Sunday, 27 April 2014

This Months Fashion and Beauty Buys

A section which is normally dedicated to a weekly list but due me being a bit rubbish at blogging this month and not buying much each week to justify a whole post I thought I'd just in one big post!!

Daisy Stripe Top - £22 - Topshop - BUY 
Its very rare I pluck up the bank balance courage to purchase a full price item in Topshop but I saw this and couldnt resist, after trying it on, I knew I had to have it! Its so comfy too aswell as great for pretty much any occasion.

Sinful Colours in 'Mauve' and 'Social Ladder' - £1 each - Poundland
Boots 3 for 2
Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - not online(?)
Collection Volumising Mascara - £3.99 - BUY
Collection Bronze Glow Bronzer - £2.99 - BUY
Seventeen Lipstick in 'Deep Secret' - £4.99 - BUY
Seventeen Lipstick in 'Hot Flash' - £4.99 - BUY
Seventeen Berry Crush Lip Stain - £4.99 - BUY  

I didn't actually mean to buy the Collection stuff but I left my Make-Up at home afer staying out one night so had to pop in to buy some eyeliner and mascara!

 Rimmel nail Polish in Singing De Blues - £1 - Poundworld

Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt - Boots Clearance - Was £4 Now £1 - BUY
 I've wanted this mini mitt for so so long but for what it is, I just couldnt justify spending £4 on it,  so when I spotted it for £1 just because the box was ripped - I knew I had to take it!
Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles - Boots Clearance - Was £10.49 Now £1 - BUY
I actually own this in the green version and need to get a new one so this was a great find!

Sk:n Repair & Protect Sunscreen - Boots Clearance - Was £15 Now £2 - BUY
Sk:n Cream for Damaged Skin - Boots Clearance - Was £29 Now £5 - BUY 

I haven't even figured out why these have been reduced as they're in great condition so got a great bargain!
No7 Ballerina Spring Collection Bag - Boots Clearance - £5

I think this was meant to be like a free gift from no7 but they had them left over?
The set includes a sample of No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream, A sample of the No7 Extreme Length Mascara, a gorgeous eye shadow and a Lipstick in the shade Mulberry!
I wouldnt normally pick these up but I actually liked all these products for once! 

Little Finger / Midi Ring - Urban Outfitters - Was £8 Now £4 

Daisy Bracelet - Topshop - Was £8.50 Now £3.50

What have you guys been buying this month?? Link me to your hauls below because I'm nosy!

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