Friday, 2 May 2014

USC Closing Down Sale

Theres nothing I hate more than seeing yet another high street store close its doors. One of my first posts on this blog was all about the bargains I got my hands on when Republic closed its doors - you can see that little blast from the past here - however, USC bought alot of the closing stores and rebranded them whilst still keeping most of the stock / brands involved.

Working directly below the store, I couldn't help but notice the 'closing down 50% off sale'sign in the window. I wasn't sure if this was genuine or one of those 'closing down prices'-type sales! However, after chatting to a member of staff, its simply because they could no longer afford the rates the Westfield Centre (now Intu) were charging so as far as I know, its just this USC thats closing. Let me know if your local one is as I don't want to go and get my facts all wrong - and if you're in the Midlands then they close on the 23rd so get yourself to Derby for sooo many bargains!

These are the lovely bits I've bought - but I will admit, there will no doubt be another haul before the end of the month as there was just so so much stuff in there!

They do have some amazing offers on the website at the moment which I now regret finding!

  Cross Earrings - Was £5 Now £1
Diamond Shape Necklace - Was £5 Now £2.50 

Studded Handbag - Was £45 Now £11.25
This was one of those amazing surprises when you get to the til and its even less than you thought! It also have a cross body strap for when I can't be bothered to carry it. 

Grey Slouch Top - Was £18 Now £9
 Demin Skirt - Was £30 Now £15
Floral Print Shorts - Was £20 Now £10

    Rock and Rags by Firetrap Elephant Print Dress - Was £18 Now £9
I adore the print of this dress and live in anything Jersey style!

Dunagree Dress - Rock and Rags by Firetrap - Was £28 Now £12 

Is there anything here you also like? Also, if you see anything on the website you like or seems a great deal, link me to it as I'm craving bargains this month!! 

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