Friday, 30 May 2014

Maybelline 24hr ColourTattoo in Permanent Taupe

 Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - £4.99 - BUY

Throughout this blog, I've been singing the praises of these little pots! Not usually a huge eyeshadow fan due to me having quite small eyes - eyeshadow tends to look a bit stupid on me! However, after trying to break out of my comfort zone I decided to try these out and fell in love with the On and On Bronze shade - REVIEW HERE

 Most of the shades in the range have a slight shimmer to the which although I've grown to like - I couldnt help but adore this Matte grey shade when I spotted it in store! - From the look of it on my arm, it isnt as pigmented as some of the other shades but does have a simple everyday grey touch thats perfect as an addon to any make up look.

Personally for me, this didnt cut it as much as the other shades as it smudged throughout the day on me - I'll admit, it was a hot day when I used it so a bit of slip and slide is pretty common but it looked stupid and was all the way up my eyes by the end of the day. I will be wearing this a bit more so hopefully it'll redeem itself and I'll come crawling back in a few months time!

 Have you tried any of these shades? Which is your favourite??


The Big Beauty Box Challenge

I say challenge, more like a - let's find out which beauty box is right for me by buying nice things and reviewing it!

Oh the life of a female!!

Basically, for the past couple of years girls have been hopping on (and off) the bandwagon that are beauty boxes.

These boxes are parcels sent to your door each month filled with samples and full size products of either well established or up and coming brands ranging from skincare to food!! 

One of the first big players in the game were Glossybox (I'm not claiming they were the first but they were the ones I saw about first) - everyone seemed to go mad for the products and their adorable packaging but I simply never bothered to partwith my money even though I loved them.

Then gradually they seem to have gone a tad downhill (or again, so I've heard) and brands such as Birchbox, LoveMe Beauty UK and a whole hosts of others have been winning over the hearts of beauty girls out there!

Recently I've been asking myself - which box is right for me, they all average around under £15 a month (inc postage) - something I can justify and most offer 5 products but I see an array of reviews each months on all of them,some positive and others not.

Since my boyfriend signed up to 'Geekbox' the male equivilent - I decided I wanted a parcel at the door each month too!

So here's where my 'challenge' comes into play (nothing like dragging out a point ey) .... Most boxes offer either rolling/3/6 or 12 months subscriptions. So I've decided to opt in for a 3 month subscription on a few of the companies! (one at a time) so I can be brutally honest and by the time the 3 months is up I can give a summary of my thoughts as I think that's a good amount of time to try and win me over!

The team players I've set up to enroll in my shenanigans are:

-either or (I'll see how I feel in 9months)

It's scary that's going to take me a year to do - I might actually have a house with a mortgage by then! 

First to role call is GlossyBox - mainly because they've just offered me a free box if I sign up now (so fickle) but it'll help win me over I'm sure!!

Have you subscribed to any beautyboxes?? Which would you recommend or not recommend for me to try out??


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Slam Dunk Festival: Beauty

Yesterday I mentioned about attending my seventh Slam Dunk festival up in Leeds on Saturday. I spoke all about what I find most comfortable to wear and what I think works well in terms of 'fashion'. You can read all about this post here.

Today I'm going to run through what I'm planning on taking in terms of Make Up and Haircare. I've had some massive make up mistakes that i've learnt from over the years at Slam Dunk - nothing humilating but just not using make up that fits in with a long, hot day when you need your face to stay in place for a good 12 hours or more. I'll be bringing up my tips throughout this - these are by no means tips that would apply to you but they're things that I know to steer clear of.

FACE - Prep

The POREfessional Primer Mini - Benefit - I actually own so many of these sample pots that travelling is so so easy when it comes to choosing a primer. I'd of personally taken my MAC Prep and Prime but its just too big to cart about with me.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff - I was told how amazing this was from Carly on Carlys  Beauty World and was sold as soon as she said it really did last 24 hours for her. Although my aim isnt to keep it on that long - its going to be a loooong day and I need some ultimate staying power on my face!  Sadly the bottle is glass so I don't intend on taking this with me so I found this teeny Dior sample pot which I've now poured some in to take with me on the day/for the next day.

