Monday, 24 March 2014

MCM Comic Con - Birmingham

A bit of a different post from me today guys. No fashion or beauty but an insight into my geekiness.
There was no post yesterday due to me being at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham and having the time of my life.

This was a very last minute decision from Jamie as we both happened to have Sunday off work and only planned to visit a Car Boot (which was pretty disapointing) so at half 9, we headed down to Brum for our day out.

Comic Cons are often seen as very geeky, and yes, you wouldn't be far wrong. I like to geek out over such things as Disney, old video games and anything that reminds me of my childhood etc but I've never been the RolePlay / Anime type girl which the convention had quite a few of, but I think its nice that people can finally be who they want to be at these things.

The main reason I wanted to go was the simple fact that 3 actors in the TV show, Sleepy Hollow were going to be there. Its not a massive hit over here just yet so the Q&A panel wasn't full of people which I loved as it actually allowed me to see them and appreciate it all with the people who have clearly taken the time to get into such an underrated show. I think its going to pick up but perhaps come Season 2 like most American shows over here. The panel featured Katia Winter, Nikki Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood, so pretty much the three main females from the show who all seem so lovely and its nice to see actors so grateful for their fans! Its rare a TV show has such a strong female cast so its even better to feel that sense of 'girl power' back on our screens. The inner Journalist in me was dying to ask questions as people were asking interesting but kinda cliche questions which I'm sure they hear over and over again.

All I wanted to know was which demon/monster they most feared? (granted thats cliched but least its personal and relevant)
I didnt get chance to meet the girls as we had to leave but I would have loved too purely so I could ask a million questions in the space of 5 seconds!
Sleepy Hollow has been my HUGE love this past year (along with The Following) and although history infused tv isnt normally my thing, they mix together comedy / tension and my fave, a bit of horror (if you havent seen the Sandman, then trust me, you'll freak out).

Overall I had an amazing day, for my first Comic Con and not knowing what to expect I loved it. I didn't feel uncomfortable and I'll admit, I wanted to be a Disney Princess like the other girls!

I did walk away with some bits though so all was not lost. I'll admit my purchases arent exactly 'geeky' but thats purely for the fact that we're in the process of throwing away things we won't actually use so I don't think I could justify buying a 6 foot Gonzo muppet!!

 My New Disney Plates!! :) These are the ones I finally chose as you saw up there, there was so many to choose from (and that wasnt all of them). These were a gift from Jamie, I honestly love them so much! Theyre just so pretty, I usually find plates quite tacky but the pictures are so vivid, I couldn't resist.
LoungeFly Purse - Okay so not very geeky but I couldnt have a day and not buy something that would fit well in my blog could I?? ... These purses are usually a bomb but my current Loungefly purse has lasted me so long an this was reduced to £15 so I had to get it.

 You can check out about future MCM events on their website here.
We're already wanting to plan our next one.

Have you been to one of these before or have an inner geeky pleasure??


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