Sunday, 2 February 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Masque Review

I know these might not be the most sophisicated beauty item of all time, but I can bet you almost every girl has tried one of these.

The last time I tried one of these must have been back in High School when it seems like a great idea for the 99p with your friends for a sleepover.

Fast forward to being 22 years old and whilst clearing out my room, I found one of this lurking between some other bits and thought why not? Might as well give it a cheeky review rather than throwing it out.

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Masque - £1 - Most Drug Stores - BUY 

In terms of the amount you get, the 20g is so much more than I believe the average face would probably need. This means you can layer it on thick if you feel you want a more intense feeling or planning on having the mask on for longer than the 10-15 minutes it recommends.  

The application was much easier than I first thought, It doesnt seem to give a gloopy effect but its also not too thick that it feels like your skins suffocating.

Although it states its Aloe Vera and Willow, the fragrance isnt that strong. The Aloe Vera is present, you can get a faint smell of that standard 'clean, natural' scent which is great, but its not as strong as you'd expect.

You can instantly see how it plans on tackling the blemishs as your pores seem to become HUGE as the masque starts to set.

I then look like The Moon from The Mighty Boosh for 15 minutes.....and thats all my positives done and dusted, this is where the negative points come creeping in.

Firstly, it takes FOREVER to wash off. (I guess this varies on how much you put on, but considering theres so much product I applied a standard thicker layer onto my face). Even when I thought I'd finished, 10 minute layer I could feel my skin starting to tighten up and turn into the greeny paste again.

Granted, over the night and the next morning my skin was super soft BUT my blemishes were made worse!
Under my cheek formed a large red blemished area and to top it off, it made my skin SUPER SUPER sensitive, so much so that my everyday Garnier Make Up Remover (Review Here) stung my face when I removed my make up an entire 24 hours later.

Would I use this again? No way, they can stay in the 13 year old girls essentials but for more mature skin, this are not the one.

So my quest for the perfect face mask continues.

Do you use these products?? Which face masque would you recommend?

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