Face 2

- I totally forgot to include my Hoola Bronzer by Benefit in this photo so just pretend thats in there ;)

Fake Up - Benefit -This is a dream to use, it covers up undereye bags perfectly and really soothes your face as well giving great coverage - this is what I tend to use as my top up rather than reapplying shed loads of foundation.
Cupcake Blusher - MUA - Superdrug - Not normally my blush of choice but with this being so slim and small, I think its a must for Slam Dunk as it'll hardly take up any space in my bag! 
Gimmer Brow - Benefit - Now my aim for this is to use solely as a top up - my eyebrows are usually very good to me on public outings and stay in place so I'm hoping if I use my Browzings by Benefit in the morning before I leave, I can just use this to define in the day. 
Stay Matte Powder - Rimmel - This has yet to be used out of the house and if I'm honest I'm dreading taking this out as powder has a tendancy to smash everywhere but I cannot find a powder that isnt break able (and loose powder is a no no with drunk Stevie okay?) If you do know of one thas affordable please tell me cos I don't want to take this at all but I kinda have no choice if I want my face to stay where it should! 


High Impact Mascara Sample - Clinque 
Collecion 2000 - Fast Stroke Eyeliner

I decided to go super simple with my eyes this year - mainly because I just can't be bothered battling with panda eyes or worrying if my make up has ran. If you comfortable with shadows and usea good eye primer, then I'm sure you'll be fine but I recently used a Maybelline Colour Tattoo when the weather was hot and it was all over my eyes by the end of the day so I'm choosing to stay well away this year!


Collection 2000 - Berry Crush Lip Stain - Lipstick is just a big no no for me at a festival. Its messy and I constantly feel like its falling off my face or on my teeth. This stain is really easy to apply and its fairly faint on me. I have since realised I could take a lipstick for the afterparty so no doubt I'll opt for my trusted MAC one. 


Real Techniques Mini Trio - Easily the best invention for any outing. I will be taking larger brushes in my bag for the next day but for during Slam Dunk these are a complete dream!
Blusher Brush taken from a Benefit Blush - These fit the size of the MUA blushers perfectly so I'm going to use these to apply it! 


Loreal Matt&Messy Salt Spray 
VO5 Ultimate hold Hairspray
Tangle Teezer

Perfect just to keep my hair looking presentable and tame throughout the day. I usually take abobble and throw it up by the end anyway!


 Disney Villians Make up Bag - Purely so I dont have any make up spillages in my bag
Studded hangbag - USC - This is a bit bigger than it looks in the photo - but I'm one of those girls that actually likes to carry her stuff and I usually buy merch etc so this is perfect for it throughout the day.

I'd just like to point out I am taking the obvious things like face wipes (terrible but perfect for travel), moisturiser (dry skin will most likely occur), deo, perfume etc etc. I just don't put these up - I would recommend taking a small travel deodrant as it can get pretty hot but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you to use deodrant!

Thats my Slam Dunk Face - it looks like quite a lot but by the time I've taken my brushes and 3 top up items that'll be it for the day then! 

Whats your festival face? Do you have a holy grail item you swear by for eventslike this?? 


Slam Dunk Festival: Fashion

On Saturday, I get to attend my favourite day of the whole year - Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds. 2014 marks my 7th year at the day long festival and its very much become a big part of me/ my music and my year.
This being so, I really wanted to incorporate my blog into it. Fashion/Beauty for the day was  something I think I've mastered now over the years and especially now I'm older - I know what to take with me on the day.

Weather you're a Slam Dunk newbie or an old-timer like me, I'm going to give you a quick run down of my Festival Fashion following with 2 more posts over the coming days!

I'd just like to point out - I'm not bothering with picking out 'festival attire' from high street sites for this as the one thing Slam Dunk shouldn't be (but of course it is) is a fashion parade. I know that makes my post seem quite hypocritical but I just don't see the point of looking like you're dressed for LFW if you're going into a room of sweaty boys and bands that will want to pour water over you!

This for me, tends to be what I have to choose from. My look (which has become a bit of a running joke amongst some friends) is always a band tee, denim shorts, vans and an American Apparel hoodie!
This year sees no different as my go-to outfit is the comfiest thing whilst still looking somewhat alright (or at least I pretend it is)

I also like to point out this outfit is perfect (given its May) for the weather - My hoodie, ironically, has a hood for a rainy spell and a bit of warmth to it when you leave at 11pm but the t-shirt and shorts are perfect for sun AND when it gets really hot - the dreaded SD 2012 - I can even take my tights off for ultimate scarefest!!

This year I've tried to stick to my perfected outfit but I have invested in some new bits purely because I don't get chance too anymore, and I fell abit in love with those shorts!

Brand New Tee- £15 - Bought from the Brand New gig I went too last month and I've cut the sleeves off - I've also perfected the art of avoiding any kind of visible sweating - gross but it happens people.

Topshop Petite Stripy Tee - £22 - This is actually for the After party just to feel a bit fresh and clean again! I spoke about this here for info on the links etc

Demin Short - River Island - £30 - not online - I actually adore these, being a bit bigger these days hot pants just arent for me but I love these and they were abit pricey. The only downside is the size I bought these in makes them a tad tight on me but the next size up were stupidly big so I think I may regret these when I have a bloated Jagermeister belly but I'll report back on that one!

