Saturday, 15 March 2014

Benefit b.right Refined Finish Facial Polish Review

Benefit B.right Refined Finish Facial Polish - £18.50 - 127.5g - BUY

One of the cheapest products in the Benefit skincare range, the refined finish is an exfoliator to purify cells and minimise pores which Benefit seem to be Queens of doing (I'm looking at you Porefessional).

Unlike alot of exfoliators out there at the moment, this has a much smoother feeling on the skin and isnt scratchy or you feel you spend ages rubbing it into your skin.
For £18.50, I'm considering making this a full size purchase moreso as its a product I'd only use weekly as part of a facial and to just clear away the weeks dead skincells so I'd assume it'll last me a while.

Another added extra to this is the use of a face mask, leaving it on means it will work deep into the skin.

Have you used this product or intended on? Let me know below!

So there you go, I've given the rundown to 6 of Benefits Skincare products, be sure to go back and read the others!


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