Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Studs and Spikes

Its safe to say, if its covered in spikes or studs I want it. I own more than enough items covered in them so I didnt see any harm in adding to this collection!

Even though I'm 22, I refuse to grow up from H&M. I mean, obviously I dont walk around in cringey poka dot tops anymore but I still enjoy the skull / black / spike look so H&M gives me this choice whilst not looking too young or costing my bank a fortune.

After spending a good 15 minutes wandering around, I picked up some lovely bits in the sale however, I put these back** when I saw this beauty

** 'Put them back' I KNOW. I must be growing up.

H&M Spike Box Bag - £19.99

Annoyingly, I can't find it online to show exactly how it falls. The shoulder part is so different and relatively heavy and the actually bag is big enough for a day out but not too small that I cant ge anything in there.
Another bonus to this bag is, although it keeps a box shape its not rigid so I have no issue with squashing / breaking it accidently.

Hopefully I'll put this in an OOTD photo at some point to show it off some more but I can't help but love this bag.

Do you have any slightly OTT fashion loves??


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