Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Flash By Jimmy Choo Perfume Review

Flash by Jimmy Choo EDP - Prices from £35.50 - BUY

I haven't mentioned this since I purchased this in my January Sales post all those moons ago, if you want you can check out that post here

I bought this as my old housemate had it and I adored the scent!!
Flash is bursting with an array of aromas which are meant to be add that extra 'sparkle' to any night out. In fairness, I can complete agree, I wear this when I'm going out for the evening or to meet friends as its got a really mature and evening out scent about it. It screams classiness (even for a girl like me).

The variety of scents mixed in this are Pink Pepper, Strawberry and Tangerine which I where my love for fruity scents comes out to play but then its backed up as a nighttime scent with the addition of White Flowers and Tuberose.

I know it seems unimportant but for some reasons, Bottles have just always been such a vital part of the overall display of perfume and this does not disapoint! I think its aim of classy / sparkle / evening theme is completely shown in one bottle.

I was lucky to get this in a great deal however, I know it is one of those scents that certain stores do alter the price, I know my local Debenhams has it on offer in the gift set at the moment!

If you're after a night out fragrance or something to add that little bit extra to date night..then this is for you!!!

Have you got a perfect fragrance??



  1. chloé is my perfect scent. i just love it to pieces and i feel like i have to give this one a sniff anytime soon.


    1. ive never tried a chloe scent but would love too!!
      where do you purchase yours from?

  2. I've always wanted to try this one xx

    1. you should - i actually got a tester first before buying this!

  3. Oooh this perfume sounds really lovely. I've never tried any of the Jimmy Choo perfumes before xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. this one is my fave - ive not tried many others shamefully either!!


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