photos. It has seen some wear over the time I've had it.

This spray is perfect for an everyday makeup setter especially for those on the go with little time to touch up during the day.
I bought this whilst I was at uni as most of my social life was nights out and keeping my make-up in place was a much needed thing in my life. I was very much over the first beauty advice of 'spray your face with hairspray to keep it in place'...cringe!! We've all been there though, and learning that this is a terrible terrible idea, I stumbled across this beauty.

The spray is a million times better than hairspray (obviously) but mostly as its crammed with healthy ingredients including Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E.

My overall reaction to this is it very much does what it says on the label. It keeps my make up in place all day, I actually commented on how well my eyebrows still were when I got home tonight.
For the £3.95 price tag, you can't complain. The only thing thats slightly annoying is that fact that it almost doesnt feel like a product..its literally like spraying water onto your face which does make you I just spraying water onto my face?? haha! 

It also does cool you down so perfect for the coming months if you're going on holiday and working up a sweat just applying your make up!!

Whats your top make up setting product??


Debenhams #lovedemin Menswear Competition.

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, then you'll be fully aware of my ridiculous love for Debenhams. I work right round the corner from the HUGE Derby store and dread to think how many lunchtimes I've spent wishing how much of the pretty things I could afford!


When approached about this amazing competition thats currently running I couldn't say no! The idea is to style two outfits based on the theme of Demin, possibly the most timeless fabric around!
I often talk about my other half, Jamie in my blog as we now live together and not knowing many people in Derby, he's a huge part of my day to day life so I'll often bring him into my posts! 

The first look is a casual piece ideal for a gig. Being a music journalism graduate, going to gigs is something I know all too well and well dressed men is always an added bonus!

For this look I've opted for a smart/casual look. I've chosen a checkered shirt purely because I think a guy at a gig in a check shirt can never go a miss, Although most would wear this buttoned up I love an open shirt with a t-shirt underneath. This Mantary Purple Checkered Shirt, £40 (HERE) fits the bill quite nicely.

The t-shirt of choice for me is something that really needs alot of thought. I usually love a good motif print but under the check shirt it can alook a little bit too much so I've opted for this Fred Perry Pocket T-shirt, £35 (HERE). I think its perfect as a solid under colour but then if you get a bit warm, take off the shirt and you unleash a whole new look.

The Jeans I've picked for this look are a classic pair of Levi's. My go-to brand for demin and one of the few brands that have proved you can wear these for years to come. I've chosen the 506 Dark Stuff straight leg, £95 (HERE). I would normally love a guy in a pair of skinnies but for a gig, these would be a bit roomier for the heat of those crowds!

I've gone for a simple pair of Navy Converse, £45 (HERE) because I'm sure thats standard gig attire these days.
Finishing off this outfit are this pair of Storm Grey Aviator Sunglasses, £35 (HERE) because all that queueing up outside needs some sun protection surely?!

This 2nd outfit is based around a smart dinner date. As a girl thats not actually been on a dressed up date, this is purely based on every well dressed man I've seen passing my work on a Saturday evening! 

I've gone for a contemporary suited look for this as I think in terms of men getting 'dressed up' there has never been the biggest range of options so for me a shirt and smart shoes is a great look.

For a shirt I've gone with this Thomas Nash Dark Grey Shirt, £15 (HERE). I think a white shirt is abit wedding-y as part of a suit so a dark grey one is very date night whilst still looking incredibly smart.

As far as demin goes, I think a black demin is ideal for a dinner date as its still super smart but also have that cool twist to it. I've picked a straight leg fit for this look as it holds in place much like a suit trouser so will blend in with any uptown restaurant. These Jeff Banks Jeans, £45 (HERE) are so smart and I'm actually considering showing these to Jamie as they're so nice!

Being a lover of all things with a vintage twist, I love a man in a pair of brogues and these Ben Sherman Black Brogues, £65 (HERE) would go great to add that little something to this evening out.

 To finish this look I've picked this J by Jasper Conran Leather Wallet, £25 (HERE). Although I'm a big believer in splitting the bill, its always helpful if he has a wallet on him!

So there you have it! my top looks for the special man in my life. Jamie approved of these looks (but I'm sure he was just agreeing to shut me up for a bit longer haha!)

If you fancy having a good yourself all the details can be found here.

Let me know what you guys think of these and would you choose anything different??

Model Co Shine Ultra Lipgloss Review

Model Co Shine Ultra Lipgloss in Berry Pink - £12 - BUY

Who doesn't love a freebie?? When I was doing my usual magazine browse last week I noticed that Glamour magazine had a selection of free gifts from the brand Model Co. I'll admit, its not a brand I'm hugely aware of so if anything, I was more thrilled about finally trying someone new.

After hunting three shops (yes I am that sad) for the Mascara on offer, - My lovely friend Aimee from TwentySomething did a review on the Mascara so make sure you check that out HERE -
 I had to settle for one of the lipglosses the magazine was giving away. I'd also like to point out, these are full sizes too which is great for a freebie, as much as I understand why they give away smaller versions it can be annoying at times especially when they say 'worth £25'....well its not is it cos its a fraction of the size??

For me, lipglosses are not the one, I find them sticky and annoying but more and more bloggers keep posting about their love of gloss and I've almost being doubting myself and figured I should give them another shot, for free, whats to lose?

The Berry Pink shade i choose is very pink in the pot however, this doesnt reflect on application. The swatch shows that its somewhere in the middle, theres the blast of colour but it seems to fade very quickly. The range do offer another 7 shades so I'd love to see how they vary.

The overall appearance of this is lovely the mirror is super handy, even just to check up to see how it looks throughout the day and the pot is really thin to just slide into your handbag.