KAPOW Tights - Sale £4 - Topshop - I shamefully bought these almost a year ago and featured in one of my very first posts here. These are perfect for the afterparty once the suns gone in and its abit cooler out!

CAT Tights - £8.50 - Topshop - BUY - Okay, so almost £10 on tights is a stupid price but I really love cats and didn't want to wear boring tights during the day. They''re meant to give the 'tattoo' look but I just want them for the cute cats!!

Zapato Del Barco Vans - Schuh. I bought these over a year ago and think I paid like £55 for them purely because I'd spend months trying to track them down in my size!! They are the comfiest shoes ever, the 'ropes' a bit annoying as they come undone a lot but I love them. I found some on Amazon here if you want to take a look

Whats your festival look? Is there anything you'd say is a go-to piece for a one day festival???

My Slam Dunk Make up bag is coming up tomorrow!!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

And the winner of the 100 follower giveaway is.......

Clea from the lovely

You have won lots of lovely goodies for following my blog!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered - youll all amazing and I super grateful that you've stuck with me!!!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

This Weeks Beauty Buys Feat: Boots & Superdrug

Once again, I'm being pretty poor on here but this week I had a valid reason - we've had a pretty crazy week as one of our dogs got ridiculously i'll and we had to pretty much reevaluate everything and learn how to not spend a penny topay for her operation. I think I might do a post about Pyometra in dogs sometime soon as theres nothing personal online for help at all!

-- These buys were all bought before we took her to the vet before you think I've been spending when my dog needs the money more --


Real Techiques Powder Brush - £10.99 - BUY
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush -  £8.99 - BUY

I first entered the world of Real Techniques back in February (here)and havent looked back. Althought most bloggers refer to this as affordable and inexpensive - for me personally, Its not often I can justify spending a tenner on 1 make up brush so these are a slowly growing collection but I'm trying to slowly grow these - I did get the face brush for half price which is what sold me to add to my others.

MUA Blusher in 'Bubble Gum' - £1 - BUY
MUA Blusher in 'Cupcake' -   £1 - BUY

How could I not for £1? These are perfect handbag size and I plan on using a Benefit brush to apply these are theyre the exact same shape!

 MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in 'Reckless'- £3 - BUY
MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in 'Funk' - £3 - BUY 

The new LUXE rangeis amazing - my aim is to eventually buy all of these as theyre so beautiful - I want the purple one but they keep selling out as soon as its in!


Boots 3 for 2
 No7 Pointed Tweezers - £8 - BUY  
Real Techniques Shading Brush - £7.99 - BUY
Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio - £9.99 - BUY

I'll admit, I only went in for the tweezers after years of sticking to my GOSH ones for so long. However, I turned around and saw the mini trio set and  couldnt believe that these have only just entered my life. I spent 3 years of uni planning my night out makeup for anything that didnt require a brush once I was out and now these have come to my rescue-perfect for slamdunk festival in a few weeks! 
The shading brush is to add to my collection and it was free so why not?!

Maybelline Baby Lips - Boots Clearance -Was £2.99 Now £1 - BUY

You can't even tell in this photo but the back of the pack has ripped so I got this for £1!

What have you guys been buying this past week?? Have you bought any of these and have any tips? Let me know below :)

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Lush - Ray Of Sunshine Gift Set

Ray Of Sunshine Gift Set - Lush - £14.95 - BUY 

This amazing set was actually given to me as a birthday present back in November (These photos arent recent, I have actually used them!)

I was so grateful as the friend who bought it me did a huge favour as I'm usually a strawberry / fruit/sweet kinda girl - so I was actually excited to try a citrus based box!

I've decided to do this little preview of the box now because I think this is so summery and fresh and didnt really fit in well with the New Year blues. Full reviews will follow :)

As Lush gift sets go, I'm always a huge fan of them - I do think they're not always the greatest on money saving ideas but for presents they are perfect and already wrapped up so everyones a winner!!

Here what you'll find inside the box (with links to individual products).....

 Bohemian Soap - £3.10 for 100g - BUY

If theres one thing I seem to crave every summer its anything Lemon related (Lemon Fanta is only amazing abroad am I right?). It is literally packed full of freshness and as you can cearly tell theres even lemon inside it! Personally, I have found this a tad drying on my skin but I'll go more into that on the full review.
 Sugar Scrub Body Scrub (sample) - £2.95 for 100g - BUY

I didnt even know that the 50g was a sample so I think this is pretty impressive personally! Although you can clearly read the photo - this is packed full of sugar, grated ginger and fresh fennel perfect for a refreshing body scrub! I'll admit I've not used this yet as I mention in my Soap and Glory post the other day (here) that I'm depressingly lazy with body scrubs in general but the websites amazing reviews has made me want to try this now!

