Sunday, 29 June 2014

Leeds Shopping Haul

Last week, I got to spend a whole week back in my home of West Yorkshire - On the Wednesday I got to spend a lovely day in Leeds with my mum shopping and visting the handmade burger co. (honestly, best place ever).

I, as always, thought I'd show you what I ended up buying and with the high street in Mid Season Sale, whats not to love!...

 Door hanging hearts - £2.50 for 3
Our house seems to be lacking much in decoration as we're currently renting and don't want the post-move deposit scandal that landlords love - but I think these are so cute for like doors or something in our hallways
Hufflepuff T-shirt - £6
I adore these shirts! I've been after the hogwarts one for ages so couldnt resist this! I obviously geeked out and got my house ;)

Floral Lantern Lights - £6
Again with the decoration thing, These are perfect for our bedroom as its currently very very bare on the walls but I'm hoping I can somehow put them round our unused curtain rail (we have a blind).


 Wonder Towel Dress Thing - £7
This is one of those things that's either gonna be awful or a complete genius idea! I'm that girl that after a bath or shower spends ages with a towel wrapped round her whilst trying to keep it secure the whole time. I will report back with my thoughts :)

 The Simpsons PJ's - £6
I love any clothes that refer to popular culture, especially pajamas as I spend all my non-work hours in them! I also love The Simpsons and seem to have a growing collection of things with bart on!

Handbag - £8
I love love this bag! For Primark, its such a good quality. I'm quite a snob when it comes to Primark and do normally buy things that still look more expensive - and when the stitching looks tatty I won't buy it!

Victorias Secret
In the past I havent posted what I got from Victorias Secret but I dont see the issue now, I've only taken pictures of underwear patterns rather than wasting your time showing you my knickers!!

 Coral and Pink Nightie - Was £45 Now £21 -
I adore this so so much! I wouldnt normally spend that much on a nightdress but its so so pretty and the colours are beautiful and its quite understated but the lace gives it that slight bit of something.

 Underwear - Was £9each Now £3 each
These are honestly the nicest underwear ever!!! I bought 3 pairs at full price a few months back and I can't believe how cheap they are now!!


Benefit Agent Zero Shine - £18 (Used debs points) - BUY
I've been after this for months now! Theres some really  good benefit products just come out but I decided I needed to get this as the warm weather has been making me shiny too so if theres a good time to review this on my skin, its now! 


 Underwear - 3 for £10 (£4 each) - 
Rugrats - BUY
Eeeee how amazing are these!! I only wanted the Rugrat ones to start with but then I saw the Mermaid ones then I thought for £2 I'll get more haha!

Henry Holland Eye Test Tights - Was£12.50 Now£3 - BUY
So so happy I saw these! I wanted these back in March time when I saw them in the Nottingham branch and was debating buying them for full price and whilst having a mooch whils my mum was trying clothes on, I spotted the last pair of these are refused to let them go! So happy with this buy! 

 Dolly Shoes - Was£22 Now£10 -
I spotted these quite late on (and had put things back) but thought they were adorable and perfect for nice weather!

 Addicted to Black Top - £9.99 
Pizza T-shirt - £7.99

Urban Outfitters

AJ Morgan Sunglasses - Was £16 Now £8
I was actually on the hunt for some new sunglasses after losing mine! I guessed I'd be spending over £15 as its prime sunglass season so was rather happy to find these!!

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