Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Benefit - Gimme Brow Review

Benefit Gimme Brow Gel - £14.00 - Will add a BUY link once released in UK. (USA LINK HERE

I've been lucky enough to get hold of this before its public release here in the UK after Benefit held their Beauty Special on QVC TV. (Its a good job I only have 2 days off a week).

Being quite late on the eyebrow train and only really getting into shaping etc the past 2/3 years, I've had to learn fast what products work best for me and being an complete Benefit Brow-Zing girl, I was wondering weather or not this product would be everything I was hoping. I usually do quite a defined brow as the rest of my make-up is quite natural so it makes me feel a little bit more 'acceptable' on a day to day basis.
After watching the MUA apply the wand (its pretty much a teeny mascara wand) on a variety of women, I was shocked at just how quickly it gave them a natural looking brow. She actually applied it to another girl with ginger hair like myself and again, I was amazed at how good it looked. Based on this, I opted for the light/medium shade as my eyebrows are naturally light brown so I knew this would match my brows with no real disapointment.

When it arrived, it came in such a teeny package and to be honest, the whole product is very small but I'll get onto that later.

So, applying this product was an complete dream. I'll admit, watching QVC means I did copy the MUA technique of vertical application, but it was perfect. It literally takes about 5/10 seconds to get a shape in your brow.
Natural - Just 'Gimme Brow' applied

This is ideal for anyone on the go or if like me, youre not on top form in the mornings. A slight personal downside means I'm going to start relying on this as unless I'm going on a night out, I'm shamefully lazy with my make up and I hate relying on a priduct simply because 'its easier'. I could happily swap to this product tomorrow knowing how easy it to apply and its stayed on all day.

Its taken me a little while to get used to having such a lighter more natural shape (which i'm aware if better, but like i say, i love my defined shapes)

The only fault I've found in this, is the size, I bought this for £14 which I'm hoping won't be an introductory price (although they said it was) as for what you get, I wouldnt want to be pay much more, I could see myself going through package after package of this and my bank couldnt cope with that!

Minus this, its perfect and I know I'm going to have to start limiting when I use it due to fear of running out so quickly, I'm thinking my dog walking days where I usually go barefaced because I'm feeling lazy.


I've spent just under a week wearing this product and feel I can justify when I say just how long it stays on. The pack states it applys to your brows and your skin, which I instantly feared the dreaded slip and shine face but nothing at all.

The first few wears I wore it with a bit of Brow-Zing powder over the top as I was daring enough to go for a complete natural look and it didn't budge for 12 hours.

When I wore it without powder (purely for review), I found it did start to fade on my arch and outwards but its not often you'd wear JUST this product.

Overall, I cannot rate this enough and think as a standby product or as a daily touch-up its perfect, the only reason I wouldnt use this everyday is simply because I'd find myself having to rebuy this much more than my bank account would like.

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