Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Somewhat Belated Christmas Stocking

If theres one thing me and my family are good at, its never giving gifts when we should. Especially since I've been moving round the country, we pretty much have to do everything when and where we can (me and Jamie received easter eggs off my mum last week when she visited us on holiday).

This one I actually got given in February and I've been debating about putting it up purely for the fact that its only 3 months late, but with this being a later post for the day I thought what the hell, if no one reads this then all is not lost.

I've had a stocking off my mum and my grandma for as long as I can remember so this one was received off my grandma and we normally fill it with bits that arent the most needed (think: erasers, random toys, a keyring) however, I think I'm pretty impressed with this lot and shes done good. I appreciate all I got btw, but once you move out from home you do start to question items and ask yourself 'what am i going to do with this?' alot!

I'm just going to list bits and pieces to keep it short and sweet.
Nail Varnish Remover
AVON Nail Art Stickers
Underwear (in a Size 6....wishful thinking there grandma)
Cotton Wool / Face Wipes - can't go wrong
A Lush Bubble Bar - RESULT!
Soap from The Body Shop - I did well from there last Christmas See THIS POST for details ;)
A cute skull bracelet and Necklace
Soap and Glory Body Butter 
Christmas Tissues as standard
An AVON eye pencil which is bigger than my face!
A Nightmare before Christmas Keyring
Squirt from Finding Nemo Plush - Disney box ticked
Barry M Nail Polish - great surprise
My PUG purse!! This is actually my current purse, I love it so much and it matches the washbag I'm obsessed with - See HERE when I bought it.

I would normally ask what you guys got in your stocking but given it was so long ago....what are your 'stocking standard gifts'???


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