Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Pet Vs Clothing

In the house I share with my boyfriend and that face up there AKA Winston the Jug, I'm extremely lucky that I have my own dressing room. Technically it's the 3rd bedroom but its my little beauty hub full of all my things.

New Look Sale -Was £49.99 Now £25 - Not Online.
On Saturday I bought a beautifulllll new coat from New Look in the sale, I don't know if its my love for vintage style find or maybe all the Only Fools and Horses we've been watching but I now refer to this as my 'Del Boy' coat. (One day I'll be cool, I promise)

After getting this home Saturday I put it in my room where it belongs....jump to Sunday when my boyfriend came to pick me up from work..we got home and to my surprise our house (which we dog-proof before we leave) was spotless...until I went upstairs found our dog Winston had been in my room and thought my new coat was clearly a new toy and chewed all but 1 button off it!!

Now, as you can see, Winstons face is ridiculously cute and it's hard to get overly angry at him and to be honest, I knew the lack of a button OR 4 wasn't the worst case scenerio.

Needless to say I wasn't thrilled, but I made it my mission to find some new buttons yesterday on my lunch. After walking to Pikes the haberdashery shop in Derby Market, I was super happy to find the EXACT same buttons!

So now to put my sewing skills to good use. ...

I will be posting the coat again in my New Look Haul later this week, and I'm sorry this post isn't thrilling but I'm hoping Winstons face makes up for it.

Have you had any Pet Vs Clothing mishaps?



  1. I love that coat!omg!
    Make sure to check out my blog!


  2. Love that coat!! I had no idea New Look would sell such a beauty :P Definitely going to buy that when i'm next in town, how long ago did you get this? Thanks for stopping by on my blog by the way :) I've enjoyed reading yours x

    1. Hi there :)

      I only bought this last Saturday so if your local store still has its sale it might have one left :)
      I hope they do!!!

      and its okay, your blog is great :)


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