Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry

Today will be kept short and sweet I'm afraid. Its a known fact from anyone who has had the not-so-priviledge of knowing/living with me that I own ALOT of stuff.

This isn't a 'look at me with all my stuff' post its just i'm not only a horder but I actually enjoy owning things. I work hard for the things I have got and take pride in knowing I've got things to get by / if theres comes a time when I am skint but want to go see a friend, I don't need to buy anything.

However, onto my point. If you read my New Years Resolutions post back last month, you'll know one of these is too move out of my parents house completely. I love living in Derby but knowing I have certain things at home always annoys me so today my parents decided to take a trip down with some of my belongings!

Its not just me that wants my things, even my parents kinda want me out now so you can imagine how delighted the boyfriend was when they showed up with these!

the best part about this is that its not even all of it. Apparently they've put a lot of my belongings in the loft purely to make space in my bedroom at home for them to convert it into a games room / gym!

On that short note, I'm going to tackle this nightmare and swim in a pool of old clothing/teddy bears/bedding and cushions!!!

Until tomorrow,


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