 My thoughts on looks pretty and Models Co claim the product reflect lights and glimmers which it totally does.

However, they also say it will give you a long lasting, non sticky finish. I sadly couldnt disagree more. I found it so sticky, which like I said, I hate. It was so sticky as I was walking to work the wind was blowing my hair into my lips which I had to peel off...awful.
It did last a few hours for me without need for touch up which allowed the stickiness to reduce but overall sadly, this product wasnt for me.

If anyone had any lipgloss recommendations that won't leave my lips overly stick, please let me know below as I really want to start wearing some!
Also let me know if you've tried any of the items Glamour are giving away, I'd love to know which product I should have choosen!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Selling my life on eBay

The past few days has seen me being slightly running away from my blog. Not through choice, but once you have your own house you can't relax the same way you ever did under your parents roof.

After my parents came down a few weeks ago (See This Post) I ended up with piles and piles of clothes to sort through and along with them came the not-so lovely smell of my mouldy stoke on trent uni house.

After a good wash, I have started the long process into selling everything on eBay to make some money to pay back my overdraft.

This is a short and sweet post where I basically tell you to check out my ebay account.

My Username is forgetmenot_darling and you can access it by clicking here.

I don't have amazing things up at the moment, purely because I'm getting rid of the stuff I know I won't wear / fit into again to start with but keep up with me and more will follow.

Have you got an eBay account? Link me to yours if you have bits for sale...I love buying on there!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Month Of Primark Haul

Me and Primark are no stranger to each other. When it first hit the UK, it was very much where my family got our clothes from. Not being from a wealthy background meant that I could still have nice clothes at affordable prices and in honesty, this suited me.

As I hit university and said Hello to student loans, my shopping and fashion habits also ventured out and my love for Primark fell and I hated the fabrics/cut/feel/wearability and just didnt enjoy what the shop had to offer.

Now I've hit the real world again for some reason, I've found my love again for the high street shop.
Not because I'm poorer than I was but the shop itself has got better I think. They've started to plow better quality on the shelves and I think my hating phase has helped as I know exactly what I like / don't like to buy when I enter the shop now.

The past month I've been building up a collection of bits which I thought I'd show you guys...

The Simpsons T-shirt - £8
I adore this!! As soon as I saw it, I rushed to find my size! I reckon this will a top seller

Guns and Roses PJ's - £8
I hate to admit buying things like this as I think the whole 'classic rock' band t-shirt is abit overdone especially on girls who buy these tops with NO IDEA who the bands are. I'll happily admit I'm not a huge fan but a) My boyfriends favourite band is Guns and Roses so this has given me big brownie points and b) The shorts are adorable ;)

Snow White Socks - £2
My love for disney all over - I adore Primarks disney range but I'm trying to not get carried away, I've nearly bought it all!
Shaped Swimming Costume - I actually can't remember how much this was
I thought this was a great idea espeically as I hate myself in a costume as it is. I think it was about £7 so I couldnt really say no to this!

Floral Top - £8

Underwear - £1 each
Grey PJ Bottoms - £5
Fast Food PJ's - £6 How amazing are these!!
Wellies - £10
I bought these purely for our dog walks as I was sick of having wet feet and constantly worried about mud!
Snow White T-shirt - £8

Floral Print Leggings - £2 
These were reduced from £6 but I thought they were lovely to wear with a big plain t-shirt 
 Waterbottle - £1.50
As I've recently got on the gym bandwagon, I thought this was a great purchase. It also includes a freezer stick which is a great feature to keep the water cold! 

 Sunglasses - £3
I'm normally quite picky with sunglasses finding alot of them don't suit me, but I thought these were lovely! The metal arms are lovely and it even comes with a case.

Jelly Shoes - £4 
I realllly want some JUJU shoes this summer but I'm worried for £26 they'll rub or generally be awful on me so I've bought these as a bit of a dupe trial run just to see how I feel about them!

Have you bought anything nice from Primark recently? Let me know with a link below and I'll no doubt go out and buy them myself!!


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Benefit b.right Moisturize Moisture Prep Toning Lotion Review

Benefit B.right Moisture Prep Toning Lotion - £23.50 for 177.4ml - BUY

For me, products like this are an absolute god send. I suffer from pretty sensitive skin, especially when heat changes around me quite rapidly. Although I've not used this product with it being winter I pretty much lived for this in the hot months.

Benefit claim this product 'smoothes & revitalises allowing skin to fully optimise benefits of your moisturiser. Contains vitamin E acetate, natural oat & meadowsweet, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin and help reduce fine lines. This specialised formula contains a blend of aloe leaf and yeast extract, known to clarify & soothe the skin.'

 The website says to use a cotton wool pad to apply this but a girl at Benefit actually said if you put this in your palms and gently pad your face it really soothes the skin...and it does! The colder the product is the better it calms your skin.

Both Elle and Red have given this awards for Best Toner, although it is pretty expensive for a liquid in a bottle I think if you suffer from heated/red skin then you need this in your life! It makes summer days so much more manageable.

I loved this so much, I'll confess I bought a full size product....

For me, the only downside in the full size product is the bottle. The sample one is a stunning little glass bottle which will be great to keep for travelling and putting products in. However, the full size comes in a plastic bottle which for the price, I wasnt overly impressed with as I think a glass bottle that large would be so useful once you've used all the Toner.

The box is pretty unique with the string fasten but I would prefer a glass bottle.

What do you think of this product??


The Benefit B.Right Range - Reviews

Triple Performing Moisturising Facial Emulsion
Total Moisture Facial Cream
It's Potent! Eye Cream
Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
Refined Finish Facial Polish