Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mothers Day Ideas from Lush

A few weeks I posted all about how I fell in love with the latest range on offer at Lush. I focused on the Easter range - post here -  and told you guys I'd be back with the Mothers day range closer to the time.

Well its your last full weekend until the big day (you could go out next Saturday but thats pushing it) so I'm here to tell you my top picks for mums across the UK.

Annoyingly-ish for me, my mum doesnt care about these occasions and her birthday actually falls next Wednesday, 4 days before so I've already bought her a lovely gift for that instead. She actually just wants a H&M voucher so thats on my to-buy list for this weekend!

However, if she was your average mum I would treat her to these amazing gift ideas..

1) Madame Butterfly Reuseable Bubble Bar - £5.25 - BUY
This is scented with the same ingredients as Rose Jam so if you were a fan of that, then you'll this!
I always think 5.25 is pretty expensive for a bath item but as its reuseable I think they justify themselves with the pricetag.

2) Secret Garden Bath Bomb - £2.95 - BUY
This is the one I've got my eye on. The secret garden is a bomb that contains a variety of flower buds for the most floral bathtime! Its really pretty and I think as a little shopping trip add-on its ideal for less than £3

3) Mumkin Bubble Bar - £2.95 - BUY
The next step on from the Halloween range of the orange Pumpkin and the Mumkin is a lovely pink shade thats infused with the scent of raspberries! I tried the Pumpkin last year and found it crumbled into the bath quite strangely leaving some lumps behind, but if i'm honest, the raspberry scent is making me want to buy this!!

4)Inhale Exhale BathBomb - £3.25 - BUY
Probably one of the most talked about Bathbombs in the range at the moment, the InhaleExhale bomb fizzes at different speeds to give you a relaxing and prolonged bath.

5)The Mum Reuseable Bubble Bar - £3.25 - BUY
Essentially just the same as Madame Butterfly but I couldnt not include this one, Its packed with the 'Honey I Washed The Kids' sweet caramel ingredients so its bound to be great!

6)Mum Gift Tin - £28.95 - BUY
They've been very clever in producing a whole load of gift sets this year but this just happens to be the queen of them all (and of course the most expensive). In this tin your mum will receive:
A Mumkin, An InhaleExhale Bomb, A The Mum Bubble Bar, a tub of Dream Cream, a sample of Gorgeous moisturiser and a Rose bubble bar.

Those are my top picks but I was honestly spoilt for choice with this lot!
You can few the full Mothers Day range here.

What are you doing for Mothers Day this year??



  1. I recently got into lush and I must say now I'm obsessed! Great ideas and lovely blog, can't wait to see more.
    The Hopelessly Optimisitc


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