Monday, 10 March 2014

The Body Shop Haul

If theres anything I love, its a bargain. Being an O2 customer, I get access to their priority moments and sometimes they upload some great offers!

So far I've loved their offers with Boux Avenue, L'Occtaine, WH Smiths and Hotel Chocolat (who often give away free chocolate mmmm)

This week I decided to log in and check out what they had on often and was happy to see their Body Shop offer had returned. This one happened to be a 'Buy £40 worth of products with £20 off'

Heads up: If £20 is something you don't have, keep checking back as I have used a £20 for £10 version of this before.

Anyway, on with my purchases. I've been reading about loads of the shops products on Bloglovin recently and I couldnt help but want to investigate for myself. Growing up The Body Shop was always like 'my mums shop' which she loved and her obsession with their Body Butters is something I've continued with.

I actually spent a good amount of time finding products which I feel will suit me and my current beauty needs...

Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray - £6.50 - BUY

This was actually the last kind of add on purchase to my shop but I thought this would be ideal for me. Its a detangling spray, remember when Loreal Kids brought that green bottle version out back in the 90's?? just me then. Well, I remember it was super good and having long hair again means I am prone to killing it by shamefully pulling on split ends. Its for coloured hair, again, a plus point even though my aim is to slowly get rid of my dying addiction. 
It smells so so fruity and although I'm excited to give this a go, I've annoyingly read pretty bad reviews of this online but I've also seen tips and tricks on how to make this work to its full potential so I'm def following those before my review.

Falling for Blue Hair Chalk - £5.00 - BUY 

For a fiver, how could I not?! I'd actually just seen a review on these before picking them up and was really impressed at how good they look on dark hair so I have high hopes!
I was pretty quick on the hair chalk bandwagon last year but after graduating / moving house / working full time Ive not been so daring with my hair colour so I'm really excited to try this out!!

Skin Primer Moisturise It - £12 - BUY

This wasnt a product I set out to buy but after seeing it came in a Moisture It or a Matte It, I decided to opt for a moisturising primer mostly because if you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I'm lazy in the mornings and the fact I could use this as a moisturiser and primer means I get to skip a whole step. Its a super creamy cream and feels really lightweight so once I've given it a try I'll post up a review of the primer qualities. 

Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil - £12 - BUY

One of the body shops newest products, this vitamin E oil is designed to help skin overnight by moisturising it for 8hours. As its a serum/oil cross it does feel pretty greasy when you apply it and ive found my skin doesnt feel soft until the morning so it really must take 8hr to fully settle into your skin.
Another personal plus for me is the bottle. Its a glass bottle which I always feels adds to the niceness of products and you apply it to your palms with this amazing little dropper applicator so you know exactly how much you're apply. Great for me that always uses way too much.

Eyeshadow Blender Brush - £10 - BUY

I've heard great things about the body shop brushes and although I was eyeing up the foundation/powder brushes, after recently buying a real technique one, I thought it'd be pretty pointless so I opted for an area I'm lacking in, eye brushes. This blending brush is really soft and I think it'l be lovely to use.

So all this came to only £25 instead of £45 so I'm even happier with my purchases knowing some were technically free

Have you got any Body Shop products you can recommend to me??


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