Sunday, 29 June 2014

Why Taking Timeout Works

I'll be the first to preach the good old saying 'You get what you give'....When it comes to blogging this sort of thing is key - the more you blog the more you'll get out of it.

When I first started this blog, I pretty much threw myself in at the deep end and wanted to post all the time and spent everyday blogging away!

The flipside to this was I got my life balance all wrong especially now I work full time/ try to squeeze in what social life I have/ spend time with my better half/look after my 2 dogs/sell my life on ebay and try to run and maintain our house - This massively suffered.

It seemed to really bother me when I didnt blog like I wasnt good enough or people were expecting things and I'd loose followers but then my house was a mess which I then felt like that was way more important (which in reality it is).

Making sure the rest of my life was content before sitting to blog is something thats few and far between and again, I felt everytime I got to write something I was apologising for not blogging more when I really shouldnt.

3 weeks ago, Jamie was super lucky to work over in Brazil so I took the time to get everything sorted. 2 weeks I still worked full time but I completely cleaned our house and I think I got a few posts in just to keep up with my Beauty Box writing.
Last week I took a week off work to go back home to Yorkshire and I didnt turn my laptop on once and just took a break from everything and it was simply just what I needed.

I love blogging so much and its something I really enjoy for me. I've decided to take the pressure off myself and regain some control over my life again - everything is starting from scratch and I refuse to make myself blog as I want to enjoy it - not feel i have to to please everyone else.

Interesting posts will resume this next week but for today you have this boring long post about why you should never feel the pressure to blog or if youre going to not put everything you love into it, then just wait til you want too and keep your love and passion for the tiny bit of internet that belongs to you alive!!

until next time,

Stevie xXx

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