Sunday, 9 February 2014

Primark Beauty - Dancing On Sunshine Zesty Body Butter

 Its taken me a while to decide if I should go ahead with this post or not as Primark and Skincare probably arent too words that you would think go together successfully.

I received this as a gift ages ago off a family member and as a skincare snob, wasnt too impressed but since moving in my boyfriend and the billion comments I get about how much stuff I own I thought I should maybe starting using up the lingering products in our cupboards.

This is a simple 50ml pot of a Zesty Body Butter called Dancing On Sunshine. When it comes to the fragrance, this does not dissapoint with hints of mango, orange and even a bit of peach making itself present its like a tropical party in a pot.

Its fairly simple and easy come, easy go as products go but at the same time, nor does it try to claim any benefits or statements that most brands try to sell themselves with. Even the instructions on the back just say 'massage into your skin until fully absorbed'. Thats as much as you get, plain and simple.

On application, I actually surprsingly liked this, it absorbed really quickly and as a girl who would rather get into bed than sit waiting for my product to dry, it was a real plus point. Not too mention the scent lingers on your body so you smell lovely all night long.

I found I got through the 50ml pretty quickly as you do need to scoop up quite a bit to give a good coverage as like i said, it absorbs pretty quickly into your skin.

Overall, I actually do rate this product if you're low on funds or going on holiday and don't want to risk taking an expensive brand then Primark really are spot on.
I don't think its a product I'll personally rebuy (mainly because I'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't be thrilled HA) but if I got it as a gift, I wouldn't turn my nose up so quickly at it in future.

Have you tried any of Primark skincare range??



  1. I had no idea Primark had skincare products. Unfortunately we only have one Primark here in Berlin and it is super far away from where I live D:

    rae of lovefromberlin

  2. We don't have Primark here in Croatia,but these products look so great to me:)


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