Sunday, 27 April 2014

This Months Fashion and Beauty Buys

A section which is normally dedicated to a weekly list but due me being a bit rubbish at blogging this month and not buying much each week to justify a whole post I thought I'd just in one big post!!

Daisy Stripe Top - £22 - Topshop - BUY 
Its very rare I pluck up the bank balance courage to purchase a full price item in Topshop but I saw this and couldnt resist, after trying it on, I knew I had to have it! Its so comfy too aswell as great for pretty much any occasion.

Sinful Colours in 'Mauve' and 'Social Ladder' - £1 each - Poundland
Boots 3 for 2
Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - not online(?)
Collection Volumising Mascara - £3.99 - BUY
Collection Bronze Glow Bronzer - £2.99 - BUY
Seventeen Lipstick in 'Deep Secret' - £4.99 - BUY
Seventeen Lipstick in 'Hot Flash' - £4.99 - BUY
Seventeen Berry Crush Lip Stain - £4.99 - BUY  

I didn't actually mean to buy the Collection stuff but I left my Make-Up at home afer staying out one night so had to pop in to buy some eyeliner and mascara!

 Rimmel nail Polish in Singing De Blues - £1 - Poundworld

Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt - Boots Clearance - Was £4 Now £1 - BUY
 I've wanted this mini mitt for so so long but for what it is, I just couldnt justify spending £4 on it,  so when I spotted it for £1 just because the box was ripped - I knew I had to take it!
Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles - Boots Clearance - Was £10.49 Now £1 - BUY
I actually own this in the green version and need to get a new one so this was a great find!

Sk:n Repair & Protect Sunscreen - Boots Clearance - Was £15 Now £2 - BUY
Sk:n Cream for Damaged Skin - Boots Clearance - Was £29 Now £5 - BUY 

I haven't even figured out why these have been reduced as they're in great condition so got a great bargain!
No7 Ballerina Spring Collection Bag - Boots Clearance - £5

I think this was meant to be like a free gift from no7 but they had them left over?
The set includes a sample of No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream, A sample of the No7 Extreme Length Mascara, a gorgeous eye shadow and a Lipstick in the shade Mulberry!
I wouldnt normally pick these up but I actually liked all these products for once! 

Little Finger / Midi Ring - Urban Outfitters - Was £8 Now £4 

Daisy Bracelet - Topshop - Was £8.50 Now £3.50

What have you guys been buying this month?? Link me to your hauls below because I'm nosy!

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When Soap and Glory becomes a sick addiction.

I will always admit my Soap and Glory collection is ridiculous - it always seems to be the go-to thing people buy me and although I love it, getting through it quickly isnt the easies task. I'd just like to point out this isnt a 'look at what I have' post in fact, I plan on giving this away as gifts to others as alot of these products I wont get round to using but they come in a set so they just end up in my bathroom.  I've also put some of these in my 100 follower giveaway which you can find at the end of this post!

Apologies for the versions you see that arent the current packaging. S+G have had a few revamps and my products have therefore aged abit in terms of the aesthics!!

If theres one thing I love (besides the amazing smell) its the names of these products, theyre memorable and often teamed with some great packaging.

 I will try to link to all these products and give a brief description from what I've used.

Foot and Hand Care

Heel Genius Foot Cream - £5.50 - BUY 
Hand Food Hand Cream - £5.00 - BUY 

It kinda annoys me how much of this stuff I own, I find hand creams amazing but the 125ml is hard for on-the-go application (i do have travel sizes of this) but getting through a full tub is hard work.
The foot cream is also just as good but its rare I can ever be bothered to pamper my feet even though I know I should!! - I am giving away both of these in my giveaway!

Body Spray / Deodrant

Glam-a-Lot Body spray - No longer available as a stand alone product but I found it in this set here
Mist You Madly Body Spray - £6.50 - BUY
Glad Pits Deodrant - No Longer available

The fact 2 of these arent available is pretty annoying, but if I remember the deodrant was really expensive for you, a deodrant! Both the body sprays are so light and sweet - perfect for that everyday spritz.

Travel Mini's

See full size info!

These are perfect for travelling or if you want to use some products quickly (great for reviews). I love minis as they dont take up loads of room and if you hate it, then you dont have to go out and buy the full size!

