Sunday, 2 March 2014

Holiday Fashions - British Getaway

Yesterday I showed you everything I was planning on taking on holiday with me in the line of beauty tomorrow!

So today I'm going to show you all the bits I've packed too!
Now I'm full aware  I'm going for a week, and yes, I know I have enough clothes for 2 weeks.
My justification in this is simple:
1) you never know what you're going to want to wear when you wake up. You might think you do but if you suddenly feel like the biggest girl ever, that bodycon isnt going to fill you with confidence.
2) Its a British the Lake District... I don't know what the weathers going to be like. If you go to Cyprus, you know what you're getting but the UK is so unpredictable.

Anyway, I've taken a few photos for you guys to check out with a bit of detail below as I don't think theres anything more annoying than seeing bloggers clothes and not knowing where they've bought it from so I thought I'd help anyone out.

Tarten Dress - Ark - Post where I bought this here
Grey Skater Dress - Topshop 
Owl Dress - Purplish London - This was a Christmas present from my mum, a similar one can be found here

Long Tops
Floral Print - Primark
Baseball Style - Primark
Snow White - Primark (All 3 of these were £6 each)
Jaws - H&M

I know this seems a lot but all 3 are completely different style and fit on me.
Republic (bought in an old haul here)

Floral Leggings - Primark - Reduced to £2
Jeans - Republic

Red Floral Tee - Zara
Simpsons - Primark - £6
Pug - River Island - £15
Polka Dot - Topshop - £3 in the sale
Black and White Cami - New Look - Haul here
White Crop - Topshop

I did forget to photograph my Brand New tee with the others oops.

Brand New T-shirt - Bought at a gig
Fast Food PJ Bottoms - Primark - £5 
Hat - Topshop
SwimmingCostume - Primark

The Story so Far Jumper - Bought at a gig
The Maine Jumper - Bought at a gig
Cardigan - New Look

 And there you go, all packed (theres actually more in here ive crammed a hairdryer and some shorts in here)

Just to clarify - I have remember wellies / underwear / scarfs etc. I just didnt think they were the most thrilling things to show you and I'll be putting up my OOTH (outs of the holiday) when I get back :)

What are your holiday must-haves? Please let me know if I'm forgetting anything!!! 

I won't be posting live until next week but don't forget I will be bringing you a rundown of all the Benefit Skincare range next week, you can find the preview here!!

Have a great week

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  1. Wish I could get a way for a while now haha! Nice Blog! I have nominated you for the liebster award -
    Love Grace xoxo


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