Friday, 11 April 2014

TreacleMoon - Iced Strawberry Dream Shower Gel Review

Iced Strawberry Dream - TreacleMoon - £2 - Tesco - BUY

When it comes to shower gels, I'm not usually too fussy if I'm honest, I do love a good lux brand every now and then but for me, as long as it smells amazing, I'm pretty happy.

When I saw this on the shelves in my local Tesco, I was pretty much adament I needed it in my bathroom as it was soooo fruity and looked really thick which I love!

 This has lasted me well over a year (using on and off of course) but its very much a little goes a long way and for £2, thats pretty good going.

As far as a showergel goes, it does all it needs too whilst leaving you smelling like a sweetie strawberry delight, its one of those 'smells good enough to eat' products!

As you can probably tell, I'm holding onto the last little bit for as long as possible as I read this was a limited edtion somewhere but I've seen it on the Tesco website, so I will without a doubt be going down to pick some more of these up soon!!!!

For a supermarket shelf find, I thought this was a great product, its fruity, does everything you need and the scent is an amazing pick me up for anytime of day!!!

Have you had any amazing cheap and cheerful supermarket finds??


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  1. I'm the same about shower gels, if they smell good then I'm fine with them! :') There's no Tesco where I live so I can't get Treacle Moon products! :/ I'm actually a big fan of the superdrug shower gels, they're so cheap but they smell amazing!

    Ellie xx |


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