Monday, 3 February 2014

This Whole New Year Resolution Update

 This year I made a list of New Years Resolutions (LINK HERE) and I'm sure most people did, but I'm adament to stick to mine by the of 2014 so I figured the main way to keep up with this is remind myself every month on here.

I won't bore you with the list so I'll just update you with the ones I'm keeping on top off (or shamefully not).

1) Lose 2 stone- This is by the end of the year so technically this means 2/3 pounds a month as I'm in no massive rush so I'm trying to do it healthily but without limiting myself. -- IVE LOST 2 POUNDS.

3)Less is more - In regards to my spending habits, it doesnt feel like this has taken effect if I'm honest, but I have ended up with money left other for the last 2 weeks so perhaps it is???

5) Go back home more- Shamefully no, this hasnt happened.

6) Move out of my parents completely. - I've havent been back but from my mothers texts theyre doing it without me which means I dont decide what goes! Wahhh :(

7) Get a credit card - Not yet, but I did do my credit report which was surprisingly good

9) Ebay all year - So far so good! (the new automatic relister helps)

13) Visit the Harry Potter studio tour  8th January BEST DAY EVER

14) Have a holiday - We've booked a 5 day break in the Lake District for the start of March which I'm so excited for.

15) Enjoy everything as much as possible. - I think so :)

Hope you all have a great week and are keeping on top of your resolutions!!


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