Friday, 31 January 2014

January Lusts

Its the end of January, you're finally getting paid and after a month of lusting after so many pretty things, its time to treat yourself again! Throughout the month theres loads I want to buy but either can't afford or know I should hold off for a bit,

I'm going to do these monthly posts of a few bits I want to treat myself too throughout the year.

1) Prada Candy Eau de Parfum - Prices start from £30 - BUY

I literally just smelt this whilst on my lunch today and I think its beautiful, its so fruity and girly. Even 5 hours later I can still slightly smell it on me.

2) The Lush Valentines Range - Prices start from £2.95 - BUY

In a few weeks I will be posting all about this range but all I know right now is that I want it all, especially the Massage bar and the Bath Bomb (even though I've heard its pretty boring for the price)... :/

3) Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation - £10.99 - BUY

After squeezing the last of my Benefit foundation out and moving onto my substitute of Rimmel. I saw this a few days ago and shamefully tested it on my hand. I found from my quick test it blends it perfectly and the smell of it is to die for. I've since read some reviews mostly positive so I'm planning on making this my next purchase.

4) Vivienne Westwood Watch - £155 - 

Since becoming a watch repairer, I won't deny, I;ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to buying nice one and even worth when it comes to realising how much theyre REALLY worth. Your fancy Michael Kors watch could be made for less than £40 (it was such a kick when i found out)

5) The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine - £23.50 - BUY

Since release day I've wanted to get my hands on this. Being a HUGE Porefessional fan, I love that this is a mattifying powder and can't wait to try this out.

6) Nina Ricci La Tentation Eau de Toilette - Prices from £40 - BUY

Being a big Nina Ricci fan already, I was curious to how her new fragrance was going to smell and it does not dissapoint. Its still  got the fruity undertones (obviously with the apple shaped bottle) and full of sweetness. The bottle is a vivd pink with a unique texture to it. This will hopefully be a purchase over the next few months.

Have you tried any of these for yourself? Let me know what you think.


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - On and On Bronze

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - On an On Bronze - £4.99 - BUY

When it comes to Eyeshadows, Its very much a beauty item that seems to have been and gone in my life. Growing up, It was the one vital part of my face everyday for school and since then I've stayed well clear of them of those cringey days and terrible colours I use to wear.
Whenever I try to go back and wear it, I often feel I looked pretty stupid with naturally small eyes and a love for black eyeliner it was all abit too much.

However, I think its now time to man up and try out some new shades.

I first read about these on another blog ageeees ago. Knowing they're the dupe of a MAC product actually makes me happy as its not often I can afford to approach the MAC counter everyday.

I cannot rate these enough. The colour you see in the pot is the exact same colour that applies to your lids, with a deeper richer colour the more you apply.

Unless I find the right products I'm a victim of the make up slip and slide parade and eyeshadows hate staying on my face yet the Colour Tattoos stay on my eyes ALL day. I mean all day, I've tested this for around a week and given that I apply my make up for work at about 7:30am, its still on my face by the time I get home after 5pm. I'll admit the bronze has started to fade but the slight glitter pigments remain.

I've already invested in my next shade of these with no doubt, many more to follow.

If youre after a shadow thats rich and lightweight then these are the ones for you! Theres a hige variety coming into stores and theyre available on all Maybeline stands on the highstreet.

Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite shade?


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Studs and Spikes

Its safe to say, if its covered in spikes or studs I want it. I own more than enough items covered in them so I didnt see any harm in adding to this collection!

Even though I'm 22, I refuse to grow up from H&M. I mean, obviously I dont walk around in cringey poka dot tops anymore but I still enjoy the skull / black / spike look so H&M gives me this choice whilst not looking too young or costing my bank a fortune.

After spending a good 15 minutes wandering around, I picked up some lovely bits in the sale however, I put these back** when I saw this beauty

** 'Put them back' I KNOW. I must be growing up.

H&M Spike Box Bag - £19.99

Annoyingly, I can't find it online to show exactly how it falls. The shoulder part is so different and relatively heavy and the actually bag is big enough for a day out but not too small that I cant ge anything in there.
Another bonus to this bag is, although it keeps a box shape its not rigid so I have no issue with squashing / breaking it accidently.

