Saturday, 15 March 2014

Benefit b.right Moisturize Moisture Prep Toning Lotion Review

Benefit B.right Moisture Prep Toning Lotion - £23.50 for 177.4ml - BUY

For me, products like this are an absolute god send. I suffer from pretty sensitive skin, especially when heat changes around me quite rapidly. Although I've not used this product with it being winter I pretty much lived for this in the hot months.

Benefit claim this product 'smoothes & revitalises allowing skin to fully optimise benefits of your moisturiser. Contains vitamin E acetate, natural oat & meadowsweet, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin and help reduce fine lines. This specialised formula contains a blend of aloe leaf and yeast extract, known to clarify & soothe the skin.'

 The website says to use a cotton wool pad to apply this but a girl at Benefit actually said if you put this in your palms and gently pad your face it really soothes the skin...and it does! The colder the product is the better it calms your skin.

Both Elle and Red have given this awards for Best Toner, although it is pretty expensive for a liquid in a bottle I think if you suffer from heated/red skin then you need this in your life! It makes summer days so much more manageable.

I loved this so much, I'll confess I bought a full size product....

For me, the only downside in the full size product is the bottle. The sample one is a stunning little glass bottle which will be great to keep for travelling and putting products in. However, the full size comes in a plastic bottle which for the price, I wasnt overly impressed with as I think a glass bottle that large would be so useful once you've used all the Toner.

The box is pretty unique with the string fasten but I would prefer a glass bottle.

What do you think of this product??


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