Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Sample Ramble

The title of this is harder to say than you think. 

Todays post is actually a bit of a disclaimer / moral of my mine that rather than repeating over and over on my blog, I now have a post I can link back too.

More often than not, I'll be reveiwing a sample or smaller version of a product, when I do this as much as I'll give the benefit of the doubt and try and find pros and cons in everything, my main rule is:

If you're going to give me sample, you think thats how much its going to take to convert / persaude me.

I'm aware a lot of you will probably disagree with this and they're actually just giving you 'a sampler', but Ive always seen a sample as a 'try before you buy' so the more you give me the more I have to try -> the more likely I am to buy.

If a company give me a fingertip size of foundation, It doesnt allow me the longest wear to give it a try and fall in love with it.

I more often than not get a fairly good sample from counter girls, I'm mainly referring this to magazine samples / shop samples etc etc.

This view is completely my own - I will alway state that I have just tried a sample (and the full size may be amazing) but it terms of trying to sell it to me, this is what the sample has achieved....

Sorry this is a somewhat boring post today but as I say, I'm new to this and need to get the boring bits and pieces out of the way first!!

Better reviews are coming your way this week. I promise :)


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