Thursday, 3 April 2014

Let Loose in TK Maxx

TK Maxx is a very 'marmite' kinda shop - I think you either love it or you hate the piles of endless clothes, shoes, bags and make up!!

For me, I grew up hating it - probably because my mum did, shopping was boring when I was younger and I didnt know designers etc etc.

However, as I've got older I've realised that occasionally you can find a complete steal in there. I'm quite unfortunate that in Derby, my local TK Maxx isn't at easy reach so good news for my bank account, but not for my lust for bargains!

I get that most items are there as they're no longer in season/slightly damaged or just no longer needed by said brands - this being said I'm not really one for designer clothing when its released as I'm not made of money and my size is so up and down happy high street finds are just my fave!

So after a few weeks of mentioning I want to go, I made Jamie drive me to Kingsway Retail Park to have a good old browse.

Since blogging I've become so much more aware of brands and who to look out for and even if I couldn't tell you a single product, if I see a name I'll probably recognise it from somewhere so I was hugely on the look out for brands, there was some lovely stuff but I'm still quite picky for example: Bayliss and Harding are amazing but you can get them on offers/deals in a lot of high street chains so it wasnt something I felt was worth the TK Maxx purchase.

--- Beauty reviews will be fully reviewed in the near future once I've had time to try and test them.

The website for TK Maxx is very hit and miss so the products don't often reflect whats in each individual store so I havent been able to do links at these prices I'm afraid, but I'd still say check out the website here to see what you can find but the stores are often better!

Nip + Fab - Detox Blend Bath Soak - RRP: £8.99 Bought for: £2.99
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Scrub - RRP: £9.99 Bought for: £2.99

This is a brand I've heard so so much about and I love the packaging, I love their claims and I've heard amazing things so for £3 each I thought this was very much worth it! They both smell wonderful, I have a huge thing for tea tree as it smells so fresh and is such a natural wonder that I can't help but love it!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - RRP: £22.50 Bought for: £14.99 

I've heard the best things about this Elizabeth Arden Product that it does wonders for your skin so now we've got hotter weather and my T Zone likes to dry out I'm hoping to give this a shot to make it into my re-buy list! I've had a smell of this already and its gross so I'll be intrigued as to my final thoughts!

Argan Magic - Restoration Hair Mask - RRP: £12.99 Bought for:£5 (sale)

I've been after a hair mask for too long now as I'm growing out my colour and its such a pain and my hair is looking awful but it needs to be done! I'm hoping this mask will just give a burst of life back into my hair but I shall soon see!!

Vans - RRP: £52 Bought for: £29.99

If my blog title doesnt give it away, I adore my Vans and after the realisation (and pain) recently that two of my pairs just arent what they used to be anymore and pretty much break away at any given point, I have decided to make it my mission to buy some new ones. For £30, I can't go wrong with these - They're also my other two pairs colours combined into one - which was more coincidence than planned.

Whats been your best bargain from TK Maxx? Let me know below what other brands you've seen there so I know who else to hunt for next time I go in!!



  1. I agree with what you say about TX Maxx being a marmite style shop! I absoloutley love it, yes some things are kind of crappy but others are such good bargains, like the brilliant stuff you found! Love Elizabeth Arden :-)

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Yeah, some clothing brands are awful but some skincare etc are amazing!


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