Face Care

Peaches and Clean Face Wash - £8.00 - BUY
Face Soap Clarity - £8.00 - BUY
Greatest Scrub of All - £9.00 - BUY 
The Fab Pore - £10.00 - BUY 

Its worth mentioning, these are pretty much alllll the old packaging. The face care range looks a lot more grown up and simple these days, with the scrubs being exfoliators I dont always use the same one so these have lasted me so long!!
The Fab Pore is an amazing face mask and smells really relaxing. Peaches and Clean is my go to daily face wash - but the peach smell isnt great with a hangover (peach schnapps anyone?) - I was ready to review this just as they brought out the new bottle which was pretty annoying.

Bubble Bath

Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath - £6 - BUY

This seems to be something everyone buys me / they put in all their sets! I actually reviewed this here 
as it was one product that seemed to last me forever!!! 

Body Products
Sugar Crush Body Wash - £6.50 - BUY
Smoothie Star Body Milk - £10.00 - BUY
Foam Call Body Wash - £6.50 - BUY
Clean on Me Body Wash  - £6.00 - BUY

I'll admire besides the bottle of Clean on Me I'm yet to use any of the others so I can't tell you too much about them! I'm really fussy with body wash and like to finish one before I move on and considering how big these are - i'm gonna be here a loooong time.

Body Moisturisers (bottles)

Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion - £10.00 - BUY
Girligo Moisture Spray - £6.50 - BUY

Although I've not used the Butter Yourself yet, I can 100% confirm my love for Girligo, this is the lazy girls body lotion spray! I hate getting out of a bath and applying body butter, so the fact I can spray it on is a complete dream!!

Body Scrubs

Pulp Friction Body Scrub - £8.00 - BUY
The Scrub of your life -  £7.00 - BUY

When it comes to scrubs - I always go into a bath with the best intentions but once I'm in there the thought of exfoliating is just a chore! The scrub of your life is one of my faves though when I do get round to it!


Glad Hair Day Shampoo - £5.50 - BUY
Glad Hair Day Conditioner - £5.50 - BUY
Hair Supply - Discontinued

I've done a pretty good job at hiding the fact my S+G shampoo/conditioner are actually on the last little bits. I really did love these, they left my hair super smooth. The Hair Supply is currently in the testing period for my review - but clearly it doesnt matter now its no longer available!

Make Up

Off Your Face Facewipes - £4.50 - BUY
Supercat Eyeliner - £6.00 - BUY
Kickass Concealer - £10.00 - BUY
Thick and Fast Mascara - £10.00 - BUY
Various Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss' - £9.00 - BUY
Girl O Whirl Make Up Set -  Not Available

So much nice stuff here! The facewipes were part of a set - I wouldnt normally spend nearly a fiver on some facewipes! My eyeliner is currently been tested everyday. but so far so good!
I've shamefully not touched my concealer yet as my current one seems to be lasting me FOREVER!
Thick and Fast Mascaras have also been great so far - a few smudges but I will pick up on this in a review I'm sure. I've yet to ever like the Mother Pucker glosses but they always give them away in Xmas sets but my love for lipgloss just won't star with these ones.
The set is no longer available as it was an Xmas 2013 set but I did talk about it all those moons ago here

Tubs of Stuff

The Righteous Butter - £10.50 - BUY
Sugar Crush (Old and New) - £8.00 - BUY
Butter Yourself - £10.50 - BUY

This really makes me miss the old Blue bath range that they did when I first discovered S+G and it was so different and cool - this blue one has lasted me far too long I'm sure but I just adore it!!

Various Boxed Lotions

The Firminator (old style) - £12.00 - BUY
Return to Slender (old)- Discontinued
Glow Lotion - £5.50 - BUY

 Again these blue boxes always make me so much more excited about S+G, this moreso as it was my holy grail to firm me up abit before I went on holiday 2 years ago!!

Face Care (from a gift set)

Feel Good Factor BB Cream -£12.00 - BUY
Smooch Operator - £5.00 - BUY
Puffy Eye Attack -  £12.50 - BUY

I got these in a face box set in the January sales and shamefully forgot I had it - especially as I've been moaning about how awful my eyes are lately!! You can see that box in this post right here

So there we go! The end at last!
As I said this was never a 'look at my stuff' post, I just wanted to post about Soap and Glory for some time and a run down of what I own / a preview of what to expect reviews about throughout the year/.

