Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lush - Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb Review

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - Lush - £1.95 - BUY 

 As far as Lushs extensive range of bath bombs go, this is on the simpler end of the scale. I was given this as a gift, but only just found out its designed for children aged 6 months+ - so in terms of that, this is the cutest idea and why shouldnt a child get to enjoy a fun bath too!

The robot design is adorable and the scent of Lavender isnt too overpowering which I personally love in a bath.

The overall effect isnt too thrilling - a very pale blue - but its still somewhat visible. Mine settled abit towards the end of the bomb which is a shame as I love leaving my bath to run and when I come back its all ready for me.

As always, heres the bomb in full effect....

Overall, I think this is nice for an everyday bath, the £1.95 pricetag is pleasing on the purse and you're still getting that Lush bath experience. I'd personally add some bubble bars or some other goodies to give it that bit of extra something but for what it is its a lovely bath bomb, and I know if I had a baby I'd love to think it had its first Lush bath at 6months old!!

Have you tried this or any of the simpler Lush bomb range?? I'd love to know what you advise!!

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