Friday, 30 May 2014

The Big Beauty Box Challenge

I say challenge, more like a - let's find out which beauty box is right for me by buying nice things and reviewing it!

Oh the life of a female!!

Basically, for the past couple of years girls have been hopping on (and off) the bandwagon that are beauty boxes.

These boxes are parcels sent to your door each month filled with samples and full size products of either well established or up and coming brands ranging from skincare to food!! 

One of the first big players in the game were Glossybox (I'm not claiming they were the first but they were the ones I saw about first) - everyone seemed to go mad for the products and their adorable packaging but I simply never bothered to partwith my money even though I loved them.

Then gradually they seem to have gone a tad downhill (or again, so I've heard) and brands such as Birchbox, LoveMe Beauty UK and a whole hosts of others have been winning over the hearts of beauty girls out there!

Recently I've been asking myself - which box is right for me, they all average around under £15 a month (inc postage) - something I can justify and most offer 5 products but I see an array of reviews each months on all of them,some positive and others not.

Since my boyfriend signed up to 'Geekbox' the male equivilent - I decided I wanted a parcel at the door each month too!

So here's where my 'challenge' comes into play (nothing like dragging out a point ey) .... Most boxes offer either rolling/3/6 or 12 months subscriptions. So I've decided to opt in for a 3 month subscription on a few of the companies! (one at a time) so I can be brutally honest and by the time the 3 months is up I can give a summary of my thoughts as I think that's a good amount of time to try and win me over!

The team players I've set up to enroll in my shenanigans are:

-either or (I'll see how I feel in 9months)

It's scary that's going to take me a year to do - I might actually have a house with a mortgage by then! 

First to role call is GlossyBox - mainly because they've just offered me a free box if I sign up now (so fickle) but it'll help win me over I'm sure!!

Have you subscribed to any beautyboxes?? Which would you recommend or not recommend for me to try out??


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