Whats your favourite Soap and Glory product?? Is there anything you'd recommend me trying? (I know I know I shouldnt be buying anymore, but I love to here your faves!!!)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Why I've been abit rubbish throughout April

So my blog has taken a bit of a back seat this month, but its not only my blog that i've neglected.
I don't know about you but every now and then I hit this wall where I don't really want to do much at all and as a result - housework / ebaying / planning / blogging has taken a hit.
 This is mostly the past week due to the lack of sleep I've been getting due to various reasons and all I've done is work/eat and sleep and thats about it.

This doesnt mean I've done nothing of course, but I've had little motivation. Hopefully this will change and I'll get myself back into gear.

I have a day off tomorrow to get my blog back up and running / photos to take / things to clean and finally start ebaying! Its sad I'm looking forward to it right?

Anyway, I just neeed to get this up here as my lack of posts is shameful especially when I've got a giveaway on the go too!!!

Speaking of which if you want to enter my 100 Follower Giveaway then you can do by clicking here.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lush - Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - Lush - £1.95 - BUY 

 As far as Lushs extensive range of bath bombs go, this is on the simpler end of the scale. I was given this as a gift, but only just found out its designed for children aged 6 months+ - so in terms of that, this is the cutest idea and why shouldnt a child get to enjoy a fun bath too!

The robot design is adorable and the scent of Lavender isnt too overpowering which I personally love in a bath.

The overall effect isnt too thrilling - a very pale blue - but its still somewhat visible. Mine settled abit towards the end of the bomb which is a shame as I love leaving my bath to run and when I come back its all ready for me.

As always, heres the bomb in full effect....

Overall, I think this is nice for an everyday bath, the £1.95 pricetag is pleasing on the purse and you're still getting that Lush bath experience. I'd personally add some bubble bars or some other goodies to give it that bit of extra something but for what it is its a lovely bath bomb, and I know if I had a baby I'd love to think it had its first Lush bath at 6months old!!

Have you tried this or any of the simpler Lush bomb range?? I'd love to know what you advise!!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

I've reached 100 Followers,this is my Thank You Giveaway


So I've finally reached the big 100 - I'm aware so many people reach this within like a month these days, but I've always stuck by the saying that'd I'd rather have 10 solid readers than 100 who glanced at it once!

Too all of you who are still with me, I have decided to say a little thank you to all of you by putting together a little box of goodies!

The Giveaway contains:

Floral Make up Bag
Boots Mango Mix Set
Nail Rock 3D Caviar set
Soap and Glorys The Righteous Butter - Mini
Soap and Glorys Hand Food - Full Size
Soap and Glorys Heel Genius - Full Size
OPI Shatter in Superbass Shatter
OPI Shatter in Shatter the Scales
Boots Passionfruit Body Butter
TreSemme Blow Dry Potion
Essie Nail Stickers
Primark Tweezer Set
Disney Mirror
Disney Nail Files
Bird Ring
Maybelline Baby Lips
Dairy Milk

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Competition ends on 21st May 2014
I will check the winner is still following my blog to make sure this is 100% fair.

And again a huge thank you for sticking by me these past few months - it honestly means so much! :)


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Where the hell have you been?

Hello there,

Its been a whole 5 days since I posted - the longest I've gone so far! This is mostly due to the fact that I've had no laptop.
But where have I been?

Well, I havent been back home to Yorkshire since last August and as I was going to see Brand New on Monday night, I set off back to my hometown of Halifax on Sunday night.

My parents took me for the best meal at The Rake Tapas in Littleborough and it was just the best to be home and to see my family dog, Rocco.

Then Monday - I didnt get out of bed until half 12 which was pure bliss and then at 3, I set off to my most favourite place ever....Leeds! I met my friend, Lucy and after an amazing and much needed catch up we went for Nachos and drinks to start with chatted like we havent been apart and then headed off to the o2 Academy.
Brand New were amazing live!! I wasnt expecting anything less but as always, they did not dissapoint!

Then we finally left at around 11-ish, a drunk lucy in tow and we ran for our train home.

