Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Beauty Box Challenge: Glossybox Box 1

I mentioned last week that I was going to venture into the world of Beauty Boxes and subscribe to each one for 3 months and give a verdict at the end of each one. You can read that post of my plan here.

Well last week, my first box arrived (May 2014). Because of when I signed up I got my box at the start of June which I didnt mind, I think it took about 9/10 days from subscribing to arrive at my door. It also arrived with my free box too so that a good post day (I'll be posting about that one at the weekend).

I'll admit, I knew what I was probably going to get - due to me signing up later in the month, regular glossybox-ers had received theirs already and I was actually weirdly excited as there was so many mixed reviews on there in terms of products and what was worth it or not.

If I'm honest, I'm grateful for anything that I've paid £10 for when its worth more and I have realised that the whole 'discover a new brand' thing does work as my products that I was sent I shamefully wouldnt look at normally on the shelves.

The theme of this one was 50 Years of Superdrug which I think is a nice British touch to celebrate it especially with the decline of the high street, its nice to see some form of success somewhere. However, I do feel there was a slight cop-out as this meant they could give out 'own brand' products - that makes me sound like a right snob but GlossyBox pride themselves on having the 'better' brands out there and I dont think a hair doughnut kinda makes that grade personally.

Heres what was in my box:

Rimmel ScandelEyes Retro Glam Mascara (full size) -  £6.99
I Love... Strawberries & milkshake Lipgloss (full size) - 
2true 3D Candy Nail Caviar (full size) - £3 - BUY

I'm quite pleased with the mascara as I love trying out new ones. Although the scent of the lipgloss is very me, if you read my blog youll know I hate lipglosses so I think I'll probably just give this to someone. and you can never go wrong with nail polish.

Black Hair Doughnut - £1.79 - BUY
Solait Bronzing Face Cream Self Tan 

Okay, so these are superdrug own products but not awful. I cant use the doughnut ring sadly as I have bright ginger hair even though I told them I didnt have darker hair!
and the bronzing cream is actually quite useful as I'm trying to make myself a bit more sunkissed this summer!

I've not tried the body oil yet as oil seems to hate my skin and make it spotty but for beauty sakes I will try it! The perfume is actually really nice! I always thought Ghost as a bit cheapy but this one is lovely!!

Overall I think its a pretty decent box! I know they don't normally give as many full size products but I think a nail varnish / lip gloss doesnt matter if its full size or not. I do like what I got and I'm not completely dissapointed with it.

Did you receive this box and love anything in particular? Whats been your best beauty box gift?


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  1. I had glossy box for a while before swapping to BirchBox and i'm enjoying it much more! Glossy was a bit hit and miss for me, but I get a lot out of the birch box products, and their online shop and point system is great.
    This box does look quite good though! :)

    Aimee - AroundTwenty xo


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