Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Ultimate Bath To Relax Pulled Muscles

So I've been a bit quieter on here the past few days, this is due to my first experience on Friday morning with a pulled muscle.

I was unfortunate enough to pull a neck mucle (whilst stretching of all things) and after feeling it snap - a bit like a rubber band pinging in my neck - I pretty much spent the day in entire agony.
Jamie was reassuring as ever by simply telling me its my bodies way of telling me i'm getting old - wahhh I'm 22!!

If you've ever done this, then you'll know the pain and sheer misery it puts on your day and I'm here to show you the ultimate bath to ease your pain away!!

- I'd just like to clarify: I'm not saying this will beat any kind of doctors pill, I've also taken copious amounts of prescribed painkillers along the way but this bath was the final thing I needed to kick any kind of real pain it was causing.

Full reviews of these products will be coming in the near future so if theres a product you want to know about, comment below and i'll get on with the review sooner!

The Orange Tree Bath Soak
Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar - Lush
Big Blue Bath Bomb - Lush
No7 Body lotion - Boots
Sanctuary Body Souffle - Boots

Step 1) 
Once you have quite a nice shallow bath, add your bath salts - these can be any kind of bath salts/crystals but I would recommend looking for any that are specfic for muscle/relaxing properties. 

Step 2)
Now hopefully your salts have started to dissolve, add the AMAZING Big Blue BathBomb. This is a complete dream - it contains sea salt and sea weed too which are super relaxing and the scent is so strong it just eases all your senses into a calm bath. The colour of your bath will also turn the most vibrant of blues - this isnt a muscle point, but I think its always nice to be aesthetically pleasing.

Step 3)
By this point you should be in the bath, I personally opted out of bubbles as I think they can just get in the way and I wanted to purely focus on getting the pain away than the appearance of my bath (minus the blue of course)

Step 4)
Let yourself get totally emerged in the bath and make sure the pulled muscle area is warm and as relaxed as you can get it. Then take your Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage bar and this is where you'll truely start to feel the difference. It works better if you have a partner or someone very close to help you here- but fear not, I was home alone so is completely manageable on your own.
This is bursting with cinnamon and Peppermint - I actually hate cinnamon but for the sheer pain I was in, I didnt care at all and oh my god, was this worth the compromise!
It pretty much soothed every ache and pain and as well as giving it a gentle massage alongside it, I was shocked at just how well it worked.
The side with the Aduki beans are perfect for the knots in your muscles you want to ease away, you can pretty much work it out for yourself when you're using it but this will cure that pain after a good 5 min massage.
- As a side note, it can get pretty messy and it does melt quite quick so for the price tag (£6.50) , this might be a slight downfall but it you're looking for something that works then just try to justify spending the cash  that way.

Step 5)
Relax and enjoy the rest of your bath with withever shower gel you have - I chose a No7 one ( i accidentally phoographed my body lotion instead oops) as I think these are really relaxing and smell really classy and soothing.

- Candles / Music / Alcohol / TV Optional -

Step 6)
Once Out and dry apply a soothing body lotion into skin. I sadly couldn find one on my lunch break so I stuck with my Sanctuary Body Lotion - However, the massage bar produces a body lotion-esque feel once dry so you actually are left with a lotion on your targeted area. I wasnt sure if you should rub this off so for review purpose I didnt and it stayed calm all night and didnt start to pain me once - the only downside for me was the scent was very strong as I tried to sleep and got up my nose quite a lot but for fans of cinnamon, youll love this I'm sure!

So there you go, my ultimate muscle relax bath - I had this bath on day 2 and honestly, it was pretty much gone by day 3! I'm now on day 5 and other than when I woke up, I've been completely fine!
Everywhere online kept saying this will last me upto 10days so I think I've done pretty well and if you need a bath to help massage the pain away, then I could not recommend it more!!

- Once again my ode to Lush continues.....

Have you got any pulled muscles tips and tricks to share?? Whats your ultimate bath for relaxation??
Let me know in the comments below incase it happens again!


  1. Eek I need all of that! Haha :) <3 Emily

  2. Very interesting products! x

  3. This sounds lovely! I wish I could afford a Lush bomb every time I have a bath.. Thankfully I haven't pulled a muscle in ages but like you said, it's absolute agony! Nothing like a good soak to sort it out :) I'd love to see more of these bath related posts as I'm obsessed with bath products and bubble bath :')

    Ellie xx | http://theleobeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I wish I could afford a lush bath bomb everytime too haha!!! They are big time treat baths! haha!
      Thank you though, I will most def be on with the bath posts!


  4. Sounds so nice. I adore those massage bars, I had that one my only complaint was when the seeds fell out in the shower, haha! Messy. Great routine, I'll have to try some others of these products.
    Kallie - But First Coffee

    1. Haha, yess!!! I strangely found one of the seeds in my bedroom earlier...dont even know how it got there so yeah, I think they do make their way around abit haha!!


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