Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Girl Meets: Statement Necklaces

Every month I'm going to try make an effort to push myself into a fashion piece I've not delved into / I'm adament I think I look silly in.

With the approach of Valentines day coming my way, I decided to opt for a new LBD (coming later this week) but when I tried it on, I felt slightly lacking that bit of something...enter my confidence to try a statement necklace.

I have a ridiculous amount of necklaces but minus one (that i never wear surprise surprise) they are long with one pendant and as I rarely wear just 1 plain colour, Necklaces always look a bit stupid with my outfits so in fairness, a statement piece is just something I don't feel the need for / I don't what actually looks okay.

But now this fear is finally being tackled (and I seem to have fallen in love with every statement necklace I've seen). The ones featured here arent all ones I'd buy personally but I think its good to show a variety because if I had my way you'd just have a page of gold plated necklaces.

1) First up comes this beautiful embelished piece from Topshop for £12.50 - BUY. The colours are great for up and coming SS season and would look so nice for both day and night wear.

2) HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS!! I'm not usually a pastel kinda girl but this is so cute. If I could pull off Peter Pan collars I would so put this popping out from under one. I found this on from the brand Johnny Loves Rosie, its quite ridiculous how much I want this in my life. You can view it on the site HERE but at £26 I don't think I can buy it just yet :(

 3) If I havent mentioned this store enough this week, I spotted this gem in New Look today and I am so so tempted to get it. At only £7.99 its an absolute steal and I won't feel as guilty if it doesnt get worn as much as it should! The tribal pattern still gives it enough of an impact without it being too boring. So far (mainly for my bank accounts sake) this may be the necklace of choice. You can see it on the site HERE

4) If theres one shop I always feel abit sorry for, its Miss Selfridge, It never seems to get the high street impact it deserves. Mainly because its Arcadia sister Topshop always steals her limelight when in actual fact they sell pretty much the exact same stuff. I spied this super cute daisy chain necklace - BUY - in their Debenhams concession stand and thought it was adorable. I then saw it in Topshop 5 minutes later. Theres also a matching bracelet for this so it'd make a great add on to a wedding outfit this year!!

5) Given this is a necklace post, I thought Acessorize would be the most obvious place to go. I'm usually a huge fan of what they have to offer and even when I saw they had a 'statement necklace' section, I thought I was asking for trouble but to be honest, I'm a bit dissapointed with what they have on offer. This piece isnt personally for me as I'm not into too much sparkle and at £29, I think unless this is for maybe a prom dress, its not worth the hefty price tag. You can always get a better look HERE and check out the others on offer.

6) Shall we just all take a second to forget about everything else I've mentioned and just awe at this beauty! I get its not complete 'statement' but I think a pearl chain with a sparkly orb is bound to get some attention, Its just so pretty and for a Vivienne Westwood piece, £95 isn't a ridiculous price. If you happen to have the money feel free to buy me on HERE.

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