Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Time for a New Year

I'm not normally one for hopes/plans for the new year. I don't believe a New Year gives you any more hope than a new month. However, the past few weeks I've been thinking about how I'm actually looking forward to changing a few things in the coming year.

Don't get me wrong, 2013 was great for so many reasons I had so much life changing events to happen but at the same time, these were all very fast and a bit of blur and included a lot mistakes and learning curves which I need to learn from this year.

I've actually made a list of my 'plans' for the year which is unlike me as everyone knows you don't stick to them but I'm sure these are much needed in my life.

so here we go... (some are more feasible than others but its a pretty rough guide)

1) Lose 2 stone (if not more)..Cliche I know but its 100% needed
2) Achieve this ^^ by eating better and walking / doing the wii fit u more
3)Less is more - In regards to my spending habits, I have a problem with buying things because theyre cheap but now i'd rather save and buy the make up / bags / perfume I really want.
4) Focus more on me - I'm a bit worried this is gonna cost me some friends along the way but I believe people who are truely my friends will stick by me but as I spend too much time worrying about what others think or who likes/doesnt like me and its time to stop caring and think more about my little life here i'm building with Jamie / the friends I know are genuinely good friends.
5) Go back home more, even if its just 1 day a month I need to pop back home more and see my family and friends
6) Move out of my parents completely. - I have so much stuff there that needs gutting out and I think I need to let go this year.
7) Get a credit card - Not for what you might think - just to boost my credit rating.
8) Read more - I spend too many nights falling asleep to QI, instead i need to read all the books I've bought.
9) Ebay all year - Again, a habit i pick up and drop over the year and with all my crap, I need to sell it
10) Do the grown up stuffs thats abit boring:
-go to the dentist
-change doctors
- get over my fear and go to the opticians
11) Open a joint account with Jamie
12)SAVE SAVE SAVE - Okay, so its for my Disneyland Fund and not so much 'the future' but its save to say I'm gonna go mental at Disneyland so I need to save
13) Visit the Harry Potter studio tour  8th January
14) Have a holiday
15) Enjoy everything as much as possible.

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