Saturday, 15 March 2014

Benefit b.right Total Moisture Facial Cream Review

Benefit B.right Total Moisture Face Cream - £27.50 for 48.2g - BUY

This product claims to be the end to dry skin. I'm very much on the fence with this product. I've made my way through a large chuck of this as I wanted to be 100% certain on my views before I wrote this, mainly because so many people seem to adore this product. If you look online, theres so many girls raving about it.

For me, as a sufferer of dry skin , I will back this up it does make your feel moistured and full of life, however, I've found the reasoning behind this for me is because its a very thick cream and takes a while to completey sink into your skin. Ideal as an evening moisture before bed, but I love my skin to feel full of life before I start the day and I found waiting for this to dry before applying primer was taking forever.

I actually asked a girl a a Benefit counter about this as I didnt know if this was just me, and she agreed with what I said and had the same effects. Take note - if a Benegirl is going to be honest about a product con - shes a keeper! I think honesty is the best policy, regardless of what you're selling.

For the full size of this (granted its a big jar)  but I think nearly £30 for this is a bit steep so unless you full love this product then I wouldnt personally purchase it.

For a soothing evening pamper session, this is an ideal product but as a morning pick up, its not the go-to choice for me.

Are you a lover of this product??? Please let me know how I can make it better as I'd love to love this as much as every other girl out there!

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