Friday, 24 January 2014

Why its impossible to not spend a penny in Ikea

Growing up predominantly round parents who love anything old, vintage and quaint and living in a tiny 2 bed house, our house wasnt exactly the most contemporary hub.

As a result of this, I probably went to Ikea twice before I turned 18. (that sounds like it was some sort of overage law, but I moved out of my parents when I was 18)

All my friends always had the coolest stuff from Ikea and I'll admit, I think my parents have drilled into me the the pure shitness of flatpack furniture but moving 3 times in 3 years, means this is actually not too shabby for my lifestyle at the moment.

Whenever someone suggests a trip I know I need to tighten the pursestrings because you come away with the most random things. Because you REALLY needed that new 50p glass cup right?

After my boyfriend suggested an impromptu trip a couple of weeks ago, I of course said yes. Who doesnt want to walk around viewing beautiful rooms they'll never be able to afford?

I had nothing in mind I wanted to buy, We've been so many times in the first month of moving into our house, we've pretty much got shares in the Nottingham branch by now.

However, I still came away with some of the cutest bits.

I didnt go too wild but I still spend more than I should have,

Owl Cushion - Cover and Pillow bought seperately - £4 each  - BUY
Heart Mug - 75p  - not online
Photo Clip Holders - £1.85   not online
Glass Tealight Holder - £2.25  - I actually couldnt resist this I love all vintage cute looking pots etc. I'm actually going to put it in my dressing room rather than use as a tealight holder.  - BUY

This was a fairly good trip for me and I managed to keep myself from going mental

Whats the best IKEA bargains youve managed to find?? 


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  1. I wish IKEA was closer to me, it would be so handy for house shopping. I love the bits and pieces you have bought - especially the owl pillow!



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