Thursday, 10 April 2014

This Weeks Beauty Buys feat. Lush, H&M, Boots Clearance, Topshop....and Poundworld?

This is a slight lie on my part as not all of these have been bought this week. I've actually bought some a few weeks back but as I've only bought 2 things, I didnt exactly think it called for an entire post.

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar - Lush - £5.95 for 3 - BUY 

I actually posted about these here in February!!! (seriously, where is the time going?) and couldnt resist buying some a few weeks ago as a little self treat, I love that they're not only reuseable but the fact your get 3 for under £6 is a pretty good deal - I mean, I'd of bought one for £2 so selling them as a 3 makes sense. They smell so fresh and I cant wait to review these!

Wild Skirt - H&M - Was: £15  Now: £5

I actually bought this pattern in a Jumper a few months ago and couldnt resist this skirt - Its actually so tacky it looks good on me! If I wear this as the only colour/statement on me I think this will look amazing!

Black Washed Out Shorts - £12.99 - H&M 

I bought these purely to wear to a Brand New gig this coming Monday, I adore the style of these and in fairness, I needed some shorts which were actually a good fit on me! (which is pretty depressing)

Umberto Giannini Stud Hair Band - Was £6 Now 50p - Boots (Clearance Section) - BUY

I should have probably taken this out of the pack as it looks odd here but its basically just a little head band that I thought for 50p was pretty good. This is actually still full price online but theyve been in my clearance section in Derby for a few weeks so I'd recommend checking out yours!

Boots Extracts Mango Mini Mix  - Now £1.50 - Boots Clearance

I dont know how much this used to be, but from the looks of the website they've changed the packaging so perhaps this is why theyve ended up on the clearance shelf! For a mini body wash and body butter though for £1.50 you can't go wrong!

Sheer Black Top - Topshop - Was £15 Now £3

I'll admit I didnt need this but every now and then in the sale I spot something for £3 and a little voice in me says 'You're in Topshop and this is £3....BUY IT' and then I do. I love a bargain especially in Topshop!

Nail Rock Caviar & Maybelline Baby Lips , £1 each, Poundworld

If theres one thing I'm not afraid to admit, its my love for a pound shop! Granted, theres a lot of rubbish in them but you can also find complete gems for brands - its often forgein versions / old stock or simply just familar brands. I think they're amazing for reviews though, especially if you're low on funds and if you hate it, its not the biggest blow to your bank account! 

The Nail Rock was a very pleasing find as I've heard great things from beauty box bloggers who have recieved these!!!
The Baby Lips is actually the Japan/China (I'm sorry but I don't know the writing...if you do, please let me know below so I dont look so rude) version of the product so I thought for £1 I couldnt go wrong!! 

 I'm so tempted to put my top Pound shop finds on here...if you'd be interested in this idea please let me know!!!

What have you guys been buying recently, link me to your posts as I love to look at what everyone else has been buying for some inspiration!!!


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