Sunday, 19 January 2014

Janvier Sales

I'll be the first to admit, January isnt the funnest time of the year. You have no money and theres a billion things calling your name to spend your money on. For me, this means the sales on the high street and every band I like announcing a tour.

However, minimum wage doesnt quite cover the cost (r.i.p student loans) quite like it used too. I've had to be quite picky this year, which leads me back to my new years resoloutions, which are coming along quite nicely btw (I went to the making of Harry Potter) , of not wasting money on things I know i wont use.

I have of course made time for a cheeky few trips into the sales (I work in the centre of Westfield, can you blame me?) and come out with a couple of treats form myself.

** I've linked up to the closest site I could find selling these products, not all of them are the prices I found them for. sorry :( **

Flash by Jimmy Choo, Boots, Was £46 Now £28 BUY

I did end up buying this on boxing day as I was working and some time on my lunch break. Granted, the shop was crazy with customers but I had to buy this. Its a 50ml bottle with a body lotion to match. I dont usually go for sets like this as I never seem to use the body lotions but for a 50ml bottle, I couldnt say no. One of my old house mates use to wear this and Ive been after some for ages. I will  most likely reserve it for 'occasions' etc now as I seem to plough my way through perfumes. It smells beautiful and has a great designed bottle you can just pop in your handbag for daily top ups.

Soap and Glory Facetime, Boots, Was £25 Now £12.50, BUY

Surprise Surprise more Soap and Glory (Brace yourself theres more to come). To be honest, I debated about buying this for ages but their skincare range is something Ive wanted to try for ages but its quite the hefty price tag (for me) when I already have a bunch of products in the bathroom cabinet so I'm quite excited to give these a go for a fraction of the price. I'm also sadly looking forward to trying this face wipes as Ive always wondered how they can justify charging £3.50 for one tiny pack of these.
The set includes:
OFF YOUR FACE 3-in-1 Cleansing Cloths, 
FEEL GOOD FACTOR SPF25 Everyday Facial Moisture Lotion, 
PUFFY EYE ATTACK Daily Moisturising Eye Gel. 

Fun Bath Set, Lush,  Was £25 Now £12.50, BUY

Out of all the amazing things Lush has to offer, Ive been a huge lover of Fun throughout the past year. I only really buy the Pink one, but to my annoyance, my boyfriend also seems to love it and as much i share a 'whats mine is yours' attitude, Ive now had 3 of these and only used it a handful of times. I figured buying these means Ive got enough to get on with and hopefully turn my boyfriend into liking another colour other than pink. The set comes with 6 'mini' (although 100g is more than enough) colours and some cute cutters so you can, if you wish, play with them. Although youre meant too, i'm too lazy to get all creative but its such a cool idea.
The Set includes:
Pink Fun (fruity, sweet-shop smell)
Blue Fun (Lavender and Chamomile)
Yellow Fun (Vanilla)
Red Fun (Mandarin and Orange)
Green Fun (Lemon and Lime)
And the limited edition Gold Fun (Glittery and scented with Honey I Washed the Kids soap)

Sanctuary Set, Boots, Was £18 Now £5.40 BUY

Honestly, for a fiver who could not have picked this up. Now Boots have released the 70% off sale I popped in to simply pick up a bargain and this is so lovely. Its quite a rich smell compared to my usual fun, fruity choices but its so relaxing I cant wait to start using them altogether.
This set includes:
Mande Lular Sensuous Bath Crème (which is masssssssive)
Mande Lular Creamy Body Polish
Mande Lular Body Souffle
Spa Skin Luxury Body Brush

Soap and Glory Girl-o-Whirl make up set, Was £35 Now £12, BUY

So lets be fair, this was the one thing Boots couldnt shift this christmas season, it seemed to just linger on the shelfs right up until the 70% point. I can see why, its not the easiest thing in terms of mobility and convinence. I wasnt sure if I was ever going to like their make up range as it always seems quite tacky to me, and very simple with not too much going for me but after trying the Thick and Fast mascara I thought I'd give this set ago. As I mentioned, its not my go-to make up for when I'll be going out and need a top up as it cant exactly pop any of them out or put it in my handbag but for day to day outings its a pretty little set which im sure ill have a review to follow.
The set includes:
6 Lid Stuff eyeshadows
6 Supercolour fabulipsticks

 Thick & Fast Super Volume mascara
Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick in Nudist
Glow All Out luminising face powder
Solar Powder multi-shade bronzer
Eyeshadow brush
Lip brush
Blusher brush

Studded Iphone Purse, Topshop, Was £16 Now £3 BUY

Ive been after one of these (at a good price) for ages as me and Jamie tend to pop out a lot on my days off and I have no care for carting my handbag around so usually end up carrying my purse and phone around. This is super handy for slotting my phone,cards and ID in whilst still looking really nice.

Glamour Kills Top, Asylum, Was £26 Now £10 

I havent bought clothes for quite some time, mainly because I hate the way I look in everything but this is a Large and its so long I can throw it with a pair of leggings for a quick and comfy look.

 Let me know what sale shopping youve got hold off cos i'm nosy and love a bargain!!!


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