Hopefully I'll put this in an OOTD photo at some point to show it off some more but I can't help but love this bag.

Do you have any slightly OTT fashion loves??


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

This weeks beauty buys

So I've been a teeny bit naughty this week and bought a few new make up purchases that I've had my eye on for a couple of weeks.

As I'm fortunate enough to get paid weekly I hand my rent to my boyfriend in installments 3 times in the month meaning that 1 week I'm left with a slightly larger amount (minus smaller bills) .

So why not?

 In my defense, All the Rimmel products were 3 for 2 in the offer currently running in Superdrug, so I did take advantage.
I've dabbled in a few Rimmel bits here and there but I keep hearing great things about such an affordable range of products. 

Firstly I bought the New ScandalEyes Mascara: Rockin Curves - £6.99 - BUY. I've always loved their mascaras so I know I can't go wrong here. You've probably seen the advert for this on TV as it seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Secondly...Lipstick...Kate Moss. Need I say more? Everyone girl and her mother seems to love Kates range (I have far too many of her nail varnishes) I bought this in Shade 107 in the Lasting Finish range in a beautiful deep red shade.£5.49 - BUY

and my final Rimmel buy comes in the form of a Lasting Finish Colour Rush in shade 600 - On Fire- £5.99 - BUY. Its one step away from coral but just about peachy enough to not quite hit a red shade. Or at least this is what I'm hoping when I try it. 

 Maybelline - Baby Skin: Instant Pore Eraser - £7.99 - BUY
Stepping away to my slightly indecisive purchase, it took me 3 days of constantly walking into Boots to decide if I could tear myself away from my Benefit Porefessional Primer to try this one out. In the end, I obviously said 'go on then' mostly because its a new products by them and the Baby Skin range is HUGE and I'm hoping this is going to a decision that genuinely pays off.

REVIEWS - These will follow over the coming week or so when I've had a chance to give them a try.

Short and sweet today but let me know or link me to what you have been buying this week??  


Friday, 24 January 2014

Why its impossible to not spend a penny in Ikea

Growing up predominantly round parents who love anything old, vintage and quaint and living in a tiny 2 bed house, our house wasnt exactly the most contemporary hub.

As a result of this, I probably went to Ikea twice before I turned 18. (that sounds like it was some sort of overage law, but I moved out of my parents when I was 18)

All my friends always had the coolest stuff from Ikea and I'll admit, I think my parents have drilled into me the the pure shitness of flatpack furniture but moving 3 times in 3 years, means this is actually not too shabby for my lifestyle at the moment.

Whenever someone suggests a trip I know I need to tighten the pursestrings because you come away with the most random things. Because you REALLY needed that new 50p glass cup right?

After my boyfriend suggested an impromptu trip a couple of weeks ago, I of course said yes. Who doesnt want to walk around viewing beautiful rooms they'll never be able to afford?

I had nothing in mind I wanted to buy, We've been so many times in the first month of moving into our house, we've pretty much got shares in the Nottingham branch by now.

However, I still came away with some of the cutest bits.

I didnt go too wild but I still spend more than I should have,

Owl Cushion - Cover and Pillow bought seperately - £4 each  - BUY
Heart Mug - 75p  - not online
Photo Clip Holders - £1.85   not online
Glass Tealight Holder - £2.25  - I actually couldnt resist this I love all vintage cute looking pots etc. I'm actually going to put it in my dressing room rather than use as a tealight holder.  - BUY

This was a fairly good trip for me and I managed to keep myself from going mental

Whats the best IKEA bargains youve managed to find?? 


Thursday, 23 January 2014

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Beauty: Benefit Blusher - Coralista

Coralista, Benefit - £23.50 -Buy

Having rather pale skin and ginger coloured hair means I often look really washed out if I don't make some kind of effort. Blusher has always been my go-to product even on my 'I'm too lazy to wear foundation' days so finding one which compliments my skin is a must.
I actually found this completely by accident-ish when a girl at the Benefit counter reccomended it to me after I was moaning about how I'm sick of standard pink shades.

Coralista was ultimaely the shade for me, with peachy undertones this blusher still gives me the familar pink tint but the peach gives my face a healthy looking glow.

I bought this last April and I still have some left in the box (granted its the last bits around the edge but its still wearable everyday).

