Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Selling my life on eBay

The past few days has seen me being slightly running away from my blog. Not through choice, but once you have your own house you can't relax the same way you ever did under your parents roof.

After my parents came down a few weeks ago (See This Post) I ended up with piles and piles of clothes to sort through and along with them came the not-so lovely smell of my mouldy stoke on trent uni house.

After a good wash, I have started the long process into selling everything on eBay to make some money to pay back my overdraft.

This is a short and sweet post where I basically tell you to check out my ebay account.

My Username is forgetmenot_darling and you can access it by clicking here.

I don't have amazing things up at the moment, purely because I'm getting rid of the stuff I know I won't wear / fit into again to start with but keep up with me and more will follow.

Have you got an eBay account? Link me to yours if you have bits for sale...I love buying on there!!

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