Saturday, 22 March 2014

Todays Nottingham Haul

Today marks my first weekend off work since November and as the boyfriend is working the West Ham game I thought I'd travel the 20mins to Nottingham for a shopping trip.

Last time I went was my Birthday last November and I'd never been before so it was quite brief and mostly me wanting to find the MAC store.
Although I've had an amazing day, theres just SO much choice of stores! everything from your standard high street to the best high end brands own stores!

I wished I was richer as it was an amazing place to shop but I did buy some lovely bits!


I was actually really good in Topshop, I nearly caved twice into spending more money but luckily?? they didn't have my size in what I loved so they actually stopped me buying, although I def won't be seeing if they have it online after!

I ended up walking away with this,
 Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical - £8 - BUY 

I've never actually bought a topshop lipstick before (minus the bullet - which I've now realised is quite similar) but I was recommended this shade so for £8 I thought why not?


Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser - £4.99 - BUY
I've mentioned countless times how lazy I am with everything so I'm hoping this will kick me into moisturising more!
Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry and Blush -  was £3.99 now £1.97 - BUY
One of the most handy essentials for inbetween washes. I didnt plan on buying these but the fact they were less than £2, I couldnt resist. I only pick these up when theres an offer as I think for what they are, they are a bit pricey
L'oreal Matt and Messy Salt Spray - was £3.75 now £1.85 - BUY 
I recently read a post about salt sprays and heard this was a pretty good buy. I actually clocked it was only £1.85 a few days ago and even if I don't rave about it, I don't think I'll lose out.

 MAC Lipstick in Rebel - £15 - BUY
The fact theres an actually MAC store in Nottingham makes me just want to buy things! I was going to buy the shade Heroine which has just re-launched but when I saw it in store, I couldnt help but think it was abit too purple for me. Rebel is a a deep purple so its still a shade  I'd feel comfortable wearing. Its also a Matte finish which is one of my favourites!


 Crop Top - was £6.99 now £3
 Cut out dress - was £17.99 now £10


 Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6 - BUY
Everyone raves about this, and I wanted to try it for myself! I currently only ever wear my Collection eyeliner which I discussed HERE, so I think a change was in order!

Rita Ora for Rimmel Nail Polish: £3.69 each - BUY
Pillow Talk
Breakfast in Bed
I mentioned about the launch of these what seems like ages ago but suddenly they are here, I adore these 2 shades. Breakfast in Bed has been sold out everywhere but I finally found the last one on the shelf!
You can view my post on the full range HERE
Nail Polish in Mind the Gap, Victoria - £3.69 - BUY
They were on 3 for 2 ;)

 Black Skirt - £5
Mint Green Skirt - £10
P.S Nail Varnish - £1 each
 Black Slip On's - £4
I wouldn't normally buy these but my vans were killing my feet as they've sadly worn away so these were just to save my feet.


 Secret Garden Bath Bomb - £2.95 - BUY
I only mentioned this yesterday HERE but I love it
Brightside Comforter - £4.50 - BUY
King of Skin Body Butter - £5.50 - BUY

So thats todays haul, have you had any goo shopping trips lately? or tried any of these product to give me a heads up on them??


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