As much as I love this product and would recommend it to any girl wanting to venture out in her colour chart, there are a few pros and cons to this blusher.


Normally you'd look at the cardboard box and think, theres no way thats going to last but almost a year on and its still in amazing condition. Granted I have looked after it, but don't be fooled, its just as tough as any other product.

The mirror inside - super handy for out and about. I like to be pretty discreet when applying make up in public cos I'm sure I look like such an idiot so the mirror inside means I can keep it simple without compacs and brushes flying around.

It lasts forever - when products take a hit on my bank account, its nice to know I'm almost a year on and still able to use it everyday.

You don't need to apply very much to get the desired effect (until it starts to run low)


It loses its shine after a while - As the blusher starts to wear out, the amount you need to apply / the fresh glow it gives your cheek starts too aswell.  I'll admit using it everyday means you get use to the colour on your cheeks but it takes a good few dustings to get the brightness back.

The smell - I hate the idea of saying it smells, but I actually fell in love with the scent at first however, over time it does start to lose this. - I understand most people probably dont smell their make up so this isnt really a con but the benefit counter girl did mention the nice smell whilst selling it to me -

The brush - As with most products this comes with a brush with is great for out and about but it gets pretty bulked up quickly with the product so requires a lot of cleaning. Ive found you can prolong its life by leaving the plastic insert inside and keeping the powder and brush seperate. This also helps in terms of hygiene too. 

Overall, this blusher is beautiful especially now we should have slightly nicer weather should be coming upon us.

For the £23.50 price tag, I'd def say go to your local Benefit counter and get it tested on your skin first to see how it looks on you, but I can't imagine it not suiting many girls!!

What Benefit blushers do you use? I need to start broadening my options with some more of the shades.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Janvier Sales

I'll be the first to admit, January isnt the funnest time of the year. You have no money and theres a billion things calling your name to spend your money on. For me, this means the sales on the high street and every band I like announcing a tour.

However, minimum wage doesnt quite cover the cost (r.i.p student loans) quite like it used too. I've had to be quite picky this year, which leads me back to my new years resoloutions, which are coming along quite nicely btw (I went to the making of Harry Potter) , of not wasting money on things I know i wont use.

I have of course made time for a cheeky few trips into the sales (I work in the centre of Westfield, can you blame me?) and come out with a couple of treats form myself.

** I've linked up to the closest site I could find selling these products, not all of them are the prices I found them for. sorry :( **

Flash by Jimmy Choo, Boots, Was £46 Now £28 BUY

I did end up buying this on boxing day as I was working and some time on my lunch break. Granted, the shop was crazy with customers but I had to buy this. Its a 50ml bottle with a body lotion to match. I dont usually go for sets like this as I never seem to use the body lotions but for a 50ml bottle, I couldnt say no. One of my old house mates use to wear this and Ive been after some for ages. I will  most likely reserve it for 'occasions' etc now as I seem to plough my way through perfumes. It smells beautiful and has a great designed bottle you can just pop in your handbag for daily top ups.

Soap and Glory Facetime, Boots, Was £25 Now £12.50, BUY

Surprise Surprise more Soap and Glory (Brace yourself theres more to come). To be honest, I debated about buying this for ages but their skincare range is something Ive wanted to try for ages but its quite the hefty price tag (for me) when I already have a bunch of products in the bathroom cabinet so I'm quite excited to give these a go for a fraction of the price. I'm also sadly looking forward to trying this face wipes as Ive always wondered how they can justify charging £3.50 for one tiny pack of these.
The set includes:
OFF YOUR FACE 3-in-1 Cleansing Cloths, 
FEEL GOOD FACTOR SPF25 Everyday Facial Moisture Lotion, 
PUFFY EYE ATTACK Daily Moisturising Eye Gel. 

