Friday, 31 January 2014

January Lusts

Its the end of January, you're finally getting paid and after a month of lusting after so many pretty things, its time to treat yourself again! Throughout the month theres loads I want to buy but either can't afford or know I should hold off for a bit,

I'm going to do these monthly posts of a few bits I want to treat myself too throughout the year.

1) Prada Candy Eau de Parfum - Prices start from £30 - BUY

I literally just smelt this whilst on my lunch today and I think its beautiful, its so fruity and girly. Even 5 hours later I can still slightly smell it on me.

2) The Lush Valentines Range - Prices start from £2.95 - BUY

In a few weeks I will be posting all about this range but all I know right now is that I want it all, especially the Massage bar and the Bath Bomb (even though I've heard its pretty boring for the price)... :/

3) Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation - £10.99 - BUY

After squeezing the last of my Benefit foundation out and moving onto my substitute of Rimmel. I saw this a few days ago and shamefully tested it on my hand. I found from my quick test it blends it perfectly and the smell of it is to die for. I've since read some reviews mostly positive so I'm planning on making this my next purchase.

4) Vivienne Westwood Watch - £155 - 

Since becoming a watch repairer, I won't deny, I;ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to buying nice one and even worth when it comes to realising how much theyre REALLY worth. Your fancy Michael Kors watch could be made for less than £40 (it was such a kick when i found out)

5) The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine - £23.50 - BUY

Since release day I've wanted to get my hands on this. Being a HUGE Porefessional fan, I love that this is a mattifying powder and can't wait to try this out.

6) Nina Ricci La Tentation Eau de Toilette - Prices from £40 - BUY

Being a big Nina Ricci fan already, I was curious to how her new fragrance was going to smell and it does not dissapoint. Its still  got the fruity undertones (obviously with the apple shaped bottle) and full of sweetness. The bottle is a vivd pink with a unique texture to it. This will hopefully be a purchase over the next few months.

Have you tried any of these for yourself? Let me know what you think.


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  1. Love posts like this !!
    I LOVEEE that watch ! i nearly bought it last year!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog !
    I have followed you on GFC and bloglovin !
    Alex ox.


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