 Each Peach Massage Bar (shaped into a face) - £5.75 for 50g - BUY

How adorable is this!! If theres one thing I've fallen in love with in 2014, its massage bars Re: Pulled Muscle - Click Here - they are a complete godsend and so gentle whilst you'll getting out ultimate pain! The peach one is soothing and isnt too overpowering like the previous cinnamon one I talked about.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel - £4.50 for 100g - BUY

As the name suggests this contains olive oil to give that extra bit of life into skin - I love using this when my skin i feeling a bit dry and needs that boost that other products just won't give it! You can use this in your hair too which I'm tempted to try too but I always worry about adding oil into my hair! If you've used this, please let me know your tips + tricks!

So there you go, a simple but jam packed little box from Lush, if you've used any of these products please let me know your thoughts below or have any citrus-esque recommendations as I really want to venture out into new products!

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Friday, 2 May 2014

E.L.F (Eyes, Lips,Face) Zit Zapper Review

In terms of naming a product, I wouldn't throw 'Zit Zapper' out there as the most appealing of products but this is a nice addition to the ELF collection.

E.L.F Zit Zapper - £1.95 - BUY

I won't lie, I've had this for quite some time now and if my memory serves me well, I didn't actually like this very much on first impression.

After having some horrendous breakouts now the weathers changing everyday I decided to opt for a spot stick I actually owned rather tha going out to buy a new one (hows that for growing up).

In terms of application, its ideal. Its super easy to just roll over pesky problems and it dries pretty fast so you can get on with applying make up straight away.
The main ingredients of this are Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor. These are pretty obvious spot fighting properties found in most spot sticks/creams as these are natural substances all found to help the skin.

The only issue I found personally was its not the fastest spot remover. It states it helps pores / redness and acne. I didn't use this to review the pore effects however, I will admit it reduces redness pretty quick so the overall spot look isnt quite so obvious on your face. The acne reducing claim I would beg to differ if my results are anything to go by. I've been using it for well over a week on spot and its only just starting to show signs of going - not what most of us are after in our spot treatments!

I've not personally suffered from acne and hopefully won't now I'm actually a grown up with okay-ish skin but I can't see it being a quick process for those of you suffering from it.

Overall, I wouldnt say this is my holy grail but when I need to reduce spot redness, I would turn to this and for £1.95 - its 100% worth the price even just as a backup.

If you've used this before and have found it to be a miracle cure then please let me know what I'm doing wrong?
Have you got any good spot treatments you'd reccommend as I'm now on the hunt for a better one!!

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USC Closing Down Sale

Theres nothing I hate more than seeing yet another high street store close its doors. One of my first posts on this blog was all about the bargains I got my hands on when Republic closed its doors - you can see that little blast from the past here - however, USC bought alot of the closing stores and rebranded them whilst still keeping most of the stock / brands involved.

Working directly below the store, I couldn't help but notice the 'closing down 50% off sale'sign in the window. I wasn't sure if this was genuine or one of those 'closing down prices'-type sales! However, after chatting to a member of staff, its simply because they could no longer afford the rates the Westfield Centre (now Intu) were charging so as far as I know, its just this USC thats closing. Let me know if your local one is as I don't want to go and get my facts all wrong - and if you're in the Midlands then they close on the 23rd so get yourself to Derby for sooo many bargains!

These are the lovely bits I've bought - but I will admit, there will no doubt be another haul before the end of the month as there was just so so much stuff in there!

They do have some amazing offers on the website at the moment which I now regret finding!

  Cross Earrings - Was £5 Now £1
Diamond Shape Necklace - Was £5 Now £2.50 

Studded Handbag - Was £45 Now £11.25
This was one of those amazing surprises when you get to the til and its even less than you thought! It also have a cross body strap for when I can't be bothered to carry it. 

Grey Slouch Top - Was £18 Now £9
 Demin Skirt - Was £30 Now £15
Floral Print Shorts - Was £20 Now £10

    Rock and Rags by Firetrap Elephant Print Dress - Was £18 Now £9
I adore the print of this dress and live in anything Jersey style!

Dunagree Dress - Rock and Rags by Firetrap - Was £28 Now £12 

Is there anything here you also like? Also, if you see anything on the website you like or seems a great deal, link me to it as I'm craving bargains this month!! 

Don't forget you can still enter my 100 follower giveaway by clicking here !!!