Fun Bath Set, Lush,  Was £25 Now £12.50, BUY

Out of all the amazing things Lush has to offer, Ive been a huge lover of Fun throughout the past year. I only really buy the Pink one, but to my annoyance, my boyfriend also seems to love it and as much i share a 'whats mine is yours' attitude, Ive now had 3 of these and only used it a handful of times. I figured buying these means Ive got enough to get on with and hopefully turn my boyfriend into liking another colour other than pink. The set comes with 6 'mini' (although 100g is more than enough) colours and some cute cutters so you can, if you wish, play with them. Although youre meant too, i'm too lazy to get all creative but its such a cool idea.
The Set includes:
Pink Fun (fruity, sweet-shop smell)
Blue Fun (Lavender and Chamomile)
Yellow Fun (Vanilla)
Red Fun (Mandarin and Orange)
Green Fun (Lemon and Lime)
And the limited edition Gold Fun (Glittery and scented with Honey I Washed the Kids soap)

Sanctuary Set, Boots, Was £18 Now £5.40 BUY

Honestly, for a fiver who could not have picked this up. Now Boots have released the 70% off sale I popped in to simply pick up a bargain and this is so lovely. Its quite a rich smell compared to my usual fun, fruity choices but its so relaxing I cant wait to start using them altogether.
This set includes:
Mande Lular Sensuous Bath Crème (which is masssssssive)
Mande Lular Creamy Body Polish
Mande Lular Body Souffle
Spa Skin Luxury Body Brush

Soap and Glory Girl-o-Whirl make up set, Was £35 Now £12, BUY

So lets be fair, this was the one thing Boots couldnt shift this christmas season, it seemed to just linger on the shelfs right up until the 70% point. I can see why, its not the easiest thing in terms of mobility and convinence. I wasnt sure if I was ever going to like their make up range as it always seems quite tacky to me, and very simple with not too much going for me but after trying the Thick and Fast mascara I thought I'd give this set ago. As I mentioned, its not my go-to make up for when I'll be going out and need a top up as it cant exactly pop any of them out or put it in my handbag but for day to day outings its a pretty little set which im sure ill have a review to follow.
The set includes:
6 Lid Stuff eyeshadows
6 Supercolour fabulipsticks

 Thick & Fast Super Volume mascara
Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick in Nudist
Glow All Out luminising face powder
Solar Powder multi-shade bronzer
Eyeshadow brush
Lip brush
Blusher brush

Studded Iphone Purse, Topshop, Was £16 Now £3 BUY

Ive been after one of these (at a good price) for ages as me and Jamie tend to pop out a lot on my days off and I have no care for carting my handbag around so usually end up carrying my purse and phone around. This is super handy for slotting my phone,cards and ID in whilst still looking really nice.

Glamour Kills Top, Asylum, Was £26 Now £10 

I havent bought clothes for quite some time, mainly because I hate the way I look in everything but this is a Large and its so long I can throw it with a pair of leggings for a quick and comfy look.

 Let me know what sale shopping youve got hold off cos i'm nosy and love a bargain!!!


Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas 2013

I hope you all had a great Christmas this year and got everything you asked for. For me, this year marked the first where I honestly wasn bothered about anything in particular I did/didnt recieve and cared more about the gifts I bought other people.

That doesnt mean I wasnt truely grateful for what I got, but as I hadnt asked for anything, I wasnt expecting anything either.

I ended up with lots of new things from my family, friends and Jamie which were all incredible and I know I'll use it all, especially the amount of baking things I recieved.

When it came to Beauty / Perfume items, I usually ask for a range of more affordable bits but realised this just ends up in my make up drawers so I asked for products that have become my daily routine this year so I know everything will be put to good use.

Heres a quick run down of some of the Beauty gifts I got...

Boots No7 Illuminating Mirror - Link - Ive been after this for a good few years now after having my old housemates hand me down one and since leaving it at home in July, I finally got my own.

Secondly comes my beautiful Benefit addiction. These were gifts from Jamie and my Parents.

The 'best of benefit' (link) set is ideal for any bene-newbie or someone that just wants to top up their collection without buying the full sizes.

The set includes

The Porefessional Primer
They're Real Mascara
Hoola Bronzer
Boi-ing Concealer
High Beam Highlighter.
Benetint Cheek Stain

The second set is an amazing perfume, Crescent Row (link) miniatures set. I originally asked for Laugh with me Lee Lee as this is a perfume I've owned already, but for the same price my mum bought me this with 4 to chose from, ideal for my handbag and each include their own box so you don't even feel like you're getting abit cheated for the small size.

This set includes:
Laugh with me Lee Lee
Ring my Bella (fastly becoming my fave)
Under my spell Noelle
My place or yours Gina

Although I love The Body Shop, I never seem to shop there as often as I should so to get all these was amazing.

