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Slam Dunk Festival: Beauty

Yesterday I mentioned about attending my seventh Slam Dunk festival up in Leeds on Saturday. I spoke all about what I find most comfortable to wear and what I think works well in terms of 'fashion'. You can read all about this post here.

Today I'm going to run through what I'm planning on taking in terms of Make Up and Haircare. I've had some massive make up mistakes that i've learnt from over the years at Slam Dunk - nothing humilating but just not using make up that fits in with a long, hot day when you need your face to stay in place for a good 12 hours or more. I'll be bringing up my tips throughout this - these are by no means tips that would apply to you but they're things that I know to steer clear of.

FACE - Prep

The POREfessional Primer Mini - Benefit - I actually own so many of these sample pots that travelling is so so easy when it comes to choosing a primer. I'd of personally taken my MAC Prep and Prime but its just too big to cart about with me.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff - I was told how amazing this was from Carly on Carlys  Beauty World and was sold as soon as she said it really did last 24 hours for her. Although my aim isnt to keep it on that long - its going to be a loooong day and I need some ultimate staying power on my face!  Sadly the bottle is glass so I don't intend on taking this with me so I found this teeny Dior sample pot which I've now poured some in to take with me on the day/for the next day.

Face 2

- I totally forgot to include my Hoola Bronzer by Benefit in this photo so just pretend thats in there ;)

Fake Up - Benefit -This is a dream to use, it covers up undereye bags perfectly and really soothes your face as well giving great coverage - this is what I tend to use as my top up rather than reapplying shed loads of foundation.
Cupcake Blusher - MUA - Superdrug - Not normally my blush of choice but with this being so slim and small, I think its a must for Slam Dunk as it'll hardly take up any space in my bag! 
Gimmer Brow - Benefit - Now my aim for this is to use solely as a top up - my eyebrows are usually very good to me on public outings and stay in place so I'm hoping if I use my Browzings by Benefit in the morning before I leave, I can just use this to define in the day. 
Stay Matte Powder - Rimmel - This has yet to be used out of the house and if I'm honest I'm dreading taking this out as powder has a tendancy to smash everywhere but I cannot find a powder that isnt break able (and loose powder is a no no with drunk Stevie okay?) If you do know of one thas affordable please tell me cos I don't want to take this at all but I kinda have no choice if I want my face to stay where it should! 


High Impact Mascara Sample - Clinque 
Collecion 2000 - Fast Stroke Eyeliner

I decided to go super simple with my eyes this year - mainly because I just can't be bothered battling with panda eyes or worrying if my make up has ran. If you comfortable with shadows and usea good eye primer, then I'm sure you'll be fine but I recently used a Maybelline Colour Tattoo when the weather was hot and it was all over my eyes by the end of the day so I'm choosing to stay well away this year!


Collection 2000 - Berry Crush Lip Stain - Lipstick is just a big no no for me at a festival. Its messy and I constantly feel like its falling off my face or on my teeth. This stain is really easy to apply and its fairly faint on me. I have since realised I could take a lipstick for the afterparty so no doubt I'll opt for my trusted MAC one. 


Real Techniques Mini Trio - Easily the best invention for any outing. I will be taking larger brushes in my bag for the next day but for during Slam Dunk these are a complete dream!
Blusher Brush taken from a Benefit Blush - These fit the size of the MUA blushers perfectly so I'm going to use these to apply it! 


Loreal Matt&Messy Salt Spray 
VO5 Ultimate hold Hairspray
Tangle Teezer

Perfect just to keep my hair looking presentable and tame throughout the day. I usually take abobble and throw it up by the end anyway!


 Disney Villians Make up Bag - Purely so I dont have any make up spillages in my bag
Studded hangbag - USC - This is a bit bigger than it looks in the photo - but I'm one of those girls that actually likes to carry her stuff and I usually buy merch etc so this is perfect for it throughout the day.

I'd just like to point out I am taking the obvious things like face wipes (terrible but perfect for travel), moisturiser (dry skin will most likely occur), deo, perfume etc etc. I just don't put these up - I would recommend taking a small travel deodrant as it can get pretty hot but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you to use deodrant!

Thats my Slam Dunk Face - it looks like quite a lot but by the time I've taken my brushes and 3 top up items that'll be it for the day then! 

Whats your festival face? Do you have a holy grail item you swear by for eventslike this?? 


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  1. I definitely agree with you about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I swear I just have to look at it and it breaks! I was going to suggest the Vichy Dermablend setting powder until you said that being drunk and loose powders don't mix which is definitely a good point to consider :') Where did you get the mini Real Techniques set from? Never seen them before and they look perfect for travelling!

    Ellie xx |


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