Friday, 28 February 2014

Holiday Make-Up & Skincare Must Haves

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going on holiday on Monday. Its only a British Lake District holiday but although my love for beauty/fashion means cities are a must, I adore getting back up North and walking around the Lakes, discovering new finds and the charity shops are 10x better due to everyone that lives been there being filthy rich.

Choosing which make-up/skincare/haircare is never an easy task for me as owning alot of it, I never know what I want to use.
Annoyingly at the moment I'm in that 'running out' phase on a lot of my products so I know, my luck means I will run out half way through our holiday.

I thought I'd split these up into 3 sections and make them short and sweet!!


I was originally going to take a lot of sample/smaller products on holiday but then I realised I save my 'best' make up for special occasions and this is technically one of them so I thought I'd take good make up with me.


Mac Prep and Prime - Primer
Rimmel Take the Day Off - Foundation
Benefit Hello Flawless - Foundation (this is running low hence the other one coming along too)
Benefit Coralista - Blusher
Benefit Browzings - Eyebrows 
Benefit Hell Flawless - Powder
Mac in Cockney - Lipstick
Urban Decay Basics - Eyeshadow Palette
Chapstick Cherry - Lipbalm
Berts Bees - Lipbalm
Benefit Fake Up - Concealer
Topshop Lip Bullet - Lipstick
Collection 2000 - Eyeliner
Benefit They're Real - Mascara
Maybelline Colour Balm - Lipstick
Benefit High Beam - Highlighter
Benefit Gimme Brow - Eyebrow Gel
Mua Bronzed Perfection - Bronzer
Liquid Lock for Lipstick


Regardless of where I am, my brushes are a must and I find it hard to not use them. I'm taking 2 Real Techniques brushes, a blending brush, 2 ELF brushes, a Barry M eyeliner brush, No 7 Eyebrow brush and a Cosmopolitan Powder brush.

I'm taking them in this beautiful What Katie Made brush roll (£10) , I'm going to do a post on her products in the coming weeks as she makes the nicest things!!!


A small haircare range. I'll technically only be washing my hair twice whilst I'm there so I've not gone over board so I have my trusty Tresemme Colour protection shampoo and conditioner. These were on 3 for 2 in Boots so I picked up a heat defence spray which smells beautiful.
I've also found these Lee Stafford dry shampoos and hair spray in my room which are small enough for the week.

This was hard to choose what to take but I've narrowed it down to the following:

Jimmy Choo - Flash (I found lots of sample bottles of this in my room so I've since swapped this to the 2ml versions)
Benefit - Laugh with me Lee Lee

Lush Its Raining Men Shower Gel
Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel
Soap and Glory Body Butter

I decided to make this as simple as possible so I choose to go for the Clinque 3 step programme.
Clinque Make Up Remover - I wanted to take my Micellar water but theres no chance I'm trusting the flimsy lid.

and there you go... all packed in my Pug and Disney Villians bag.
I think I've done pretty well there!!

- also just to clarify I've not forgot cotton pads/sponge etc I just didnt want to bore anyone with those boring bits.

What do you think of my holiday supplies?? Am I forgetting anything??


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