Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mini Primark Haul -June 2014

So for some reason, I seem to have no money lately! This is probably due to me having some form of life at the moment - the downfall of this is seeing everything I've ever wanted right in front of me in every shop!

Since the lack of shopping bug finally hit me, I decided to go into Primark and just have a mooch around - I was on the lookout for a t-shirt but typically what I went for, they didn't have.

However I saw so much I liked but I was good and picked up a few bits I liked and a simple £30 (ish) later I was happy again (yes I really do have a problem), heres what I bought;

 The Simpsons Baseball Shirt - Was £8 Now £3

I bought this purely to sleep in as its really big and lightweight and I love The Simpsons clothing!

 Iron Man Shirt - £6

 Floral Tea Dress - £8

I've already worn this out for a meal with friends and its so so lovely! I actually spotted this on an older lady a few weeks back and thought it was gorgeous and was so so happy when I saw it was a Primark find!! The neck line is something I've not gone for before and it sits so nicely!!

Pug Wash Mitt - £1

Because why no?

 The Muppets Pajama Set - £8

I find it impossible to go into Primark and not buy Pajamas - but considering I spend my life either in my work uniform or Pajamas - its a winner either way!

Not Primark....my bad!

Trevor Sorbie Small Radical Brush - Was £8.19 - Boots Clearance - £1.50 - BUY
Bleach Swamp Spray - £6 - BUY

Have you had a high street haul lately???



  1. I love that dress ! It will be so nice in the summer :)
    Looks like you did well finding some bargains.

    Alex ox.

  2. The dress is really lovely! Great items that you found.
    Bright and Shiny


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