Monday, 20 January 2014

Beauty: Benefit Blusher - Coralista

Coralista, Benefit - £23.50 -Buy

Having rather pale skin and ginger coloured hair means I often look really washed out if I don't make some kind of effort. Blusher has always been my go-to product even on my 'I'm too lazy to wear foundation' days so finding one which compliments my skin is a must.
I actually found this completely by accident-ish when a girl at the Benefit counter reccomended it to me after I was moaning about how I'm sick of standard pink shades.

Coralista was ultimaely the shade for me, with peachy undertones this blusher still gives me the familar pink tint but the peach gives my face a healthy looking glow.

I bought this last April and I still have some left in the box (granted its the last bits around the edge but its still wearable everyday).

As much as I love this product and would recommend it to any girl wanting to venture out in her colour chart, there are a few pros and cons to this blusher.


Normally you'd look at the cardboard box and think, theres no way thats going to last but almost a year on and its still in amazing condition. Granted I have looked after it, but don't be fooled, its just as tough as any other product.

The mirror inside - super handy for out and about. I like to be pretty discreet when applying make up in public cos I'm sure I look like such an idiot so the mirror inside means I can keep it simple without compacs and brushes flying around.

It lasts forever - when products take a hit on my bank account, its nice to know I'm almost a year on and still able to use it everyday.

You don't need to apply very much to get the desired effect (until it starts to run low)


It loses its shine after a while - As the blusher starts to wear out, the amount you need to apply / the fresh glow it gives your cheek starts too aswell.  I'll admit using it everyday means you get use to the colour on your cheeks but it takes a good few dustings to get the brightness back.

The smell - I hate the idea of saying it smells, but I actually fell in love with the scent at first however, over time it does start to lose this. - I understand most people probably dont smell their make up so this isnt really a con but the benefit counter girl did mention the nice smell whilst selling it to me -

The brush - As with most products this comes with a brush with is great for out and about but it gets pretty bulked up quickly with the product so requires a lot of cleaning. Ive found you can prolong its life by leaving the plastic insert inside and keeping the powder and brush seperate. This also helps in terms of hygiene too. 

Overall, this blusher is beautiful especially now we should have slightly nicer weather should be coming upon us.

For the £23.50 price tag, I'd def say go to your local Benefit counter and get it tested on your skin first to see how it looks on you, but I can't imagine it not suiting many girls!!

What Benefit blushers do you use? I need to start broadening my options with some more of the shades.


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