Thursday, 22 May 2014

Slam Dunk Festival: Fashion

On Saturday, I get to attend my favourite day of the whole year - Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds. 2014 marks my 7th year at the day long festival and its very much become a big part of me/ my music and my year.
This being so, I really wanted to incorporate my blog into it. Fashion/Beauty for the day was  something I think I've mastered now over the years and especially now I'm older - I know what to take with me on the day.

Weather you're a Slam Dunk newbie or an old-timer like me, I'm going to give you a quick run down of my Festival Fashion following with 2 more posts over the coming days!

I'd just like to point out - I'm not bothering with picking out 'festival attire' from high street sites for this as the one thing Slam Dunk shouldn't be (but of course it is) is a fashion parade. I know that makes my post seem quite hypocritical but I just don't see the point of looking like you're dressed for LFW if you're going into a room of sweaty boys and bands that will want to pour water over you!

This for me, tends to be what I have to choose from. My look (which has become a bit of a running joke amongst some friends) is always a band tee, denim shorts, vans and an American Apparel hoodie!
This year sees no different as my go-to outfit is the comfiest thing whilst still looking somewhat alright (or at least I pretend it is)

I also like to point out this outfit is perfect (given its May) for the weather - My hoodie, ironically, has a hood for a rainy spell and a bit of warmth to it when you leave at 11pm but the t-shirt and shorts are perfect for sun AND when it gets really hot - the dreaded SD 2012 - I can even take my tights off for ultimate scarefest!!

This year I've tried to stick to my perfected outfit but I have invested in some new bits purely because I don't get chance too anymore, and I fell abit in love with those shorts!

Brand New Tee- £15 - Bought from the Brand New gig I went too last month and I've cut the sleeves off - I've also perfected the art of avoiding any kind of visible sweating - gross but it happens people.

Topshop Petite Stripy Tee - £22 - This is actually for the After party just to feel a bit fresh and clean again! I spoke about this here for info on the links etc

Demin Short - River Island - £30 - not online - I actually adore these, being a bit bigger these days hot pants just arent for me but I love these and they were abit pricey. The only downside is the size I bought these in makes them a tad tight on me but the next size up were stupidly big so I think I may regret these when I have a bloated Jagermeister belly but I'll report back on that one!

KAPOW Tights - Sale £4 - Topshop - I shamefully bought these almost a year ago and featured in one of my very first posts here. These are perfect for the afterparty once the suns gone in and its abit cooler out!

CAT Tights - £8.50 - Topshop - BUY - Okay, so almost £10 on tights is a stupid price but I really love cats and didn't want to wear boring tights during the day. They''re meant to give the 'tattoo' look but I just want them for the cute cats!!

Zapato Del Barco Vans - Schuh. I bought these over a year ago and think I paid like £55 for them purely because I'd spend months trying to track them down in my size!! They are the comfiest shoes ever, the 'ropes' a bit annoying as they come undone a lot but I love them. I found some on Amazon here if you want to take a look

Whats your festival look? Is there anything you'd say is a go-to piece for a one day festival???

My Slam Dunk Make up bag is coming up tomorrow!!


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