Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Month Of Primark Haul

Me and Primark are no stranger to each other. When it first hit the UK, it was very much where my family got our clothes from. Not being from a wealthy background meant that I could still have nice clothes at affordable prices and in honesty, this suited me.

As I hit university and said Hello to student loans, my shopping and fashion habits also ventured out and my love for Primark fell and I hated the fabrics/cut/feel/wearability and just didnt enjoy what the shop had to offer.

Now I've hit the real world again for some reason, I've found my love again for the high street shop.
Not because I'm poorer than I was but the shop itself has got better I think. They've started to plow better quality on the shelves and I think my hating phase has helped as I know exactly what I like / don't like to buy when I enter the shop now.

The past month I've been building up a collection of bits which I thought I'd show you guys...

The Simpsons T-shirt - £8
I adore this!! As soon as I saw it, I rushed to find my size! I reckon this will a top seller

Guns and Roses PJ's - £8
I hate to admit buying things like this as I think the whole 'classic rock' band t-shirt is abit overdone especially on girls who buy these tops with NO IDEA who the bands are. I'll happily admit I'm not a huge fan but a) My boyfriends favourite band is Guns and Roses so this has given me big brownie points and b) The shorts are adorable ;)

Snow White Socks - £2
My love for disney all over - I adore Primarks disney range but I'm trying to not get carried away, I've nearly bought it all!
Shaped Swimming Costume - I actually can't remember how much this was
I thought this was a great idea espeically as I hate myself in a costume as it is. I think it was about £7 so I couldnt really say no to this!

Floral Top - £8

Underwear - £1 each
Grey PJ Bottoms - £5
Fast Food PJ's - £6 How amazing are these!!
Wellies - £10
I bought these purely for our dog walks as I was sick of having wet feet and constantly worried about mud!
Snow White T-shirt - £8

Floral Print Leggings - £2 
These were reduced from £6 but I thought they were lovely to wear with a big plain t-shirt 
 Waterbottle - £1.50
As I've recently got on the gym bandwagon, I thought this was a great purchase. It also includes a freezer stick which is a great feature to keep the water cold! 

 Sunglasses - £3
I'm normally quite picky with sunglasses finding alot of them don't suit me, but I thought these were lovely! The metal arms are lovely and it even comes with a case.

Jelly Shoes - £4 
I realllly want some JUJU shoes this summer but I'm worried for £26 they'll rub or generally be awful on me so I've bought these as a bit of a dupe trial run just to see how I feel about them!

Have you bought anything nice from Primark recently? Let me know with a link below and I'll no doubt go out and buy them myself!!


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  1. I love the fast food Pj's and the floral leggings! I agree with you about Primark improving, it's definitely got better!


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