I seem to have gone a bit Mango (link) crazy with this gift set from my manager and the shower gel from my family along with the satsuma one which smells amazing.

The perfume set was actually a gift from my uncle who didn't even know how much I love TBS' White Musk (link)  (it's quite old lady-ish I know but I love it) so to receive this I now have 3 bottles and couldn't be happier. The fragrance mist will also be super handy for a daily top up without drowning myself in perfume.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a sick adiction to Soap and Glory so much so, we have a box in our bathroom purely dedicated to the stuff so it was always going to be a sure present to get me for christmas.

My grandma bought me this Bright and Bubbly Gift set (link) which includes:
Hand Food
The Righeous Butter
Clean on Me
The Scrub of your life
A pink wash scrub

I also received two full size versions of Clean on Me Body Wash and Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath.

Boots No7 Ultimate Gift Set - Every year No7 release this amazing set full of full sizes of their best products but at the price of £65, its not exactly something I can just splurge out on so I waited until it went down to £32 as a star gift and asked Jamie if I could have it as one of my presents.

I've always considered the boxs' contents as a bit too 'old' for me but the depressing thing, at 22, I think protecting face creams are now my calling in life so i'm excited to give all these a go, however, at the smallest price of £9 for individual items, they will have to be used more sparingly...or at least until next christmas :)

The No7 Ultimate Collection includes

Blissful Body Wash
Completely Quenched Mosturising Body Lotion
Sumptuous Bath Soak
Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion
Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue - This will  a god send in the summer
Protect and Perfect Day Hand Cream
Protect an Perfect Intense Day Cream
Protect and Perfect Intense Night Cream
No7 Lash Adapt Mascara
No7 Lipgloss

 A few Full Size Benefit Goodies off my Mum.
The Porefessional Primer - My everyday go-to product, I get through this at a depressingly fast speed

Hydra Smooth Lip Color - I'm yet to try this or any of Benefits Lipsicks but I was given the shade, Air Kiss, an intense pink shade which I cant wait to try.

Thats my top christmas beauty gifts, hope you are all having a fantastic New Year (we just booked Harry Potter tickets so thats my first resolution ticked off)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Time for a New Year

I'm not normally one for hopes/plans for the new year. I don't believe a New Year gives you any more hope than a new month. However, the past few weeks I've been thinking about how I'm actually looking forward to changing a few things in the coming year.

Don't get me wrong, 2013 was great for so many reasons I had so much life changing events to happen but at the same time, these were all very fast and a bit of blur and included a lot mistakes and learning curves which I need to learn from this year.

I've actually made a list of my 'plans' for the year which is unlike me as everyone knows you don't stick to them but I'm sure these are much needed in my life.

so here we go... (some are more feasible than others but its a pretty rough guide)

1) Lose 2 stone (if not more)..Cliche I know but its 100% needed
2) Achieve this ^^ by eating better and walking / doing the wii fit u more
3)Less is more - In regards to my spending habits, I have a problem with buying things because theyre cheap but now i'd rather save and buy the make up / bags / perfume I really want.
4) Focus more on me - I'm a bit worried this is gonna cost me some friends along the way but I believe people who are truely my friends will stick by me but as I spend too much time worrying about what others think or who likes/doesnt like me and its time to stop caring and think more about my little life here i'm building with Jamie / the friends I know are genuinely good friends.
5) Go back home more, even if its just 1 day a month I need to pop back home more and see my family and friends
6) Move out of my parents completely. - I have so much stuff there that needs gutting out and I think I need to let go this year.
7) Get a credit card - Not for what you might think - just to boost my credit rating.
8) Read more - I spend too many nights falling asleep to QI, instead i need to read all the books I've bought.
9) Ebay all year - Again, a habit i pick up and drop over the year and with all my crap, I need to sell it
10) Do the grown up stuffs thats abit boring:
-go to the dentist
-change doctors
- get over my fear and go to the opticians
11) Open a joint account with Jamie
12)SAVE SAVE SAVE - Okay, so its for my Disneyland Fund and not so much 'the future' but its save to say I'm gonna go mental at Disneyland so I need to save
13) Visit the Harry Potter studio tour  8th January
14) Have a holiday
15) Enjoy everything as much as possible.