Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lush - Big Blue Bath Bomb Review

Thats a lot of B's for one review title. I've been a bit on/off the blog these past few days, much to my annoyance but I've been pretty busy doing a 7 day week at work hasn't been the best for my motivation to do anything other than sleep.

But I'm back now....

Big Blue Bath Bomb - Lush - £3.25 - BUY 

If you read my blog you'll know that recently I mentioned this gem of a bath bomb in my Ultimate Bath To Relax Pulled Muscles which you can read about here

This was recommended to me from the girl in Lush as she said it contains sea salt which is great for softening the skin and smelt of sea weed which is really soothing and at the time, it was all I was after in my bath. I pretty much fell in love with the scent as soon as I dropped it in my bath.

- The photos I took seem to make the Seaweed looks disgusting, but I promise you it was lovely -
The bomb turned the bath a bright vibrant blue and it stayed this way throughout the entire running of the bath. I often find the more water in the bath the lighter shade you end up with, but this stayed amazing!!

I'll admit, she mentioned it had Sea weed in it in the store but I was in a huge rush to get back to work and thought 'I'll be fine' is filled to the brim with Sea Weed, This kind of weed is packed full of minerals and vitamins inclding Iodine which helps your metalbolism...hows that for a bath!! I think if the scent wasn't so soothing and relaxing I'd of hated this but it was pretty cool effect to the bath and I kinda felt like a mermaid and if theres anything any girl should do in life its feel like a mermaid at least once!!!

The only real downside to this bomb is the seaweed once you've stopped being your own personal need to spend a good 5 minutes getting all the seaweed out of there but other than that, for £3.25 I think this will be a constant re-purchase from me now!!

as always..heres the low down on just what to expect....

Have you tried the Big Blue? Or any other bathbomb you'd recommend as I love an awesome bath!!!?


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