Tuesday was pretty much just me going back to Derby - nothing exciting but amazing weather!

So here we are, Thursday and I'm back for good now I promise.

Hope you are well and we'll get back to blogging now....


Friday, 11 April 2014

TreacleMoon - Iced Strawberry Dream Shower Gel Review

Iced Strawberry Dream - TreacleMoon - £2 - Tesco - BUY

When it comes to shower gels, I'm not usually too fussy if I'm honest, I do love a good lux brand every now and then but for me, as long as it smells amazing, I'm pretty happy.

When I saw this on the shelves in my local Tesco, I was pretty much adament I needed it in my bathroom as it was soooo fruity and looked really thick which I love!

 This has lasted me well over a year (using on and off of course) but its very much a little goes a long way and for £2, thats pretty good going.

As far as a showergel goes, it does all it needs too whilst leaving you smelling like a sweetie strawberry delight, its one of those 'smells good enough to eat' products!

As you can probably tell, I'm holding onto the last little bit for as long as possible as I read this was a limited edtion somewhere but I've seen it on the Tesco website, so I will without a doubt be going down to pick some more of these up soon!!!!

For a supermarket shelf find, I thought this was a great product, its fruity, does everything you need and the scent is an amazing pick me up for anytime of day!!!

Have you had any amazing cheap and cheerful supermarket finds??


Thursday, 10 April 2014

This Weeks Beauty Buys feat. Lush, H&M, Boots Clearance, Topshop....and Poundworld?

This is a slight lie on my part as not all of these have been bought this week. I've actually bought some a few weeks back but as I've only bought 2 things, I didnt exactly think it called for an entire post.

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar - Lush - £5.95 for 3 - BUY 

I actually posted about these here in February!!! (seriously, where is the time going?) and couldnt resist buying some a few weeks ago as a little self treat, I love that they're not only reuseable but the fact your get 3 for under £6 is a pretty good deal - I mean, I'd of bought one for £2 so selling them as a 3 makes sense. They smell so fresh and I cant wait to review these!

Wild Skirt - H&M - Was: £15  Now: £5

I actually bought this pattern in a Jumper a few months ago and couldnt resist this skirt - Its actually so tacky it looks good on me! If I wear this as the only colour/statement on me I think this will look amazing!

Black Washed Out Shorts - £12.99 - H&M 

I bought these purely to wear to a Brand New gig this coming Monday, I adore the style of these and in fairness, I needed some shorts which were actually a good fit on me! (which is pretty depressing)

Umberto Giannini Stud Hair Band - Was £6 Now 50p - Boots (Clearance Section) - BUY

I should have probably taken this out of the pack as it looks odd here but its basically just a little head band that I thought for 50p was pretty good. This is actually still full price online but theyve been in my clearance section in Derby for a few weeks so I'd recommend checking out yours!

Boots Extracts Mango Mini Mix  - Now £1.50 - Boots Clearance

I dont know how much this used to be, but from the looks of the website they've changed the packaging so perhaps this is why theyve ended up on the clearance shelf! For a mini body wash and body butter though for £1.50 you can't go wrong!

Sheer Black Top - Topshop - Was £15 Now £3

I'll admit I didnt need this but every now and then in the sale I spot something for £3 and a little voice in me says 'You're in Topshop and this is £3....BUY IT' and then I do. I love a bargain especially in Topshop!

Nail Rock Caviar & Maybelline Baby Lips , £1 each, Poundworld

If theres one thing I'm not afraid to admit, its my love for a pound shop! Granted, theres a lot of rubbish in them but you can also find complete gems for brands - its often forgein versions / old stock or simply just familar brands. I think they're amazing for reviews though, especially if you're low on funds and if you hate it, its not the biggest blow to your bank account! 

The Nail Rock was a very pleasing find as I've heard great things from beauty box bloggers who have recieved these!!!
The Baby Lips is actually the Japan/China (I'm sorry but I don't know the writing...if you do, please let me know below so I dont look so rude) version of the product so I thought for £1 I couldnt go wrong!! 

 I'm so tempted to put my top Pound shop finds on here...if you'd be interested in this idea please let me know!!!

What have you guys been buying recently, link me to your posts as I love to look at what everyone else has been buying for some inspiration!!!